Christmas Salt Water Taffy - Holiday Mix

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Taffy Town makes the best Salt Water Taffy!

Old Fashioned Candy for 100 years!

This fun mix includes Eggnog, Hot Chocolate, Peppermint, Chocolate Chip Cookie and Cranberry.

You'll be thinking of an old-fashioned Christmas as you chew on these delightful Christmas flavoured Salt Water Taffy. The Glade family at Taffy Town has been making gourmet salt water taffy for 100 years! All Taffy Town Salt Water Taffy has a smooth and creamy texture that comes in an exciting array of sweet and delicious flavours.

Kosher | Peanut Free | Nut Free | Gluten Free | Soy Free

5 lb | 2.27 kg

Customer Reviews

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Darian Trace
I Want It Year-Round

This is an offer so good, you've got to take it. Five pounds, one pound each of wonderfully varied flavour. The cookie flavour is the one you already know, with the baked oven taste and hint of chocolate. I like to go to the cranberry after to 'sour it out', really clear the mouth with sweet fruit taffy that's a little more tart than expected (in a good way, LOVED it). The hot chocolate taffy doesn't taste quite the same as the standard chocolate; it's a little more cocoa, not enough to be bitter, but it tastes more like a dark chocolate taffy. The peppermint is kind of an apple-green, but there's nothing wrong with the flavour (I just wonder why not throw the red-striped peppermint in there as is? The look's not everything, but it matters a little.). It's still cool and palate-cleansing. And the eggnog flavour was my absolute favourite. I don't know how you make swallowing taffy feel just a little bit like drinking the real thing, but I swear, this candified version of eggnog is a compliment to the drink, it's so delicious. I know someone who dislikes eating taffy in general, and even she liked the eggnog flavour!

So I'm more or less salivating and cursing the fact that's it's JUNE. If it's in stock in your time, get it, before I order them out!

Karen Brooks Nelson
Fresh and tasty

I often order saltwater taffy... kinda addicted but only to these TaffyTown products! These holiday ones only had a few flavours but they were very tasty (except for the cranberry... found it a bit sour for my tastebuds) and they were fresher than the last ones I bought that were not on sale. All in all, I will buy again because I can't find Taffy Town anywhere else in Ontario.