Canada Day Countdown + Celebration @ the Funhouse!

This week at the Candy Funhouse, up until the end of the month we will be featuring a Canadian Candy in honour of Canada’s 147th Birthday every day up until the big day. On July 1st we will be having our very own celebration at the Funhouse by throwing Canada a party to remember in our very own Dreamatorium (party room)! Come on in after the parade while you wait for the fireworks and enjoy quality, live entertainment and sweet times. If there’s one thing we know how to do at Candy Funhouse it’s throw a party, and when it comes to celebrating our Nation’s anniversary we plan on going all out.

So without further adieu, let’s kick off this countdown by introducing our first, proudly Canadian delight and the Country’s oldest candy company – GANONG.

Arthur Ganong was the first to introduce any sort of wrapped chocolate bar to the industry back in 1910-why hasn't this man won a nobel prize?- as well as being the inventors of the heart shaped box of chocolates. Ever since, Ganong has been one of the leading candy companies by putting out quality and innovative new treats. 


We have a wide selection of Ganong products - Celebrate Canada Day with your favourite one at Candy Funhouse! 



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