100 Grand King Size - 2.25oz

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100 Grand American Chocolate Bars

100 Grand Candy Bars provides a richer, more rewarding snack experience because of its crunchy chocolate, an abundance of soft, chewy caramel and inherent association with money. 100 Grand Bar American Chocolate Bars contain a sweet, chewy caramel center, surrounded by crispy crunchie pieces of crisped rice embedded in creamy milk chocolate.

 Eat like a king with the 100 Grand King Size bar! You'll never be a dollar short with this American Candy bar! Talk about rich! The 100 Grand Bar is extravagantly delicious! Each bite has an amazing texture, and of course, rich taste!
Be sophisticated even if you're broke with the 100 Grand King Size Chocolate Bar!

  • Retro Candy from the 1960s
  • Made in the USA
  • Kosher

100 Grand Bars are one of the Top 15 Favourite American Chocolate Bars!

What would you do with 100 Grand?


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Steve Gormick

Delicious, just like I remember