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Salt Water Taffy Took the World by Storm

Salt Water Taffy is Sweet!

Salt Water Taffy at

Take a trip down memory lane with Salt Water Taffy

Salt Water Taffy is a Nostalgic Candy that brings to mind some very sweet memories, and also helps to create some new ones for all the first time tasters. Candy lovers everywhere fell in love with this Old Fashioned Candy in the early 1880s. We have been indulging in Salt Water Taffy for over 125 years! With its wide variety of flavours, there is sure to be a favourite for every required taste.

Salt Water Taffy for a Candy Buffet

Salt Water Taffy adds sweetness to any celebration

Due to its multitude of flavours, Salt Water Taffy also offers us a wide array of colours, therefore adding it to your next Candy Buffet will add a touch of sweetness and a splash of colour that will add excitement to any event!

Salt Water Taffy is chewy, perfectly stretchy and supremely delicious, and it really did take the world by storm.  In fact, that's just how it got its name.

Salt Water Taffy at the Atlantic City Boardwalk

Salt Water Taffy comes with a legend:

It all started with a massive storm that hit the Atlantic City boardwalk on the Jersey Shore. It was 1883, and David Bradley owned a little candy shop where he mostly sold taffy. The Candy Store was hit hard by the storm. David entered the store the next morning to find extensive damage. Of course, he was sad and distraught about all the damage. His mother came with him and offered to help him get things in order. Much to Davids's dismay, he realized that the giant waves from the storm had crashed into his store making his entire stock of taffy wet. David and his mother began the long and tedious task of trying to get the place in order. While in the midst of cleaning, a little girl came to the store and asked David for some taffy. David, feeling discouraged, answered the little girl sarcastically, while he glanced at all of his wet taffy, "You mean the salt water taffy". He sold the girl the taffy and she happily spread the word to her friends that this taffy was special, it was "Salt Water Taffy". Davids's mother happened to overhear this exchange and she advised him that calling it Salt Water Taffy sounded very catchy, better than just plain old taffy.

Salt Water Taffy- Mom knows best!

Well, you know what they say: "Mom knows best"! She certainly did in this instance, and the name stuck. Salt Water Taffy was born in the aftermath of a storm, and to this day is one of the most sought after, famous types of old fashioned candy we love at Candy Funhouse!
The following summer proved to be a very sweet success for David Bradley. The news of his Salt Water Taffy spread and he grew his business greatly. A very Sweet Story!

Old Fashioned Candy-Making

Salt Water Taffy Pull

In over 100 years the process of making Salt Water Taffy has not really changed that much. A sweet mixture of sugar and some other key ingredients are brought to a boil and then allowed to cool down before being pulled and stretched and then folded by hand until the Salt Water Taffy reaches a more pliable state. It is then rolled into a long tube-like shape and cut to bite-size!

Salt Water Taffy at the Jersey Shore

Salt Water Taffy at the Boardwalk

In the early 1900s, the making of Salt Water Taffy was a huge source of entertainment and fun. The boardwalk became a famous stage for many worldwide visitors to watch their most favourite candy being made. Some of the original Salt Water Taffy makers have survived to this day, relying on the remnants of perhaps some cherished childhood memories, the ones that bring to mind an idyllic summer on the shore.

But don't worry if you can't get to the shore, we can get it to your door!

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When's the last time you had Salt Water Taffy? Did you grow up eating it? Share your thoughts on the comments below!

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