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Celebrity Candy Favorites-Music Edition


Ever wonder which candy hits the spot for your favorite celebs? Scroll on down and see how your taste compares to the taste of the rich of famous.




"Rumour has it' this famous songstress can’t live without an assortment of chewing gum. With a career that involves belting out big numbers, she likes to ensure her breath is smelling fresh.


  Taylor Swift


This southern cutie has several demands for her backstage setup. What does this include? Evidently Taylor can’t live without Twizzlers Red Licorice. A classic choice that never goes ‘out of style.’ 


Blake Shelton


The star of The Voice, Blake Shelton may be full of spunk as a judge but his choice in chocolate is anything but spunky. Blake demands Hershey’s Chocolate Minis to satisfy his sweet tooth. A timeless and underrated choice!


Britney Spears


Britney Spears may be in her 30s but her taste in food is anything but mature. This 'Pretty Girl' can’t be backstage without her Cap’n Crunch by her side.


Marilyn Manson


While his look may be intimidating for many, Marilyn Manson has a softer side, or rather a gummy side. This ‘Born Villain’ loves Haribo gummy bears.


John Mayer


When he’s not signing the blues, John Mayer likes to kick back and enjoy sugary cereals. One of his favorites is Count Chocula.



This Barbadian beauty has many indulgences. To name a few, Ms. Fenty loves Oreos and Haribo gummies.


Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber may now be known for his bad boy behavior but his list of favorites paints a picture of a young boy with a sweet tooth. Justin’s favorite that he can’t tour without is Swedish Fish.


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