Top 10 Candies of The Month - March

Top 10 Candies of The Month - March

So many candies come through the doors of Candy Funhouse. Part of this sweet gig is tasting all the delicious candy.

Every month our team of well-fed Candyologists are hard at work reviewing all of the candy and unwrapping, tastings, taking notes and keeping score. Believe it or not, it's challenging to narrow down the one thing we love more than anything, Candy!

Here are our Top 10 Candies Of The Month...

#1. Gummy Lunchables Buildable Pepperoni Pizza Kit

Gummy Lunchables Buildable Pepperoni Pizza Kit

We could not wait to get our hands on this! Build your own pizza out of gummy candy? Count us in!

Fantastic packaging, tightly wrapped and sealed, just like the real Lunchables. A few different gummies are inside: the crust, pepperoni, cheese, and liquid candy tomato sauce. We started immediately, spreading the oozing candy sauce on the gummy crust. A little messy but fun! We stacked up the pepperoni and cheese and waited in anticipation for the taste and texture.

This candy pizza was hands down delicious! The gummy candy was robust and full of fruitiness. The liquid candy sauce was super sweet with a cherry taste and worked well with the other gummy candy.

A winner for sure! This candy pizza was incredibly flavorful, had intense textures, and, most of all, was fun to play with. Chef's kiss to the Gummy Lunchables Buildable Pepperoni Pizza Kit! 10/10

#2. Prime Hydration Drink Strawberry Watermelon

Prime Hydration Drink Strawberry Watermelon

We always need delicious beverages to wash down all the candy we eat. The Prime Hydration Drink Strawberry Watermelon was perfect and did not disappoint us!

The first sip flavour that comes through is the strawberry. The watermelon is a background taste, but the strawberry is the more obvious taste of the two. These two flavours are the perfect pair—even though the drink has no added sugar, it is ideally sweet. 

Refreshing? A big yes to that, and we were taken aback by just how delicious this Prime Drink is!

We felt absolutely incredible after this drink. It's made with electrolytes and coconut water, leaving us feeling super refreshed and energized!

We say bottoms up to the Prime Hydration Drink Strawberry Watermelon!

#3. M&M's Caramel Cold Brew

M&M's Caramel Cold Brew

M&M's are always a winner in our book; there's not much that can go wrong with such a candy legend. We were clamouring to try this new hyped-up flavour and were definitely not disappointed!

The M&M's Caramel Cold Brew is colourful, candy-coated bits of pure unadulterated bliss! Eagerly filling our hands, we got right down to business trying out this new flavour. 

Unwrapping the package unleashes a heavenly scent of caramel and coffee. Each M&M's candy has that fantastic crunch on the outside and a delectable caramel-filled middle. I still cannot comprehend how a tiny-sized round candy can hold so much flavour, but we assure you it does!

We were left wanting more, a little more, and then some. These M&M's are a must-try candy. It's a non-negotiable candy that will quickly become highly ranked by your taste buds!!

The M&M's Caramel Cold Brew might not replace your morning cuppa joe, but it will definitely beat out your current favourite candy!

#4. Snickers Rockin' Nut Road Chocolate Bar

Snickers Rockin' Nut Road Chocolate Bar

Talk about satisfaction! The Snickers Rockin' Nut Road Chocolate Bar really will rock your world! 

This Snickers bar starts with a substantial coating that hits the sweet spot of dark chocolate coating goodness. Upon the first bite, you know that this one is a winner! 

The bold dark chocolate is met with crunchy roasted almonds, a thick nougat and silky caramel. Every bite seems to get better than the last, and before you know it, sadly, this Snickers bar is gone! 

It's beyond delicious, filled with crunchy and creamy textures and very filling. It will spoil your dinner, but it's oh-so worth it. As a matter of fact, this Snickers Bar has become our number one reached-for chocolate bar ever since we first laid eyes on it. 

It's become an essential chocolate bar in our chocolate repertoire. For any Snickers Chocolate fan, this is it. Like, it's the one that will rock your sweet soul!!

#5. Bubble Yum Cotton Candy Gum

Bubble Yum Cotton Candy Gum

Need to up your bubble gum game? The Bubble Yum Cotton Candy Gum will knock your socks off. It's pink, luscious and beyond juicy!  

Around here, bubblegum is an essential part of everyday life. It's one of life's necessities, and we know you won't find any un-eaten pieces in the bottom of your purse, just the wrappers!

As we unwrap this bubble gum, the scent of cotton candy is deliciously apparent. It's sweetly refreshing and classic at the same time. The initial grainy and sugary texture dissolves in a few minutes, and then you have a smooth and bouncy texture.

We can't test any bubblegum before we do the bubble-blowing test. This Bubble Yum is an A plus and passed with flying colours! Giving us gigantic bubbles and a long-lasting cotton candy flavour.

One of our daily requirements is bubblegum, and the Bubble Yum Cotton Candy gum did not disappoint us. In fact, it's our new must-have bubble gum, and we promise not to stick it under any desk or table!

#6. Warheads Sour Taffy 2 in 1 Bar

Warheads Sour Taffy 2 in 1 Bar

Get ready to cringe, but in a good way. The Warheads Sour Taffy 2-in-1 Bar has proven to be an essential sour candy for every sour candy-loving fan out there. Made with two flavours in one bar. This combination is a fusion of Apple/Watermelon and Blue Raspberry/Watermelon. It's a taffy bar made with an incredible chewy texture and taste. 

The fruity flavours all come shining through and are enhanced with that watermelon base. Sour thrill? You betcha! 

This Warheads candy delivers sourness in a whole new way. Warheads are, after all, sour candy masters that somehow blend delicious sweetness into the experience, but the sour taste always is a stand-out taste!

Being the sour candy connoisseurs we are, this taffy bar will replace some of our previous favourites. The Warheads Sour Taffy 2-in-1 Bar is victorious for a self-inflicted hit of sourness!

#7. Fruit Gushers Tropical

Fruit Gushers Tropical

Any child of the '90s fondly remembers these. Your mother really thought of them as "fruit snacks," so they were packed in your lunches and always in the shopping cart. Secretly, we knew that these were nothing but delicious candies, but our lips were sealed. 

Fruit Gushers Tropical is not only made with that remarkable gummy candy-like, chewy texture but is fully loaded with sweet candy liquid just waiting to seep out. One bite and that memorable ooze begins to spill onto our lips.

Some Candyologist's on our team are sadly too young to have ever tried the Fruit Gushers and were taken aback by that sweet and fruity gush. The flavour is intensely Tropical tasting and sweetly satisfying. Coming in a variety of fruitiness like, strawberry-kiwi, kiwi-lime, tangerine, and blueberry-grape. They are bright and colourful just like back in the day, and have that same sink-your-teeth-into-amazing texture and gush! It really adds to the intense flavour and makes this so unique!

So go on and gush about these! The Fruit Gushers Tropical will leave you wanting more!

#8. Hostess Twinkies Popcorn

Hostess Twinkies Popcorn

If you're a fan of Twinkies, you just can't miss this delicious popcorn! Hostess Twinkies Popcorn is crunchy, extremely flavorful and offers that big Twinkie taste. We just could not wait to try this sweet snack! Opening the package, the sweet aroma of the iconic Twinkie wafts through the air. Our mouths were watering, and we happily ate handfuls until our taste test was over.

The popcorn is fresh and crunchy. You get a taste of that golden Twinkie cake and the creme filling all in one humble kernel! It truly captures the very essence of the Twinkie in a crunchy and popcorn kind of way.

We fell in love at first bite and bet you will too! If you're going to share this popcorn, then have extra on hand. It's deliciously addictive!

#9. Doritos Hot Salsa Dip

Doritos Hot Salsa Dip

Ok, not candy, but impressive enough to make it to our blog. We had big expectations for the Doritos Hot Salsa Dip, and it met our standards of what a salsa should be; in fact, it far exceeded our expectations.

We tried it on plain crackers first and were notably impressed. It's bold, spicy and loaded with savoury flavour. It didn't break the delicate cracker, so we knew it could hold up on anything. Next, we had the pleasure of eating it paired with tortilla chips. Our jaws dropped to the floor. This is the salsa you've been waiting for your whole life! It's impeccably made with just the right consistency in texture, and the bold and spicy flavours are perfect, especially for those heat-seeking fans.

Even those who say they don't like spice actually loved this salsa. Some of us took some home and tried it on tacos, hamburgers and with chicken, and the overall score for the Doritos Hot Salsa Dip was a ten out of ten. Every bite of food came alive, and it made every taste that much more exciting!

Compared to other brands, Doritos Salsa was a very big winner in our books!

#10. Life Savers Butter Rum Candy Rolls

Life Savers Butter Rum Candy Rolls

We don't know a single candyologist who doesn't already love this Life Saver Candy. We know it's an old-school candy, but that's why it's so remarkable and delicious. It's a true classic that keeps us coming back time and time again, year after year.

Pulled out of grandma's candy dish or retrieved from the top of your dresser, the Life Savers Butter Rum Candy Rolls are a staple candy that is constantly being replenished in our candy stash.

Opening up the roll is delicious in its own right, and then when you get this little, circular Life Saver candy in your mouth, it just hits you. It's so buttery and sweet, with just a hint of saltiness in the mix. It's beyond creamy, rich, warm tasting and echoes a light rum taste. It's actually a delectable-tasting candy. Let it melt in your mouth slowly, or crunch it up. Either way, you are left wanting more. It does have an addictive quality, and obviously, this small, hard candy has incredible staying power.

This old-fashioned candy has had its flavour imitated in other candies, but nothing shines like the triumphant Life Saver Candy. It's completely Candyologist-approved and will always be in our top picks.

We say indulge in a "hole" lot of extreme deliciousness with the one and only Life Savers Butter Rum rolls!





As always, we had a blast trying all these candies. We look forward to next month and tasting our next batch of candies. Stay tuned for all of our sweet candy news!

Let us know if you agree with our list, and tell us which candies you'll try next!

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