The Sweetness of Gift Giving

The Sweetness of Gift Giving

We love having good relationships with other people who are special to us, and that’s why it’s so important to show our appreciation. Whether with a smile, a simple thank you note, a hug, or a special little gift, letting someone know you’re thinking of them and you care can make life that much sweeter – for both them and you!

 gift giving candy funhouse

Candy Funhouse knows that it’s sometimes difficult to know how to share your appreciation for others. Sometimes it seems they have everything, or that somehow gifting them a sweater or some flowers will not reflect how much you care for them. Instead, consider candy as a gift, just because at Candy Funhouse we are specialists on gift-giving, and we have the best of online shopping right here for you.

Candy makes a great gift because there is something for everyone on your gift-giving list. Whether for their birthday, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, for Thanksgiving, or even for Christmas, where the gift of candy goes back centuries as the perfect gift idea for anyone! Check it out:


Candy on the tree

christmas tree ideas

In medieval times, many Europeans had the tradition of adorning their Christmas trees with food: Wafers, cookies, even fruits and licorice were customary decorations to use.

Let’s face it, candy was a delicacy and a treat even then, it was very special! And a great time of year for enjoying candy was when everyone got together to celebrate.

There are many more delicious candies you can hang on a Christmas tree, like these:

PEZ Christmas Ornament with Mini dispensers: What a great idea for starting out a Christmas tradition! They're peanut-free, gluten-free, and they look so good on a tree!

pez christmas ornaments

Sour Patch Candy Canes: Give the sweet gift of these colourful and tasty Sour Patch Candy Canes and they will be thinking of you every time they look at the Christmas tree. 

sour patch candy canes

For more ideas on how to decorate a Christmas Tree using candy, read our blog HERE, and be amazed at how sweet your tree can look this year!


Birthday sweetness

Same goes for birthdays: Sure, you may look forward to the gifts and the cake, but candy is always KING! Wouldn’t you like to get one of these gifts for your birthday? We’re sure you would!

birthday party candy treats

birthday candy bar

Take a look at this child’s birthday party candybar, pictured above. It’s clean, simple, oh so pretty in pink! And you would really have to do so little to make it look amazing. It would be as simple as decorating with a lovely white or pink  tablecloth, a pink or fuchsia cake, and some white dishes with the following candies:

Haribo Chamallows: Deliciously soft and fluffy pink and white marshmallows, from the UK! (And when you're gifting them, you BET they probably have never tried such good candies!). 

haribo chamallows candy funhouse gustafs pink lemonade laces 

Gustafs Pink Lemonade Laces – Not only they are deliciously refreshing, but they make a great gift since they're SUCH FUN! Don't they look pretty in pink? You could even spell out words on the party table with them... and then eat them! 

Candy Funhouse also carries lots of other PINK and WHITE candies to complete the gift-giving idea for your favourite person's party... Such as the Light Pink Bubble Gum lollipops from Dum Dum's, lots of flavoured POP ROCKS Bubble Gum Popping Candy flavours, Albanese Strawberry-Banana Gummi Bears (they're white!), good old fashioned Bonomo Turkish Taffy in Vanilla flavour, and beautifully delicious Jelly Belly candy – available in pink grapefruit, bubble gum, and cotton candy for that delicately pink colour!

The gift that keeps on giving for 12 months!

candy subscription

How about giving someone the gift of sweetness, just because they’re a good friend? At Candy Funhouse, we’ve put together the perfect candy gift idea that keeps on giving, with a Candy Funhouse Care Package! It’s an exclusive snack package delivered monthly to your friend or parent’s home. Our Candy Experts handpick the newest, sweetest, most loved snack from our enormous collection… plus it’s a delicious way to give!


You snack, I snack… We all snack sometime!

If you know someone will be cramming for finals, staying up late to work on a big project, or on bed rest, consider giving them the sweet gift of snacks! Candy Funhouse has put together a wide selection of the best snacks from around the world to satisfy all munchies, such as:

Cheetos Mac 'n Cheese – They're bold, cheesy, and super tasty! This is no ordinary mac 'n cheese... now THIS is what they need for those late nights!

Or maybe what you need to gift them is Hershey's Pretzel Bites? With the salty pretzel-y centre that is just sooo satisfying! 

If you're unsure whether salty or sweet will do, Reese's Popped Snack Mix has it all! The perfect combo to snack on... 

And you can always check out our SNACKS PAGE, and see dozens of others, and make the perfect "care package" for gift giving. 

reeses popped snack mix

What kind of candy would YOU like to receive in the mail? Share with us in the comments below!

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