Mackintosh's Mack Toffee - 45g

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Old Fashioned & Nostalgic Candy

Smack the Mack!

Everyone remembers the iconic Mackintosh's Mack Toffee from their childhood! These bars of the original creamy toffee with the same great-tasting flavour just need a little smack to break it up into perfect bite-seized delectable pieces for you to enjoy! Mackintosh's Mack Toffee is one of the Top 10 Canadian Candies. And Mackintosh's Mack Toffee is one of the Top 20 Retro Candies!

45 g Bars

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Julie Arbour

My dad was happy to get these thank you!!

Connie Delaney
Taste great

I will be buying these again. Such a creamy toffee flavor

Tammy Gollyhorn

Such a wonderful caramel delight

Jo Neff
Memories of youth

I really love the taste of McIntosh toffee. Reminds me of when we used to go shopping for groceries and I always used to get the package of toffee. loved it even more than chocolates. Yes, I had forgotten how I'd have to work around the stickiness but it was and still is worth the little extra work. I'm sure this is where I developed my preference of carmel/toffee favouring over chocolate. Still to this day I prefer the toffee flavour. It's a little eaaier to manouver the pieces if you cool the bar down then whack it with the handle of a butter knife. Otherwise you have to really work on it. Love them though, always will I'm sure.

Margaret Ekker
Oh yes! where are my teeth?

OMG!!! take me back to my childhood when I just got my first cavity. Pulling my teeth out again and alll my fillings. LOL
had a good good laugh and enjoyed it fully.

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