Spookylicious Sweets for Halloween

Spookylicious Sweets for Halloween

If there is such a thing as a best time of year for candy, it’s Halloween! We all have great memories about trick or treating, and especially about going home and dumping the stash we collected on the table to sort out... and start devouring!

Some of us remember sorting out candy by name, by colour, or by type – chocolates together, lollipops in one pile, and gum in another. And do you remember making it a competition with your siblings to see who got the most candy? Our team at Candy Funhouse sure does!

Halloween is not a time to think about giving something ‘healthy’ like raisins… Oh no no! It’s all about candy! And if you want to be the HOT SHOT of the neighbourhood, you need to plan ahead and order your stash online, this way the kids will be talking about how you got the best treats to go around! It’s such a nice time of year to see all the kids’ costumes and share in the happiness. Plus, us parents also get to pick and choose some favourites!

No matter what you love most about Halloween, candy is king! There are so many favourites this year; check out Candy Funhouse’s Top 10 spookylicious sweet treats for this year:

1. Nestle Halloween Assorted Candy Bars:

This massive bag has 45 pieces of your favourite candy bars, including Baby Ruth, 100 Grand, Butterfinger, and Crunch. All good, all the time, and perfect to fit in lunch boxes every day ’til they’re gone.


2. Oreo Chocolate Candy Bars:

Just in time for Halloween! These fun size bars are perfect for giving out to trick or treaters, or just to enjoy at home! They are so yummy, with two pieces of sweet Oreo staple chocolate crunch and a delicious filling that you must try!

3. UTZ Halloween Bats and Jacks: 

These fun-shaped pretzel snacks will leave you giggling every time you take a bite! UTZ has done it again! With 70 baggies of crunchy goodness that are made in a peanut and tree nut-free facility.







4. Toxic Waste Halloween Sour Candy:

A fun assortment of sour candies combined with stickers, in this awesome bank that you can use to save up your change with after – maybe to buy more candy with later?  This “Hazardously Sour Candy” will make your face pucker and feet quiver! Double-action sour candy that is super super sour, and turning into a sweet candy taste on the inside. A must for this year’s Halloween-lovin’ kid!





5. UTZ Halloween Mini Cheese Balls:

Did someone say cheese? Enjoy breaking the sweetness of Halloween candy with a cheese ball or two! (Then you can go back to having some more candy!). This fun tub has 60 bags of Mini Cheese Balls (25 oz each). Another Candy Funhouse favourite!






6. Ring Pop Halloween:

Candy Funhouse has put together the best trick-or-treating bag for you right here, with an assortment of Ring Pop flavours in a fun Halloween bag! This 22 count bag of Ring Pops includes all your favourite flavours – order yours today!


7. PEZ Halloween:

Only have a few kids coming to your door, or you have some special neighbourhood kids to gift something to? Maybe you’re a PEZ Candy Collector? Check out these fun Halloween-themed Pez dispensers, including Smiling Pumpkin, Witch, Vampire, Ghost, and Glowing Pumpkin. Order all 5 today! 


8. Vidal Bulging Eyeballs:

These spookylicious gummy eyeballs will have your Halloween guests screaming for more fun treats! They’re perfect for when you have some neighbours or friends coming to say ‘Trick or Treat’ – how many eyeballs can you fit in your mouth? They’re peanut free, gluten free, fat free, and super gooey good!






9. eFrutti Gummi Bracelet Candy:

Take ‘bling’ to a whole new sweet level with these yummy gummy candy bracelets. Comes in six flavours, including strawberry, mango, apple, blueberry, orange, and raspberry. Each is individually wrapped and you can order as many as you want – can’t you just taste them already? Sweet!



10. Milk Chocolate Loonies:

Money for Halloween? YES, Money is always the theme! These milk chocolate loonies are made with great tasting chocolate, the kids will be fighting to see who collected more ‘money’! Always a good addition to any loot bag or themed party – who doesn’t love to receive some sweet money? Candy Funhouse’s bag has 180 loonies… and that’s all you’ll need to complete your Halloween Candy Online Shopping... Plus they make an awesome gift for anyone abroad!

Whatever your preference for Halloween, Candy Funhouse is here to help with all your online candy order – Get it just in time for Halloween!

We'd love to hear from you: Which was your favourite candy to get for Halloween? Comment below!

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