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Loot Bags filled with Old Fashioned Candy

Things were different back them. We had to walk 30 miles to school in the snow. But we had great Old Fashioned Candy. Old Fashioned Candy Loot Bags are perfect for a themed event, to reminisce about that walk to school. And this old candy is very fresh!.

Do you have any Old Fashioned Candy Loot Bag ideas?

No problem. The sweet geniuses at Candy Funhouse can help you create a custom loot bag that will have you thinking, "Was school really 30 miles away?"

Please read the blog Loot Bags are Sweet Fun

Customer Reviews

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Carol Nanordluk

Thank you very much! I recieved them on my birthday!

Wendy Peters
Absolutely Perfect!

Sent as part of an candy order for my sister’s 58th birthday. Wonderful loot bag offering a wide selection of great new treats, none of which she had tried before but each of which brought back childhood memories. The perfect birthday gift for anyone.

Elaine Doyle
candy bags

great candy bags the grandkids will love these