Kit Kat Bar - 45g

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Have a Break with a KitKat 

Over 22 Billion Kit Kat fingers are consumed every year!

We know you deserve it, so go on and take an unforgettable tasting break with the famous Kit Kat Bar.

Truly, KitKat is made for chocolate lovers! Formed with those fantastic four fingers of utter deliciousness. Filled with light and crisp wafers that are wrapped in a decadent-tasting, smooth milk chocolate finish.
Each and every bite of the Kit Kat Bar is satisfying, sweet and loved for that superb and flavourful crunch.
These Canadian Chocolate Bars have echoed their legendary snap-apart sound since the 1940s. Excitedly enjoyed for generations, the classic taste of the iconic Kit Kat Chocolate bar never goes out of style.
Embrace some "me time" with the incredible Kit Kat Bar!

Break away from hunger and into pure deliciousness with the Canadian-made Kit Kat Bar!

  • Canadian Chocolate Bars
  • Made by Nestle Canada

45 g

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Can't go wrong with a Kit Kat

I have been eating these bars since I was little, and they have been consistently good through the years. A classic :) Thanks!

Abby Harrison

Excellent service as usual

Kit Kat

Received in good form. Took 4 weeks to get here Canada Post

Karen Kortbein

Fast service.

Good Bar

Kit Kat is one of my top three favourites. The Canadian bar, made by Nestle's, is far superior to the American version made by, I believe, Cadbury. It's a good buy for a good chocolate bar.