Top 20 Canadian Chocolate Candy Bars

Top 20 Canadian Chocolate Candy Bars

Canadian Chocolate Bars We Love!

It’s Canada’s 150th Anniversary. Canadians have so many reasons to celebrate and to be proud. From North to South and from East to West, Canada is the greatest place on Earth to live. Yes, we do have awesome heath care, cleaner air, and the amazing outdoors. Canadians are so kind and friendly and we have so many fabulous cultures to explore. We could spend days telling you about the greatness of Canada. And we will soon. But did you know Canada has some of the finest and sweetest candy treats? Yes we do!

Here is a list of the Top 20 Canadian Chocolate Candy Bars that our candy lovers have compiled. It was hard. It was frustrating. But it was very sweet!

20.Big Turk

Big Turk Canadian Chocolate Bar

A Classic. Pink Turkish delight coated in Milk Chocolate. Canadians have had a love/hate relationship with this classic Canadian Chocolate Bar. Many love it. And so does the iconic Canadian musician Danko Jones. “I Love Big Turk and I cannot lie

19.Cadbury Crunchie

Cadbury Crunchie Top 20 Canadian Chocolate Candy Bars

First introduced to the Canadian Market in the 1960s by Cadbury Canada. Made from sweet sponge toffee and coated in delicious Cadbury Milk Chocolate. Packaged in the distinctive gold wrapper and made in Toronto…Canada.

18.Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom Top 20 Canadian Chocolate Candy Bar

An old fashioned and nostalgic candy made by Hershey’s. A maraschino cherry in a sweet cherry syrup in a creamy delicious mixture of chocolate, coconut and pieces of roasted peanuts. Canadians have been loving this sweet treat since the 1890’s! Candy Queen breaks it down in this video.

17.Cadbury Mr.Big

Cadbury Mr. Big Canadian Chocolate Bar

Yes, Canada is a big country. And so is this Canadian Chocolate Bar! Canada’s largest bar at 8 inches long and filled with a vanilla wafer, rice crisps, peanuts and caramel covered with delicious Cadbury Chocolate. When you’re this good they have to call you Mister! Made in Toronto.


Hershey's Skor Canadian Chocolate Bar

Hershey’s Canada introduced this Chocolate Candy Bar to Canadians in 1983 and we’ve been devouring them ever since. A delicious slab of butter toffee drowned in rich Hershey’s milk chocolate. Every time a hockey player gets a puck into the net everyone yells the name of this bar. Proof we love it!


Eat-More Hershey's Top 20 Canadian Chocolate Candy Bars

Originally created and made by the Walter M. Lowney Candy Company, but now owned and made by Hershey’s Canada. Eatmore is a unique candy bar made of dark toffee, peanuts, and creamy chocolate. A fascinating retro candy treat! So satisfying but yet you’ll crave more!


Nestle Crunch Top 20 Canadian Chocolate Candy Bars

Canadians have know this Chocolate Bar since 1928. William Lyon Mackenzie King was Prime Minister of Canada and was rumoured to have loved these bars. Who wouldn’t?! Made of Delicious Milk Chocolate mixed with Crisped Rice. Nestle Canada advises us to “Munch Now, Munch Some Later.” Ok, we can do that!

13.Crispy Crunch

Cadbury Crispy Crunch Top 20 Canadian Chocolate Candy Bars

Originally made by Neilson but currently owned by Cadbury Canada. ThisChocolate Candy Bar was introduced to Canadians in 1912. Crispy Crunch is made of crispy peanut butter flake and coated with delicious Cadbury Chocolate.


Twix Top 20 Canadian Chocolate Bars

Twin Sticks of biscuit cookies covered in caramel and coated in creamy milk chocolate. Made by Mars Canada. Twix was the first candy bar to combine Milk Chocolate, caramel and cookies. Sweet Geniuses!


Nestle Rolo Canadian Chocolate Bars

First made in 1937 in England. Today they are made by Nestle Canada. Made from a sweet combination of chewy caramel and milk chocolate. Packaged in a roll of little pieces resembling buckets of sweetness. An old fashion candy your parents will remember from when they were kids!

10. Jersey Milk

Neilson Jersey Milk by Cadbury Canadian Chocolate Candy Bar

Jersey Milk was originally made by Neilson but later sold to Cadbury Canada. A uniquely iconic and Canadian Chocolate Bar that has been enjoyed for many generations of Canadians. Pure Milk Chocolate for your soul.


Bounty Top 20 Canadian Chocolate Candy Bar

Introduced to Canadians in 1951 by Mars. Bounty comes in 2 individual halves of moist coconut covered in the creamiest and most delicious milk chocolate.  Also comes in Dark Chocolate.

8. Wunderbar

Cadbury Wunderbar Top 20 Canadian Chocolate Candy Bars

In German, Wunderbar means marvelous. And these Canadian Chocolate Bars lives up to their name. Creamy peanut butter mixed with light rice crisps and delicious caramel drenched with Cadbury Milk Chocolate. Marvelous indeed! Canadians have been enjoying Wunderbar since 1976.

7. Mirage

Mirage Top 20 Canadian Chocolate Candy Bar

The Mirage Chocolate bar is filled with Milk Chocolate Bubbles. So thick and delicious but light. Made with no artificial flavours by Nestle right here in Canada.

6. Maltesers

Maltesers Top 20 Canadian Chocolate Candy Bars

An Old Fashioned & Nostalgic Candy first made in 1937. Maltesers are a delicious malt honeycomb center covered with milk chocolate. A Canadian Candy Classic!

5.  Coffee Crisp

Nestle Coffee Crisp Top 20 Canadian Chocolate Candy Bar

One of the most popular Chocolate Chocolate Bars in Canada for over 75 years. Made with a crispy wafer with a creamy coffee flavoured fill and covered in delicious milk chocolate. Time for a Coffee Crisp break. How do you like your coffee? Crisp!

4. Smarties

Smarties Nestle Top 20 Canadian Chocolate Candy Bars

Smarties Candy has been love and enjoyed by Canadians since 1940. Smarties are made in Toronto by Nestle Canada. Eat these candy coated chocolate candies and they will make you smart. Because you are what you eat! Do you eat the red ones last?

3. Caramilk

Cadbury Caramilk Top 20 Canadian Chocolate Bars

In a vault at Cadbury’s Chocolate Factory in Toronto sits the secret recipe of how Caramilk Bars are made. First made in 1968 and this secret is still very sweetly guarded. This caramel filled chocolate candy bar is a Canadian treasure!

 2. Flake Bar

Cadbury Flake Bar Top 20 Canadian Chocolate Bars

Accidentally discovered by a Cadbury employee in 1922, Flake bars have become one of the most popular chocolate bars around. Delicious layers of thin and flakey Cadbury Milk Chocolate also make it on of the most unique Chocolate Bars. A fantastic choice!

 1. Dairy Milk

Cadbury Canada Dairy Milk Chocolate Bars

Canada’s favourite Chocolate Bars! Made in Canada at the Cadbury Chocolate Factory on Gladstone Avenue in downtown Toronto. Dairy Milk are made in many different combinations, each an exquisite treat to savour. Be sure to try each and every one. Cadbury Canada’s Chocolate is recognized as one of the world’s finest. Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut is my favourite!

Please let us know what your favourite Canadian Chocolate Bar is.
It would be very sweet of you!


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Not American - June 3, 2017

Your lowest rated one on this list (#20 – Big Turk)… I dunno, can’t we substitute this with something (ANYTHING!) else? My wife makes the world’s most amazing fudge – although it’s only sold at the Edmonton Weekly Farmer’s Market.

I think I was influenced to hate Turkish Delight (this is just my opinion; I’m certain that it is a staple of many a Canadian’s sugar fix) from an early age. Too many decades ago to count, me and my family were visiting an elderly relative, and she offered my brother and I Turkish Delight. We each took a bite of one, then we told her that they were “Mmm good”! As soon as she went back to conversing with our parents, we surreptitiously secreted them in napkins, and then into our pockets.

I apologize for babbling, but the next time I came across “Turkish Delight” was when I was reading “The Chronicles of Narnia”. In one of the books in the series, a young boy is enticed to betray his compatriots by being offered unlimited TURKISH DELIGHT!! I could never get over that.

As a footnote, the “Adult Swim” cartoon “Robot Chicken” did a parody of this exact scene (one I won’t describe, as I assume Candy Funhouse blogs need to be “All Ages”).

virginia woodley - May 22, 2017

I’ve been trying to find out where I can buy the sweet & salty peanut, dairy milk chocolate bar in bulk. So far, I’ve had no luck. I called the customer service number on the wrapper & was told that Costco had it, so I went and signed up, got the executive level card and found nothing. Help!!!

Azar Sheazadeh - February 5, 2017

Canadian Dairy Milk chocolate bars are the best. I’ve tried them all around the world and the ones made in Canada are the best. True fact.

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