Mountain Dew Flamin' Hot - 355mL

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Flamin Hot Mountain Dew

Launch your tastebuds into crazy oblivion with the Mountain Dew Flamin Hot! 

A lovechild of sweet and spicy, an unexpected union but a delicious one at that!
A refreshing drink with the sweet and citrusy taste of Mountain Dew that is coupled with the flavour of Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Creating a sweet inferno of remarkable taste!
We know you're cool as a cucumber, but spice it up a notch with Mountain Dew Flamin Hot!

Mountain Dew Flamin' Hot is now available for purchase in Canada only here at Candy Funhouse!


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Customer Reviews

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Rob Robson
It's another Pop

I wanted this to destroy my face hole and stomach with that know. "Flamin' Hot" everything taste that's been successfully duplicated with snacks.

I wanted to be made an example of with liquid heat with a Mountain Dew twist of fate.

It smells like sugar and tastes like a sugar pop - no heat - and my face hole remains available to fight another FOMO day.

3/10 - Odd flavour with a hint of lime but not a combo breaker. Will not buy again.

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