Cherry Blossom, a Canadian treat enjoyed for over 100yrs!

The Cherry Blossom may be known as a plant to all the millennial born children. For people who can remember the the roaring 50's, 60's ti die shirts, the disco era and so on Cherry Blossom is more associated with a delectable candy treat. The Walter M. Lowney Company of Canada began operation in the 1890s and was responsible for the production of Cherry Blossoms. Eventually it was bought by the Hershey Company and is still manufactured in Canada to this day.  These days its produced in Smith Falls, north-east of Kingston.

Cherry Blossoms are iconic for their bright yellow square box, that contains a maraschino cherry, and cherry syrup. However a product produced by Hershey NEEDS that chocolate touch! That's why every cherry is surrounded by that high quality Hershey's chocolate, mixed with coconut and roasted peanut pieces. Is your mouth salivating yet? 

The coolest part to the production of Cherry Blossoms is that the cherry syrup starts as a solid when produced, but thanks to an added enzyme, breaks down and becomes a liquid over the course of 2 weeks. Now that's a sweeeeeet application of science! 

Come check out the Cherry Blossoms and so many other cool candy products at your Canada Day Party!