The Top 5 Mother’s Day Gifts

The Top 5 Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s are absolutely amazing! They are the backbone of the family and they don’t always get the attention they deserve for all their hard work. However, on Mother’s Day it’s their time to shine! The issue is, it can be difficult to find the perfect mother's day gift. So after much thought and consideration we’ve put together the best way to say “Happy Mother’s Day!” 

The Top 5 Ways to say “Happy Mother’s Day” from Candy Funhouse

  1. Funfetti Chocolate Cake & Cupcake Mix with Candy Bits

One of the best things you can do for Mother’s Day is spend quality time with your mom! And what better way to do that than baking together! This box of Funfetti Chocolate Cake is the perfect little gift. Make a cake or cupcakes and take your experience to the next level with the addition of candy bits. Effortless to make and decorate, you'll love the time spent with mom. Not only do you get time together, but you’ll have created delicious treats to indulge in when you’re done. It’s the ultimate addition to every Mother’s Day. 

  1. Jelly Belly 20 Flavour Clear Gift Box

Moms are quite busy and often they find it hard to relax and indulge themselves. They usually put everyone before themselves, sharing their time, energy and even their snacks! With the Jelly Belly 20 Flavour Gift Box they can indulge in all of Jelly Belly's wonderful flavours without having to share. Included in every package is a combination of 20 sweet and savoury flavours. With many gourmet flavours to love, the fun is never-ending this mother’s day. They say everyone has a favourite flavour! Let mom discover hers with flavours like: very cherry, watermelon, tutti-frutti, buttered popcorn, berry blue, strawberry cheesecake, island punch, licorice, juicy pear, cotton candy, green apple, red apple, coconut, mixed berry smoothie, orange crush, bubble gum, sour apple, blueberry, peach, and sizzling cinnamon! 

  1. Edle Tropfen In Nuss Collection

Mom is a rockstar and deserves to rest and feel pampered. There’s no better way to do that than with our Tropfen Collection! Deliciously rich chocolates paired with her favourite spirits, Tropfen has created the ultimate indulging experience! Available in several varieties including gin, vodka, rum and flavoured liquors! Help mom take a break and enjoy the moment with a delectable box of truffles that will make her feel like she’s on vacation. Pair it with a spa day or just reward mom for all her hard work with the day off!

  1. A Candy Funhouse Gift Card

Shopping for the sweetest person in your life is hard. Your mom deserves the best, but you can’t always figure out what that is. We understand what that's like so we we suggest, the sweetest gift of all, a Candy Funhouse Gift card with full access to the Funhouse they know and love! With unlimited selection of the best candies and treats, mom will be sure to find something she loves. Gifts are sweet. Candy is sweeter! 

  1. The Mother’s Day FunBox

Looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift? Here it is. A combination of all the best things, this package is built to bring happiness and joy! We had our Candy Experts handpicked the newest, sweetest, most loved snacks from our enormous collection and put together the ultimate Mother's Day Gift box for a one-time purchase. Carefully curated to show your mom, grandma, aunt, or sister (ANY MOM FIGURE!) just how much you love and appreciate them, the box is loaded with a variety of luxurious snacks and a bunch of specialty treats we think they'll really enjoy! 

Included in this amazing box is:
Laura Secord Chocolate Fudge x 3 pieces 
Peeps Marshmallow Scented Candle 
Jelly Belly 10 Flavour Gift Box - 120g
Skittles Flower and Fruit (China) 
Papadopoulos Caprice Hazelnut Wafer Rolls 
Classic Soft Baked Cookie Hershey's Kisses Chocolate Chip 
Cinna-Pix Toothpicks Tubes
Cadbury Caramilk Salted Caramel
Sour Power Straws Wild Cherry
White Baby Bear Pops 
Golden Bonbon Sour Jujube Nougat Bar
Lotus Sandwich Cookies Milk Chocolate Cream 
Haribo Gold-Bears Watermelon
Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut Bar 
Nestle Big Turk Bars 
Sweetarts Mini Chewy Theater Pack 
Wack-O-Wax Wax Lips
Candy Necklace
Pop Rocks Grape Popping Candy
Skittles Fruit Gummy Rainbow (China) 
Hello Panda Caramel 
Ptasie Mleczko White Chocolate Strawberry Shake Marshmallows - 360g

Gifts are Sweet, Candy is Sweeter!

No matter the occasion, the best way to show love is with the sweetest gift of all, candy! So celebrate the sweetest person in your life, mom, with a gift that says so much more.

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