Top 10 Candies of The Month - May

Top 10 Candies of The Month - May

It’s a good thing we’re all candy lovers, because Candy Funhouse practically has a new shipment of treats every day!! So for the last few weeks we’ve been accumulating, and testing all the new candy and have compiled our top 10 candies for the month of May!

Here is our list of top 10 favourite candies of May! 

1. Oreo S’moreo

Oreo, Smoreo

The Oreo S’moreo is the ultimate comeback kid since it was on the market in 2021 and disappeared for two years, only to return stronger than ever!! We were stoked when we saw this among the new inventory, and of course, I B-lined to the pack of Oreos right away! As I started unwrapping it I noticed how the cookie colour resembles a graham cracker, and also has a layer of chocolate between the Oreo cookies. My first bite was exquisite to say the least. It was pretty much as the box promotes it to be… an Oreo in S’more form. We had some milk on hand when doing this taste test (because duuhh) and dunking this S’moreo into milk and munching on its soft and crunchy texture was extra satisfying. A must try in our book!!!!! 

2. Harry Potter Chocolate Frog - 15g

Harry Potter, Harry Potter Frog Chocolate

When we tried the Harry Potter Chocolate frog we were transported to the land of Hogwarts! When we opened the bag we couldn’t help but breathe in the rich milk chocolate aroma, making our anticipation grow with every passing second. Okay, it was time to take our first bite, and let me just say, we were not expecting to be met with such a delicious crunch between every bite. The milk chocolate has rice crisps between the bar and wow!!! It's so delectable and crunchy, is there anything better than enjoying the flavour of something so smooth and enlightening our taste buds with the crunchy texture. We loved this one!! 

3. Mountain Dew Summer Breeze - 355mL


Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew Summer Freeze

The warm weather is officially upon us and we could not be happier to have this in our arsenal of goodies! The Mountain Dew Summer Breeze is basically summer in a can with its blend of fruity flavours that include Cherry, Lemon & Raspberry. We had to rock, paper, scissors to see who was going to have the first sip because we all know the first sip is undoubtedly the best. Although I lost that battle, my first sip of the drink was pretty fantastic regardless! It refreshed all my senses and overpowered my taste buds with its sensational fruity flavours. This has definitely been labeled “drink of the summer” by the Candy Funhouse team! 

4. Cocoa Pebbles King Size Cinnamon Bar - 2.75oz

Cocoa Pebbles Chocolate Bar, Cocoa Pebbles Cinnamon Chocolate Bar

Fred Flintstone personally delivered this chocolate bar to our warehouse, so we knew we had to add it to our list of top 10 May chocolates. Okay, I’m kidding, but when we had this candy bar we instantly knew it was going in our top 10 list for this month! Let’s start with how incredible cinnamon and chocolate is together so that first bite really blew us away. The smooth milk chocolate was beautifully complimented by the cinnamon spice and the cocoa pebbles added a satisfying crunch making every bite worthwhile! If you love the cocoa pebbles or fruity pebbles chocolate bar family, you need to try this!! 

5. Screamin' Sour Sqwigglies Gummi Worms Theater Pack

Sqwigglies Gummi Worms

As certified candy lovers we know how much our gummy candies mean to us, so when we had a taste of the Screamin’ Sour Sqwigglies Gummi Worms we were blown away with how impactful the flavours were! Starting off, these gummy worms have so much fruity flavours you can't help but savour every chew, but besides that, the gummies are also INSANELY sour!!! These bad boys definitely pack a sour punch! We were so taken aback with the overwhelming sensation overload! By the end of the bag (yes we finished it — it was that good) we couldn’t believe how fast we got through it so fast. They’re so easy to eat, and it helps that it's so tasty. 

6. Gerrit's Pink Cadillacs Gummy Candy - 150g


Pink Cadillac Gummies

The 1950s called, and we answered with Gerrit’s Pink Cadillacs Gummy Candy! These cool gummy candies come shaped as vintage Cadillac cars that we could only dream of riding around in. The gummies are pink fruit flavoured candies that come in Strawberry, Cherry & Blackcurrant. The one I tried was the Cherry gummy and it was so sweet and chewy but soft enough that it didn’t have you chewing on the same bite for an entire minute. Each bite was beautifully textured and had an impactful fruity flavour. This retro candy is not only tasty but is aesthetically pleasing with its packaging and gummy shape. It was super cute!! 

7. Twix Wafer Rolls - 22g (Egypt)

Twix Wafer Rolls, Egypt Chocolate

The Twix Wafer Rolls were a candy we were waiting to try for some time now! Once we got a chance to indulge in these delicious wafer rolls, we were stunned by the creamy gooey caramel centre. Instead of the wafer sticks that we have all grown accustomed to, these wafer rolls have an outer layer of milk chocolate, a thin wafer layer, and a smooth creamy caramel filling. When  we had our first bites we could help but have the caramel string from our mouths! It was so creamy we needed a second to clean up. It was all well worth it though because that wafer roll was sensational!! It was too good to leave off this month's top 10 list. 

8. Candy Buttons Fire - .5oz

Candy Buttons Fire

If you know about the classic Candy Buttons sweets, then you know these treats are typically sweet and gentle on your taste buds, but the Candy Buttons Fire are anything but! These tiny, unsuspecting candy buttons are flame worthy treats that entirely ignite your taste buds. With heat levels that include hot, really hot & extremely hot these flaming candy dots had us reaching for the nearest glass of water to tame the intense sensation. I typically enjoy heat but it was hard to maintain my composure when a sweet little treat was basically making me cry. Not sure if this is something I would reach for again, but if you’re a heat fiend — this candy’s for you!  



9. Snickers Spoonable Cookie Dough - 4oz

Snickers Edible Cookie Dough

How could we leave the Snickers Spoonable Cookie Dough tub off of this list! Here at Candy Funhouse we pride ourselves on being the experts on all things candy, but even we were surprised when we learned Snickers had their own line of cookie dough! Our first spoonful was something I can hardly articulate. The cookie dough was so rich, creamy and properly littered with snickers chunks! The chewy caramel, with crunchy peanut pieces made every bite practically unforgettable. This is definitely something I would take home with me… it was too good to pass up! 

10. Cow Tales Strawberry Smoothie 

Cow Tales, Strawberry Cow Tales

Candy Funhouse loves their Cow Tales candy! The Cow Tales Strawberry Smoothie is wrapped in a creamy caramel coating and has a soft cream centre, and in this case, it was the strawberry filling. The sweetness from the strawberry and creaminess from the caramel compliment each other so well. I found myself taking second, third and fourth bites… okay I pretty much finished the whole bar (It's’ not that big anyway!!) The ease in which we can eat this candy is why it ended up on our May list of best candies! It's so tasty and addictive… I'm gonna check if we have some more in the back, ttyl!!

Are there any treats you tried this month that you think should’ve been featured on our list? Which one of the candies listed is your favourite? 

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