Peeps Pepsi Soda - 222mL

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2023 Limited Edition Peeps Pepsi Soda

Are you dreaming of Spring and all that sweet Easter goodness that comes with it? We got you with the one and only Peeps Pepsi Soda!

This isn't just any old Pepsi! Prepare to be blown away with that smooth-tasting, pillowy, soft cola goodness of the Peeps Pepsi. 
It's thrilling, refreshing and sure to quench your thirst sweetly. Made with a vanilla flavour that echoes the famous Peeps Marshmallow Candy but mixed with that tangy Pepsi taste!
Along with the superb taste, the packaging is bright and cheerful and will surely get you in the Easter mood.
Impress all your Peeps with this delicious marshmallow-infused soft drink. It's the one and only drink to have during your easter celebrations!
222 mL

Customer Reviews

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Joe H.

I love Peeps and didn't know what to expect but it tastes like Peeps. I really enjoyed it !

a p.h.g.
Way Better than expected

I love drinking pops especially Pepsi but I thought this might be overly sugary. I was pleasantly surprised, it was super tasty. I also love marshmallows so that probably helped lol If you like Pepsi and marshmallows, give the Peepsi a shot!

Jeremy F.
Unique but not bad

It does have a similar taste to Pepsi, but the after taste seems to be a unique sweetness. Hard to compare to a marshmallow flavor because texture is different, but overall, it is not bad. Regular Pepsi is still better.