The Ultimate Guide to Peeps Marshmallows

The Ultimate Guide to Peeps Marshmallows

Everything you need to know about Peeps Marshmallows! 

Spring is in the air, meaning Easter is just around the corner. One of our favourite things about Easter is Peeps Candy!

This sweet marshmallow candy is not only adorable to look at but, dare we say, delicious too!

Our Easter candy stash wouldn’t be complete without these sweet and sticky marshmallow creatures. Whether you like them fresh and soft or a bit stale, the possibilities of the once humble Peeps Chicks now include a variety of colours, shapes and forms!

Where do Peeps Marshmallows come from? 

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Peeps are the sweet genius creation of Sam Born, who founded the Just Born candy company in 1910 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. In 1953, Just Born acquired the Rodda Candy Company, leading to a much shorter manufacturing time for Peeps.

Fun Fact:  It took 27 hours to make a single Peep, which was eventually shortened to six minutes! 

How are Peeps Marshmallows made?

Soft and squishy, and sensationally cute, these chicks and bunnies are made with a tender marshmallow that is rolled in coloured sugar and comes complete with the finishing touch of tiny edible wax eyes! 

Peeps Chicks used to be piped out of a bag and made by hand and used to include a set of wings on the chicks, but sadly the wings had to be clipped in order to produce more Peeps Candy in a shorter period of time while also making them appear more sleek and modern.

These Chicks are always down to party! Every New Year's Eve in downtown Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, a giant yellow Peeps Chick is dropped into the crowd and begins to change colours at midnight!

Now there are 5.5 million Peeps made each day! In one year, they make enough Peeps to circle the earth twice! Hopefully, that means will never run out of our beloved Peeps Candy!     

What is the difference between Peeps Bunnies and Peeps Chicks?

The original Peeps were made in the adorable and familiar chick shape. There are now bunny-shaped Peeps as well. But which one is better?

The shape has absolutely no bearing on the flavour; it's just a preference. The classic yellow chicks will be your jam if you're a Peeps Candy purist!

The iconic Yellow Chicks remain the number one seller! Among all of the other Easter Candy goodies, Peeps Candy comes in second only after chocolate for being one of the most popular Easter treats!

What type of shapes do Peeps come in? 

Not only do Peeps come in chick and bunny shapes, but countless others. This expansion has grown into a fantastic selection of Peeps Candy!

There are chocolate-covered Peeps, Easter egg-shaped Peeps, and Lollipop Ring Peeps, which come in a yummy chick or bunny shape. There are even Peeps Gummies!

Can you only get Peeps as marshmallows? 

No! Peeps has expanded into many different avenues, including candles, lollipops, drinks, toys, cookies etc. 

Here is a list of Peeps items that we carry:

How many flavours of Peeps Marshmallows are there? 

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Despite differences in shapes, Peeps have been expanding their flavour lineup gradually over the years, creating a massive array of flavours and colours to ensure a Peep for everybody! 

Here is a list of all the Peeps flavours that we carry: 

The Possibilities Are Endless, And So Are Our Peeps!

Here at Candy Funhouse, we must admit we've tried them all! Some of our most loved ones include the Peeps Milk Chocolate Covered Marshmallow. It covers that seasonal Easter Peeps must-have in one delectable bite! The outside is a rich and smooth milk chocolate coating, while the inside remains soft and billowy—the perfect choice for any Peeps candy lover or candy lover in general.

The Peeps Pop Ups Singles is another winner. Featuring a decorative chick or a bunny that sits atop a Peeps-inspired, marshmallow-flavoured lollipop. The chick and bunny open up for the lollipop, which you can eat now and safely save some for later.

Feed your inner wild child with the Peeps Marshmallow Bunnies Sparkly Wildberry. These bunny-shaped marshmallow indulgences come in the fresh taste of all things wildberry and are finished with the glamourous addition of tiny sparkly candies. The texture is soft and tender, and the flavour offers that burst of berry. One thing is for sure; these delicious bunnies will disappear fast!

Peeps Pepsi Soda is another must-try. This limited edition soda comes in a bright yellow-coloured tin. This Pepsi is sweetly refreshing and smooth and offers a hint of vanilla and marshmallow flavours, with the base note being the original Pepsi taste. It's a unique and festive Easter flavour, and even if you're not a Peeps candy fan, this could inspire you to revisit the candy again.

Let's Peep It Real!

With so many Peeps to choose from, there's sure to be a perfect choice for any candy connoisseur! From Peeps-inspired gummies, chocolate, lollipops, cookies and even soda, Peeps are winning the Easter Candy game!

For those of you who don't enjoy eating Peeps, they make for an egg-squsite-looking Easter-themed table. These sweet Peeps will transform any space to resemble a delightful Easter-looking eggstravaganza! 

Hop to the delicious fun and make some bunny very egg-cited and happy with the one and only Peeps!

Have a very Hoppy Easter, and remember, don't put all your eggs in one basket. Fill it up with Peeps!

Let us know which Peeps Candy is your favourite or which you want to try!

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