Top 10 Chocolate Brands | National Candy Month!

Top 10 Chocolate Brands | National Candy Month!

National Candy Month has finally arrived and it's time we sit down and discuss the best chocolate brands of all time (GOAT chocolate brands if you will). We really had to sit and think about this one because there are too many great chocolate brands to choose from, so with careful consideration, here is Candy Funhouse's Top 10 Chocolate Brands.

10. Milka 

Milka Chocolate Bar

We all know that the Swiss really know what they’re doing when it comes to chocolate, but when it comes to Milka chocolate, they went OFF!!! Made in 1901, Milka chocolate has positioned itself as an authentic chocolatier brand with their extra smooth and creamy milk chocolate bars. These chocolate bars are not only good by themselves, but also make the perfect chocolate fondue if you choose to melt them. They have the right amount of sweetness, without it overpowering the entire chocolate eating experience! 

9. Kinder 

Kinder Surprise

Kinder is a childhood staple for almost any chocolate lover, it is the German word for kindergarten, after all. As the second largest chocolate brand in the world, Kinder has grown a dedicated fanbase with their unbelievably sweet chocolates! Created in 1968 in Alba, Italy, this brand remains owned by family-run brand, Ferrero. With their highly famous Kinder Eggs, Buenos or Kinder Chocolate Bars, this brand has so many sweets that many candy lovers still reach for, to this day. They are an incredibly beloved chocolate brand that is held near and dear to people’s hearts, which is why we consider them a GOAT chocolate brand! 

8. Twix 

Twix Bar

I don’t know about you, but I learned how to differentiate between my “lefts” and “rights” because of the Twix bar. Okay, not really but the distinction is pretty important since the right one is obviously the better stick!! Kidding, again. They’re both great! The Twix chocolate bars are two wafer sticks that are coated in an irresistible milk chocolate and filled with a smooth caramel between each layer. Created in the UK (another one!! - DJ Khaled) in 1967, this chocolate bar gained popularity because of its crunchy and chewy texture that kept chocolate connoisseurs going back for more.

7. Aero 

Aero Chocolate

Those chocolate bubbles are too good to forget about… hence their entry on our list! The Aero chocolate bar is like a double treat for your taste buds — from the magnificent chocolatey sweetness, to the fun bubbles popping on your tongue as the chocolate begins to melt in your mouth. Just some background on the brand, the Aero chocolate bar was launched in 1935 in York, England by Rowntree’s. We would like to formally thank the UK for all the amazing chocolates they’ve created to satisfy our sweet tooth! Without you we wouldn’t have… pretty much half this list! If you’ve never tried an Aero bar, it’s time you order some ASAP because you won't be disappointed!! 

6. Lindor 

Lindor Chocolate, Lindt

Speaking of creamy chocolates, we couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to mention the Lindor chocolate. These uber creamy chocolate balls are a chocolate lover's dream! This chocolate was created after World War II to raise people's spirit and mesmerize their taste buds — and mesmerize they did! Released in 1949, the Lindor chocolate was named after combining the name of the chocolate brand Lindt with the French word for gold, “or”. Referred to as “liquid gold”, the Lindor chocolate never disappoints, giving our sugar-deprived palate an overwhelming sense of pure creamy sweetness! 

5. Cadbury 

Cadbury Chocolate

If you’ve ever tasted a Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate bar you’d understand why we say this is one of the GOAT chocolate bars. The creamy Cadbury chocolate is insanely tasty and is pretty much the quintessential milk chocolate bar. Founded in 1824, this chocolate brand was created in Birmingham, England by John Cadbury. The Cadbury chocolate makes our Top 10 list because of its legendary status and the high quality chocolate they’ve produced for centuries. Nothing compares to when the luscious Cadbury chocolate begins to melt in your mouth… ughhh it’s too good!!!!  

4. Snickers 


You’re not you when you’re hungry, thank goodness for Snickers!! This flavour rich chocolate bar has built a strong cult-following that not only love their peanut & caramel filled nougat bars but also the iconic commercials that have been cemented in candy pop culture. Introduced to the public in 1930, this chewy chocolate bar was named after the Mars family’s favourite horse. The stretchy gooey caramel filling is always so satisfying to pull apart, and we can’t forget how filling this scrumptious bar is — which is why Snickers has earned a place on our Top 10 list! 

3. Kit Kat 


No matter how you choose to eat this irresistible chocolate bar, I think we can all agree that it deserves a spot on this list. Besides the variety of quirky ways you can enjoy this sweet wafer treat, the Kit Kat bar has been a fan fav of candy lovers globally! Originally named Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp, this UK made chocolate bar was developed into a 4-piece chocolate bar by the recommendation of an employee at Rowntree’s York factory. It was renamed Kit Kat Chocolate Crisp in 1937 and later named Kit Kat after World War II. There’s nothing more satisfying than sitting back, breaking off a few pieces of a delicious Kit Kat, and enjoying each wafer layer with every bite. 

2. M&M’s 


These little chocolate candies have become a staple in the candy world, so much so that we recognize the animated M&M characters and even dress up as them for Halloween! During the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s, Frank C. Mars discovered a chocolate treat soldiers would eat a British-made candy that would prevent their chocolate from melting called Smarties — yes, those Smarties came first! After being inspired to make his own version, Mars received a patent in 1941 to make the M&M we have all come to love today. We can’t resist the little milk chocolate rounds coated in a delicious sugar shell — they are perfect for any occasion!   

1. Hershey’s 

Hershey's Chocolate Bar

It’s tough to think about a chocolate brand and not instantly think about Hershey’s. As one of the first chocolatiers to really make a mark on the industry, this brand’s history is just as rich as their chocolate! Milton Hershey launched his confectionary brand with the Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bars in 1900. For over a century, the Hershey’s brand has established itself as a chocolate powerhouse and has expanded its brand beyond the Hershey’s name. No one can deny the delectable taste of the Herhsey’s Milk Chocolate bar, which is why it is known as an iconic brand to this day — and makes our Top 10 GOAT Chocolate Brands list! 

What do you think about our list? Do you agree with our choices of Top 10 Best Chocolate Brands? What brands do you love the most?

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