The Top 10 Hottest Sweets & Snacks for Summer 2022 summer candy

The Top 10 Hottest Sweets & Snacks for Summer

Enjoy the hottest candy and snacks during the upcoming season of Summer!

Get ready to taste and feel the sweet sizzle of summertime as you set your tastebuds ablaze with the hottest candy that we're naming in our top ten sweets and snacks for this summer! The heat is on!


10. Toxic Waste Slime Licker

Toxic Waste Slime Licker sour candy summer candy

You'll have a skip in your step this summer but how about a sour sting to savour? The Toxic Waste Slime Lickers are just the right sour candy for summertime!

The Slime Licker is a sour candy with a roller ball that rolls gooey liquid candy right onto your tongue, in either blue raspberry or strawberry flavours. These lickable concoctions are hazardously sour for you thrill-seekers who dare to feel the ultimate sting of such sourness!

We dare you to try the cringe-inducing taste of the famous Toxic Waste Slime Lickers!


9. Sour Patch Kids Crush


Sour Patch Kids Crush Soda flavour sour gummy candy for summer


Can it really be summer if you don't crush some Sour Patch Kids gummy candy?!

Open wide because these kids are ready to dive in! The Sour Patch Kids Crush sour gummy candy is refreshingly delicious - perfect for summer. We know there are plenty of home runs from Sour Patch Kids, but this one just hits different with the fruity flavours of Crush soda in Grape Crush, Pineapple Crush, Orange Crush and Strawberry Crush.

This is the perfect summer candy to bring along to the poolside or for a fun-filled camping trip with the famous Sour Patch Kids Crush!


8. Mountain Dew Flamin Hot

Exclusive Limited Edition Mountain Dew Flamin Hot 355ml exotic drink summer candy

The sweltering summer nights can make one thirsty, and we've got the quenching drink you need to take the edge off and still keep it spicy with the limited edition Mountain Dew Flamin Hot soda!

Made with a blend of signature Mountain Dew fruity citrus flavour mingled with a scintillating spice inspired by the flamin' hot fad, this unique pairing makes for a quite satisfying exotic drink! 

Be a hottie this summer with the limited edition Mountain Dew Flamin Hot!


7. Kool-Aid Fruity Chews

New Kool-Aid Fruity Chews summer candy

Be "kool" this summer without that ring of Kool-Aid around your mouth and instead enjoy that refreshing and delicious taste in a new convenient chewy candy form.

The Kool-Aid Fruity Chews are bursting with the wonderment of fun and fruity flavours Tropical Punch, Cherry, and Grape. You won't be able to stop saying, "Oh Yeah!" when you share this on action-packed summer days!

Get your Kool-Aid fix this summer with the new Kool-Aid Fruity Chews bag!


6. Rap Snacks Rick Ross Sweet Chilli Lemon Pepper Chips

New Rap Snacks Rick Ross Sweet Chili Lemon Pepper chips exotic snacks summer candy

Give your sizeable summer appetite a front-row seat to salty satisfaction with the new Rap Snacks Rick Ross Sweet Chilli Lemon Pepper chips.

You will not regret making Rap Snacks your choice snack this summer because they are the most unique and flavourful chips around that always deliver the perfect crunch. This new feature is fantastic for summertime as it boasts flavours of sweet spice and zesty lemon. Truly the best snack to bring along to that picnic, or backyard barbeque.

You get hungry when you hustlin', feed the need with Rap Snacks Rick Ross Sweet Chilli Lemon Pepper Chips!


5. Hawaiian Punch Cotton Candy

Hawaiian Punch Cotton Candy Fruit Juicy Red summer candy

Maybe you won't be getting that tropical vacation you're dreaming of this summer, but we've got something sweeter to drown out the disappointment!

Indulge in the tropics in an even sweeter way with the Hawaiian Punch Cotton Candy. This fluffy, hand-spun cotton candy is jammed with signature Hawaiian Punch Fruit Juicy Red flavour.

Find your place in the sun with the fun taste of Hawaiin Punch Cotton Candy.


4. Hi-Chew Fantasy Mix

New Hi-Chew Fantasty Mix chewy candy fruity summer candy candyfunhouse.caNew Hi-Chew Fantasy Candy Instagram

Unleash your taste buds with the euphoric taste of Hi-Chew Fantasy Mix. This ultra chewy, almost bouncy candy is a double layer of intense flavour. Its texture is mesmerizing, somewhere between gum and taffy, Hi-Chew always provides a long-lasting and flavourful experience.

The new whimsical fruit flavours of Hi-Chew Fantasy Mix include:

  • Rainbow Sherbet: raspberry, lime, and orange
  • Blue Hawaii: sweet citrus with hints of pineapple
  • Blue Raspberry: need we say more? We're in!

Be light and airy like a Summertime fairy, with the sensational taste of the new Hi-Chew Fantasy Mix!


3. Van Holten's Jumbo Pickles

Van Holten's Jumbo Pickles Sour Pickle summer snack

A refreshing and salty snack for all those hot summer days!

The Van Holten's Pickles in a pouch require no refrigeration so they're ready for your summer adventures. Dripping with sharp pickle flavour, these crunchy snacks are deeply satisfying, from hot and spicy, to extra garlicky flavours, these pickles will halt any salty cravings!

Be cool as a cucumber in the heat, with the satisfying crunch of Van Holten's Pickles!


2. Oreo Fireworks

Limited Edition Oreo Fireworks popping candy summer snack

The best sweet snack, most fitting for summertime celebrations. Whether you're basking in the sun at the beach, poolside, or sitting on lush green grass watching fireworks, Oreo Cookies are always a winning and classic choice! This limited edition of sandwiched perfection is filled with exhilarating red, white, and blue popping candy!

Let it pop with the Oreo Fireworks!  Will you change how you eat your Oreos for this special edition to enjoy the popping sensation?


1. Skittles Freezer Pops

Jel Sert Original Skittles Freezer Pops summer candy snack

Whether you call it a freeze pop, ice pop, or a freezie, you can melt those summer days away with a refreshing Skittles Freezer Pop! (But we all know the right answer is freezie😉).

The Skittles Freezer Pops are the best way to cope with the scorching summer days ahead by cooling down with an ice-cold freezie. Enjoy the same flavours you love from Skittles in a new way: Orange, Strawberry, Green Apple, and Grape. Which freezie flavour will you make your go-to cool-down treat for the ultimate summer nostalgia that eating freezies will no doubt evoke?

Psst... don't want to taste the rainbow of Skittles? Don't worry, there are also Jolly Rancher Freezer Pops in signature flavours of Watermelon, Grape, Blue Raspberry, and Green Apple!


Summer is Short But Candy is Forever!

Will you be adding any of these staples to your summer stash for your poolside, beachfront, or campground adventures? 

Candy Funhouse has all the hottest sweets and snacks you'll want to devour this summer, whether you're looking for something sweet, salty, or sour!


Kristin Sevigny
Kristin Sevigny

My Grandchildren ages 6 7 8 years of age every candy u put on this App they love it they want to try it all

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Patricia Booker

Sweet, Happy Treats, Great Company!!!!!!!!!!!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Patricia Booker
Patricia Booker

Great happy treats!!!!!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Alana Newstead
Alana Newstead

The toxic waste candy , sounds like a lot of fun . It should have a photo page of kids trying not to cringe or the best cringe face. Prize would be there pic published on social media. Abd bragging rights.

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