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Top 14 Valentine's Day Candies

The Finest Valentine’s Day Candies

Give your sweet love the best Valentine’s Day has to offer with our top 14 Valentine’s Day candies! Celebrate your love with sweet, chewy and delectable treats that can make anyone’s heart melt! These specially curated Valentine’s Day candies promise to add a touch of romance and whimsy to your love-filled celebrations.

Join us on a journey through a world of confectionery bliss!

1. Fun Dip Lik-m-aid Maui Punch

Fun Dip Maui Punch - Valentine's Day Fun Dip - Lik-m-aid Candy - Valentine’s Day Candy

Let your sweetheart's tastebuds experience sweet bliss with the Fun Dip Lik-m-aid Maui Punch. This Valentine's Day edition of the classic Fun Dip brings the flavours of Maui Punch to your taste buds, adding a burst of exotic sweetness to your celebration.

2. Nerds Rope Valentine

Nerds Rope Valentine - Valentine's Day Nerds Rope - Colourful Candy Rope - Valentine’s Day Candy

Embark on a rainbow adventure with Nerds Rope Valentine. Make your Valentine melt with the irresistibly sweet Nerds Rope! This vibrant and chewy rope is adorned with tiny, crunchy Nerds, creating a visually stunning and delicious treat that captures the essence of Valentine's Day.

3. Starburst Conversation Hearts

Starburst Conversation Hearts - Valentine's Day Starburst - Fruit-Flavoured Candy Hearts - Valentine’s Day Candy

Express your love with the fruity goodness of Starburst Conversation Hearts. If you’re not great with words, let these sweethearts do all the talking for you! These heart-shaped candies carry sweet messages with the iconic flavours of Starburst, adding a burst of tangy delight to your Valentine's Day.

4. Nik-L-Nip Cupid's Love Potion

Nik-L-Nip Cupid's Love Potion - Valentine's Day Candy Drinks - Miniature Candy Bottles - Valentine’s Day Candy

Sip on the enchanting Nik-L-Nip Cupid's Love Potion. These miniature candy bottles hold a sweet elixir that adds a playful touch to your Valentine's Day celebration. Make your babe enjoy a refreshing treat that will sweeten the day for them! It's a unique and charming way to enjoy candy in liquid form.

5. Sour Patch Kids Sour Hearts Black Raspberry Theatre Box

Sour Patch Kids Sour Hearts - Valentine's Day Sour Patch Kids - Black Raspberry Flavoured Candies - Valentine’s Day Candy

These are the only kids that are allowed out on your date night. Immerse yourself in the tangy romance of Sour Patch Kids Sour Hearts. Shaped like hearts and infused with the bold flavour of black raspberries, these candies bring a delightful twist to the classic Sour Patch Kids experience.

6. McCormick's Cinnamon Hearts

McCormick's Cinnamon Hearts - Valentine's Day Cinnamon Candy - Spicy Candy Treats - Valentine’s Day Candy

Spice up your Valentine's Day with McCormick's Cinnamon Hearts. Don’t let the spark fizzle with these spicy little treats! The Cinnamon Hearts are a staple for the special day, so make sure you add some sensation to the celebration. These fiery and flavourful candies offer a unique blend of spicy and sweet, creating a sensation that will leave your taste buds tingling with delight.

7. Hershey's Extra Creamy Hearts

Hershey's Extra Creamy Hearts - Valentine's Day Hershey’s Chocolate - Creamy Chocolate Delights - Valentine’s Day Candy

Melt your partner's heart this year with Hershey's Extra Creamy Hearts. These luscious chocolates have an extra creamy texture that elevates the classic Hershey's chocolate experience. Having these chocolates in a candy spread is a beautiful gesture of indulgence and love.

8. Friends Conversation Hearts

Friends Conversation Hearts - Valentine's Day Candy Hearts - TV Show Themed Candies - Valentine’s Day Candy

If your significant other is a huge fan of Friends, then you can share the love with Friends Conversation Hearts. These candy hearts feature iconic quotes and phrases from the beloved 90s TV show, adding a nostalgic and humorous touch to your Valentine's Day festivities.

9. Sweethearts Cutie Pie 5 Pack

Sweethearts Cutie Pie - Valentine's Day Candy Hearts - Assorted Flavoured Hearts - Valentine’s Day Candy

You can’t go wrong with the classics! Did you know Sweethearts Cutie Pie candy is the original conversation heart that has become synonymous with Valentine’s Day? Gift a pack of these sweet little treats to the one you consider dearest. These classic candy hearts carry sweet messages that have charmed generations. It's not just a candy; it's a timeless expression of love!

10. The Perfect Man Milk Chocolate

The Perfect Man Chocolate - Valentine's Day Chocolate Gift - Milk Chocolate Delights - Valentine’s Day Candy

Show your significant other what a perfect man truly looks like with The Perfect Man chocolate. This whimsical chocolate creation combines the sweetness of milk chocolate with a playful take on the build of the “perfect man.” Crafted with care, this chocolatey treat is a charming way to express your affection.

11. Kit Kat Raspberry + Cream Miniatures

Kit Kat Raspberry + Cream Miniatures - Valentine's Day Kit Kat - Raspberry Flavoured Chocolate - Valentine’s Day Candy

You can treat your lover to a world of elegance with Kit Kat Raspberry + Cream Miniatures for a more sophisticated palate. These miniature delights blend the iconic crunch of Kit Kat with the fruity sweetness of raspberry and dark chocolate, creating a delightful chocolate experience.

12. Rockets Love Hearts Net

Rockets Love Hearts Net - Valentine's Day Rockets Candy - Colourful Candy Rolls - Valentine’s Day Candy

Unwrap the vibrancy of Rockets Love Hearts Net. These classic, colourful candy rolls offer a playful and sweet blend of flavours, making them a delightful addition to your Valentine's Day candy collection. 

13. Bonds Gift Box You're One in a Melon (UK)

Bonds Gift Box You're One in a Melon - UK Valentine's Day Candy - Watermelon-Flavoured Treats - Valentine’s Day Candy

If your partner loves a good pun, then they’ll surely get a kick out of this UK candy. Bonds Gift Box You're One in a Melon watermelon-flavoured treats are a refreshing and unique addition to your Valentine's Day celebration, offering a delightful twist to traditional candies. Make Valentine’s memorable and super sweet this year! 

14. Lunchables Cracker Stackers Heart

Lunchables Cracker Stackers Heart - Valentine's Day Lunchables - Heart-Shaped Snacks - Valentine’s Day Candy

If your partner loves a nostalgic treat and has a sweet sense of humour, then they might enjoy the heart-shaped snacking delight Lunchables Cracker Stackers Heart. This gummy treat combines heart-shaped crackers with delicious toppings, adding a sweet element to your Valentine's Day festivities.

Have you tried any of these love-themed treats?

This Valentine's Day, let the magic of these candies create moments of joy, sweetness, and love. Whether you're indulging in classic favourites or exploring new and exciting candies, Candy Funhouse has a fabulous collection that promises to make your Valentine’s Day celebration truly special!

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