Candy Buffet For Your Wedding

Candy Buffet For Your Wedding


Candy is something that never goes out of style. Adding a Candy Funhouse buffet could serve as an excellent wedding favour for your guests! This creative and fun way to engage your guests may seem like a simple project, but there is a lot more to it than you may imagine. A candy buffet or a wedding sweet table can be a fabulous focal point if you pay attention to the details, such as:

How much candy to buy?

At Candy Funhouse, our experience shows us that the rule of thumb - where candy buffet is concerned - is to keep a pound of assorted candy per 2 – 3 guests. You may need more if your candy favour bag is of a larger size. If your wedding planning is on a tighter budget, make sure you keep small-sized favour bags or containers to discourage overloading. 

You could also reverse-calculate the amount of candy as per the container size. Purchase the containers first, and then identify the correct amount that will fill out the display. Make sure you pair the type of candy with container size. You want to use less expensive candy to fill up larger jars and the elegant specialty truffles for the smaller ones.

The best containers to use in a candy buffet

You need to stay true to your wedding décor while making things fun with a candy buffet. You would want to choose the right jars to make the buffet a fabulous display. Vases, large mason jars, fish bowls, and oversized glasses can be used to hold all the candy. 

Wedding experts suggest using different sized jars of various shapes to make the display more eye-catching. Visit your local thrift store to get glass vases at super cheap rates! Clear containers are recommended, because you want your guests to see the type of candy inside. Plus, clear containers are better when it comes to the aesthetic presentation of a wedding sweet table. 

The number of jars depends on the guest list. Generally, it’s recommended to keep 5 jars for every 50 guests. So, if you have 200 guests coming, you should bank on 20 jars. 

Choosing the right favour packaging

Favour packaging is a must when planning a candy buffet. You want your guests to fill out the items they want in a compact, easy to handle packages. Generally, paper treat sacks, jars, miniature pails, clear bags and more are used in weddings candy buffet. You need to keep the favour package close to the buffet and somewhere it is seen easily. 

Candy Funhouse favour bag

Tips to set up an amazing candy buffet for your wedding

Follow your wedding colour theme
Candies come in fantastic shapes, sizes, and colours. You can add a pretty splash to the buffet table by adding candies that coordinate effortlessly with the overall décor. Your goal should be to create a show-stopping décor element while including all the popular varieties. 

Consider your budget

You may want to go over-the-top with personalized chocolates and truffles, but let’s face it, weddings can be expensive and you may have to cut corners in some areas. The good news is that you can set up a lavish candy buffet at minimal costs if your wedding planning is just right. For instance, purchase your candies after a major holiday, like Thanksgiving or Easter - even at Candy Funhouse we may have special deals then! 

Buying in bulk is good

You can check out the candies in bulk we offer at Candy Funhouse. You can score impressive deals and discounts by purchasing in bulk! You may just be able to include the more expensive varieties this way. 

Don’t forget to mix and match

Your candy buffet doesn’t necessarily have to be about candy. It can include other tasty treats as well, such as marshmallows, nuts, pretzels, cookies, and more. The sky's the limit where variety is concerned. In fact, it is recommended to be versatile and flexible with your candy buffet. 

Tongs and scoops keep things hygienic

You don’t want your guests passing around germs by using their hands to scoop out the candy, right? Scoops and tongs can keep things safe and hygienic so people can retrieve candy out of magnetic vessels. Make sure you keep multiple tongs or scoops at hand so that several people can make their selection at the same time. You could keep a utensil for each jar or vessel to allow guests to pick up their favourite treats or perhaps a treat they have never seen before.

Have you ever gone to a party where they had a Candy Buffet? Share your thoughts with Candy Funhouse!

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