Top 7 Classic Valentine's Sweets for Your Sweetie

Top 7 Classic Valentine's Sweets for Your Sweetie

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and here at Candy Funhouse, we spread love like chocolate! What better way to celebrate the 14th of February than to have a look at some classic Valentine’s Day treats? These are perfect for that special someone, and of course for yourself! Here are the Top 7 classic Valentine’s sweets for your sweetie!

7. Candy-Themed Baked Goods

One of the best sweets for your sweetie is a treat made especially for them – by you! It’ll really show them you care! If you’re feeling creative, why not add candy to the mix? Try adding Smarties to your brownie batter, or decorate cookies with your favorite candies. Whatever you make, your sweetie will be impressed, guaranteed! At Candy Funhouse, we have all kinds of treats perfect for baking, check out our toppings collection [HERE]. 

Candy Coated Cookies


6. Conversation Hearts

You knew these would make the list! Candy Hearts have been a Valentine’s Day tradition since the 1900’s, and are still one of the sweetest ways to tell that special someone you care. There are over 100 different phrases on these candy hearts, some of the most classic phrases being “Kiss Me”, and “Be Mine”. If you’d like to say something just a little bit more special, you can even write your own personal message to your Valentine on a candy heart! The right words don’t always come easily. Say what you really mean with a few of these candy hearts this year! They're a classic for Valentine's Day, and Candy Funhouse has them for you to order online just in time! 

Conversation Hearts


5. Cinnamon Hearts

Number 6 is Cinnamon Hearts, the perfect gift to spice things up this Valentine’s Day! Whether you order them online and then decide to put them in all in a jar or use them in a special recipe, these small cinnamon candies will tingle your sweetie’s heart – and their tongue!

Cinnamon Hearts


4. Heart Shaped Peeps

Peeps are always in season! These delicious marshmallowy treats are perfect for Easter, but they’re even better on Valentine’s Day! These special Valentine’s Day Peeps aren’t shaped like bunnies or chicks, they are heart shaped and filled with strawberry crème! A perfect gift for your sweetheart. Be sure to keep an eye out for other Valentine’s offerings; Peeps dipped in chocolate, vanilla crème Peeps, and of course, the signature bunnies and chicks – in pink! Order them online through Candy Funhouse – your sweetheart will thank you!

Valentine's Day Peeps


3. M&M’s

Let’s face it – M&M’s are perfect for any occasion. But pink, white and red M&M’s are the ideal Valentine’s treat for that special someone. These fantastic melt-in-your-mouth but not-in-your-hands snacks are great for sharing, and come in a variety of colours. There are some very special flavours, too! Just in time for Valentine’s Day by ordering your candy collections online now through Candy Funhouse, M&M’s are making limited edition Strawberry Shortcake White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Strawberry flavoured M&M’s! Be sure to check it out!

Valentine's Day M&Ms


2. Hugs & Kisses

Ranking at #3 are Hershey’s Hugs and Kisses! These uniquely shaped chocolates are a very clever Valentine’s Day gift, don’t you think? Hershey’s introduced Kisses in 1907, and now the Kisses are one of the most popular candy brands on the market. So how about a Hug and a Kiss for your special sweetheart this year?

Hersheys Hugs and Kisses

1. Box of Chocolates

Of course, the number one sweet for your sweetie is a box of chocolates. Chocolate is associated with so many special occasions – Easter, Christmas, Birthdays, and especially Valentine’s Day. There is nothing sweeter than receiving a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day! Consider giving your sweetie a heart shaped box of chocolates to show them just how special they are! If you’d like, you can even create your own assortment of their favourite chocolates – white, dark, caramel, whatever they like. Everyone loves chocolate!

Box of Chocolates

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Candy Funhouse! Do you have special Valentine’s Day plans? Let us know in the comments below!

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