It's never too soon to show your LOVE!

It's never too soon to show your LOVE!

At Candy Funhouse, we are BIG on LOVE!  Although Valentine’s Day is February 14th, we like to think we can celebrate love and kindness all year round – especially this coming year! 

There are many reasons why we celebrate Valentine’s Day – it’s tradition, it’s history, it’s exciting, it’s a whole month of celebrating those you love!

You don’t have to limit your Valentine’s Day celebrations to just a ‘special someone’. Many people may not have a significant other, they may choose to live the single lifestyle – and we think that is just swell as long as that’s what makes you happy!

You can order some candy online from Candy Funhouse, just because it’s the BEST way to get it: By mail! Imagine looking in your mailbox and seeing that your online candy order has arrived? Woo-hoo!

These past few months have been a challenge for all of us, plus it’s Winter so it’s not always to visit family and friends. Let them know you are thinking about them and order some candy, treats, and chocolates online now so they get it way before Valentine’s Day arrives! Beat the rush, surprise them NOW!

Retro online candy for your parents:

Candy Funhouse’s extensive collection of vintage and nostalgic (retro!) candy will remind them of their youth, of what their parents would bring home for them, of times past… And this is always a nice feeling, right? Here are some ideas for those aged 45+ that you’d want to surprise for Valentine’s Day, including


Valentine’s Day Candy Online order for your kiddos:

It depends on their age, of course, but there are just so many varieties of candies you can order online for your children - no matter what they like! There are favourite candies with toys, candies for the Star Wars fan or sports fan, collectors editions, Japanese candies for the Manga aficionados, Barbie themed… We have just so many candy ideas that you can choose from to buy candy online right here in Canada - like these:

For your significant other – or just for you!

For Valentine’s Day, we suggest anything RED and CHOCOLATE. At Candy Funhouse you can order an unimaginable variety of chocolates and candy, whether dark, milk or white chocolate, flavoured chocolate, candied chocolate, fudge, mint chocolate, chocolate cookies, sugar free chocolate, chocolate with nuts, you name it - we have it for you to order online!

Click on [THIS LINK] to check out our IMMENSE chocolate collection! Who doesn’t like chocolate? And it’s never too soon to order your Valentine’s Day gift collection ideas!

Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity to show you care – and also to treat yourself! Why not order your candy collection from Candy Funhouse now, so you can start planning for a fantastically sweet V-Day MONTH!

Which is your favourite candy to receive for Valentine’s Day? Share in the comments below; we’d love to get your opinion!

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