Give a Sweet THANK YOU

Give a Sweet THANK YOU

Thanksgiving is a time to appreciate and give thanks to people in our lives. Whether to your spouse for making this a special year, to your kids for being so supportive, or even to a friend or boss who has been especially awesome with you! Why not give a sweet candy thanks this year?

Imagine being on the receiving end: There is something very special about getting a candy basket filled with treats! You can send someone a card (and those are always nice to get!) but don’t forget that the gift of candy makes everyone smile.

Here are some ideas that will make them smile and truly feel your gift of thankfulness:

For the chocolate lover:

Some people are just the chocolate-lovin’ kind. For them, why not pick a brand like Valor and gift them a chocolate variety? You can select from Dark Chocolate Truffle Cream, the Orange Cream, and a Milk Chocolate Sugar-Free, sweetened with Stevia and perfectly healthy!

Milka is another delicious brand of candy bars that offer a variety of flavours, like DarkMilk with Almonds, Bubbly White Chocolate, Brownie Chocolate, or Medley – a delightful medley of dark chocolate chips, biscuits and fudge pieces. Which ones would they eat first, or maybe they’d have a square off each!

thanksgiving Candy Funhouse chocolate


For the Vegan:

If you have a friend who follows a Vegan diet, they will really appreciate the thoughtfulness you put into this Thanksgiving gift!

Take a look at Candy Funhouse’s large collection of Vegan candies, and pick a few favourites to make an assortment into a beautiful basket. With us, buying an online candy gift for someone who has dietary preferences has never been easier! And if you're ever wondering which candies are Vegan, read our BLOG to find out more details about all the ones you can safely have!

 vegan candy funhouse


Say ‘thank you’ with licorice!

There are some people who like licorice and some who just LOVE IT. We bet you know someone who would love to get a surprise licorice gift, right? Flick through our licorice options and combine items that have different shapes, sizes, and flavours, like a package of Nerds Rope Very Berry, with a package of Red Vines Original Red Twists, and one from Crush Orange Licorice – bet they may not have ever tasted of one these amazing flavours!  licorice candy funhouse


Mint Favourites:

Not everyone likes chocolate (we’re not sure why!) but everyone likes a little mint flavour to freshen up their day! Wrap up a big thank you gift package with some mint flavour varieties, like Altoids Cinnamon Mints, Junior Mints Minis (they are sooo good and tiny!), and the well-beloved Life Savers Mints Pep O Mints. What a thoughtful Thanksgiving gift!

mint collection candy funhouse


Vintage Candy for Thanksgiving:

These special nostalgic candies are perfect to put in a basket for Thanksgiving dinner with the family, or to put on everyone’s place-setting as a little surprise right before the big meal. They’re also perfect to send to someone who is distanced from you, since you can’t share that special Thanksgiving meal with them!

Candy Funhouse has a huge selection of Vintage Candies for online ordering, such as Bottle Caps which date back to the early 70s, Candy Blocks (it’s so much fun to play with your food!) and Fun Dip Candy – remember dipping the stick into the powdered candy and licking it? Good vintage memories for sure!

 Vintage candy funhouse


Don’t forget about the kids!

Kids may be just about the sweetest reason to celebrate Thanksgiving. Don’t forget to send them a little ‘thank you’ candy! Why not send them something they can enjoy eating, but also playing with? Like the Candy Jackpot, the Water Blaster (with Dubble Bubble gum!), or the Formula 1 Racer, for zipping around the Thanksgiving table after enjoying the candy! Check out the Kidsmania link to see dozens of options for specialty-kid candy, HERE.

 kidsmania specialty candy funhouse


For the Tree Hugger – or for everyone, really!

Let’s face it: A tree hugger still loves their candy, they just don’t like the way in which it’s wrapped! Say a big ‘thank you’ to them this Thanksgiving by showing them you appreciate their efforts to be more eco-conscious, and wrap their candy gift in some fabric! Check out this video from Better Homes & Garden to learn how you can easily do this:

fabric wrapping gift

At Candy Funhouse, we’re sure you have some people in your life who seem to have everything they’d ever want, right? It’s difficult to have a Thanksgiving get together when you’re having to ‘social distance’ this year… Instead, think CANDY gift giving, and make everyone realize how thankful you are to have them in your life!

If you got a candy package for Thanksgiving, what would you like to receive? Which candies are your favourites? Share in the comments below!


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