Loot Bags – for Sweet Fun!

Loot Bags – for Sweet Fun!

Candy Loot Bags For Everyone!

Loot Bags for Birthday Parties

As the host of any celebration, you may be feeling overwhelmed thinking about all the things to consider for a perfect eve: How many guests might arrive, which party favours to serve, how to decorate or which theme, and what about takeaways for guests? With so many choices and tutorials out there, it can feel tiring to find the perfect loot bag for every occasion.

With the help of loot bags not only can a party host create a great parting gift for their guests, but they can be certain they’ll remember what they received at the event in the future. In stores and online there are tons of different loot bag ideas available, however with the help of candy, and Candy Funhouse, you will make a sweet success out of your event!

Loot Bags are Consumable... and Fun!

When it comes to giving the perfect gift, edible gifts are often the most popular. These types of gifts can be the best thing for those who are against clutter and excessiveness. Sometimes people acquire too much when they go to special events like weddings, birthdays, and those mandatory corporate events.

Think about when a loot bag that you
were once gifted: What was in it?

Did you ever use the things you were given or were they discreetly given away? Something as simple as the gift of sweets can give everyone a smile.

Imagine the guests opening their loot bags and seeing that they received some of their favourite candies. Everyone has their own preference of candy, some like sweet candy, chocolates and some might enjoy sour candy, fruit licorice strips, or some sweet and sour candy could be in there. The possibilities are endless and everyone has their own taste. Candy is a simple and easy choice when it comes to consumable loot bag ideas.

Candy Loot Bags are great for birthday parties

Make it the best birthday ever on their birthday and send the guests home with a happy goody bag from Candy Funhouse, that kids and adults will love! Give these kids exactly what they’re craving with a bag filled with all sorts of yummy candy. Kids can be greeted at the door with a festive bag of goodies, and enjoy it before, during or after the party. Want to bring even more fun to the game? Create multiple party bags with different items and let them trade. Adults can play too, they need their own bags after all! Everyone loves candy.

Often kids are big fans of bubble gum, chocolate bars, and of course anything sweet. A common favourite in kids can also be sour candy. What do you think the little ones would like most at your event? Some sweets like M&Ms, Nerds, and Runts? Perhaps they would like loot bags some Wonka Candy instead, or some super sour Lemon-Heads? With such a wide variety of candy on the market, you can’t go wrong with a little bit of everything for the kiddos.

For those who love their Sweetheart

While candy is often associated with holidays such as Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t have to be only for that day. There are many reasons to give your loved ones tasty treats for a gift. This could be for any day or a special occasion like an anniversary or a sweetheart’s birthday. Think of their favourite candy. Put that thought into your mind. Now imagine a special bag at their desk, office, or home waiting for them. What a surprise they will be in for, and furthermore, you will score those brownie points since you remembered that special occasion!

Weddings, baby showers, and bridal showers have the same gift bag ideas normally, so step out of the box and get away from those boring party favour ideas. With these types of events, there are often a wide variety of novelty candies available. Lollipops in shapes of baby bottles or pacifiers for the baby shower; or to go a more non-traditional route, Bottle Caps can be in the loot bag.

Retro Candy is Love

Some of your favourite childhood candies might actually be older than you realize. For example, Boston Baked Beans are actually from the 1930s. The 3 Musketeers bar was brought into the candy world in 1932 and was one of the most available candy bars of its time. Getting further into nostalgic candies, remember those Mamba Fruit Chews you’ve seen at the grocery store? Those are alongside the M&Ms brand making their debut in the 1950s.

Including some of the Retro candies above, party hosts can supply guests with some of their favourite classic and current popular candies. The Tootsie Roll was invented long before one might imagine; 1896! The original Pez Dispensers were brought to candy lovers back in 1950. Consider these loot bag ideas as the decades' party arrives. Wouldn’t it be a treat to have your classic throwback candy in a fun set of loot bags?

Loot Bags for Corporate Events-Candy Funhouse

With sweet companies come great ideas. Instead of having a boring old loot bag, with a lack of inspiration, have fun! Create your own party gifts by having an exciting loot bag filled with candy. Being able to choose what type of candies can be in a loot bag is one of the perks of custom loot bags. They can be as sweet as you want them, with the help of Candy Funhouse. All in all, it is a great rule of thumb to plan out the perfect loot bag ideas with the professionals. They will help everyone to stay sweet and love their parting gifts.

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