Hurray for Summer! Candy Funhouse Top 12 Summertime Candies

Hurray for Summer! Candy Funhouse Top 12 Summertime Candies

Summertime means candy time! Just as the weather heats up and you plan your next get-together, the following Candy Funhouse summertime candies are here to satisfy that special summer sweet tooth... Check out our top 12:

1. Salt Water Taffy
It’s that chewy, perfectly stretchy goodness bite you need to carry around in your pocket this summer. Or if you’re having a few people over for a summertime barbecue, Salt Water Taffy is perfect due of its multitude of colours and flavours… It’s summertime in a little package! See its 100-year history, and learn why this retro candy is making a comeback this summer! Check out the Candy Funhouse collection HERE.
Candy Funhouse Salt Water Taffy
2. Cotton Candy
If Candy Funhouse Cotton Candyit doesn’t bring you back to fun memories of summertime carnivals, nothing will!  Our Cotton Candy bags have all the fun of a colourful sweet fair in a convenient bag for you to enjoy with friends… or not! Hide the stash and keep it all to yourself to pull apart, one colourful bite at a time!
3. Lollipops
There’s so much history in the word lollipop that you wouldn’t begin to imagine its name came from a racehorse in 1908! The variety of sizes, flavours, colours and shapes, make it one of Candy Funhouse’s largest collection of candy, check it out HERE! From Ring Pops, to Chupa Chups, Jawbreakers to Push Pops, lollipops are deliciously satisfying as a summer treat! We have lollipops filled with yummy bubble gum centres, chewy Chocolate Marshmallow Brooms, sour dipper lollipops, and so much more. What’s more, not only are they fat-free, but lollipops are your Dentist’s favourite candy – that’s why they give them away after a visit!
Candy Funhouse LollipopsCandy Funhouse lollipops 2
4. Laffy Taffy Candy
It’s stretchy, it’s long-lasting, it’s delicious! Laffy Taffy is the perfect little ‘ha ha’ gift for summertime parties – why? Because there’s a joke on each Laffy Taffy wrapper, that’s why! At Candy Funhouse, we have a large variety of Laffy Taffy candy, from bites, to tubs, to the traditional stretchy soft taffy bar to amuse you for hours while you chew. It’s so much fun, there’s even been a ringtone created to celebrate this must-have candy! (click on the image for more info):
Laffy Taffy Ringtone Laffy Taffy Candy Funhouse
5. Bubble Gum
If you think you’ve tried them all, think again! Candy Funhouse has the biggest selection of bubble gum you can buy online! From Air Heads and Bazooka, to the infamous Big Red Gum by Wrigley’s, we have so many varieties of gum to choose from. You can’t walk down the boardwalk this summer without chewing a piece of sweet sweet bubble gum! If you still can’t master the art of blowing bubbles, check out this instructable, featuring Bubblicious Strawberry Splash! Bubble and POP your way through summertime fun!
How to blow bubble gum
6. Pop Rocks Candy
Invented in 1975, Pop Rocks Candy quickly grew to be a cultural phenomenon because it’s just candy-tainment in your mouth! Pop Rocks are tiny candy crystals that snap and pop in your mouth when you roll them around, it doesn’t get more summertime fun than this, with both sweet and tangy flavours like green apple, tropical punch, sour blue raspberry, or even cola and candy cane. Or if you’re looking for a longer-lasting candy, why not try the Pop Rocks Bubble Gum? It’s entertainment and sweetness for any summertime party and family event. Check it out!
7. Kidsmania Novelty Candy
This is the place where kids want to live this summer! The Candy Funhouse Kidsmania collection has everything you need to make a child’s summertime party memorable. We got the Bubble Dozer Toy, filled with bubble gum nuggets, the Sweet Beads Candy Jewelry Kits for hours of fun and sweetness, the Emoji Light Pops (great for bigger kids too!), and the most-awesomest Bubble Blaster Gumball-filled squirt gun: Water fun AND gum, what’s more fun than that! Why not order one of each as prizes for a summertime game party? See our Candy Funhouse entire Kidsmania collection HERE.
Kidsmania Novelty CandyKidsmania Novelty Candy Funhouse
8. Rock Candy Sticks
Espeez mastered the fine art of creating the finest rock candy sticks in the world, and we have the whole collection of over 13 colours and flavours for you to choose from; perfect for any summertime Candy Funhouse party! They are elegant, sweet, and old fashioned, and you can buy them either by colour or in a tub with assorted flavours and colours. Pick your favourites HERE.
Rock Candy Sticks Candy Funhouse
9. Pez Candy
We know you had one growing up, and now you have to check out the newest collection online! Pez Candy Pez Dispensers have been a Pop Culture favourite for over 50 years, and they’re still going strong. This summer, start your family collecting a new Pez Dispenser Candy every year, or why not gift them to your grandkids every time they start a new school year? At Candy Funhouse, we have themed Pez Candy Dispensers for sports fans, with cartoon characters, Pez LOL Surprise dispensers, or even Pez Candy Dispensers for movie buffs… Just look at this Star Wars Rouge One PEZ Collectors’ Tin!
Pez Star Wars Collection Candy Funhouse
10. Maynards Candy
Maynards is the ultimate in Canadian Candy! Proudly made right here in Canada, they’re the sweet makers of some of your favourite old-fashioned candy, retro candy, and that pucker-sour candy we all love! While Mom may love the Maynards Wine Gums, and Dad may keep a secret stash of Swedish Fish Minis, you can bet everyone loves the Original Gummies Maynards has been making for decades! Why not order a pack of each for your summertime enjoyment? Never be home without them! Check our the collection HERE.
11. Licorice
At timeless treat for all ages, Licorice has been a treat for everyone regardless of preference… Not just in the well-known black and red flavours, licorice is available even in purple, blue, and green too! Mondoux Licorice Laces are a summer favourite, as they keep going, and going… ’til they’re all gone and you have to start tying a new string all over again. Candy Funhouse has licorice from all around the world, for you to view and buy a combo HERE… Seriously, check it out, it’s the biggest collection online!
12. Jelly Beans Candy
Candy Funhouse offers an extensive selection of jelly beans, some of them in flavours you didn’t even know existed! Jelly Beans are perfect for that summer candy buffet, prepackaged or in bulk of 10lbs. or more! We even offer a Jelly Belly 40 Individual Flavour Gift Box, for that special someone you’re visiting this summer (you know, the person who thinks they’ve tried it all!) See it HERE.

And what would summer be without David Sunflower Seeds!

Since 1926 in a small grocery store in California, David® has been roasting and seasoning Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds with quality ingredients for you to enjoy. We love the Dill Pickle and the Jalapeño Hot Salsa flavours, oh who are we kidding, they're ALL so good!  Which flavour are you curious to you try this summer?

Summer is a time for fun, and candy makes it all SO much more fun, doesn't it? Just imagine how happy your family will be when you get your Candy Funhouse special delivery, and you start to open up its contents... Yum, yes please!

Which candy screams "SUMMER" to you? Leave us your comment below:

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Cathy Voyten
Cathy Voyten

I have been looking everywhere for Kits Taffy. Are these and BB Bats still made? If not, what a shame.

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