Discontinued Candy

Here is a list of all the discontinued candy we could find. There's been a ton of candy that has come and gone over the years, and we're sad to see these ones go...

  • Gatorgum - This gum made an appearance in the 80's as the beverage gum phase was very popular.  This gum promised to quench your thirst, but the craze didn't last long... and neither did Gatorgum.
  • PB Max - PB Max was a direct competitor to the famous Reese's Peanut butter cups.  Actually, it did really well, too! But for some reason, it was pulled from the shelf in the early 90's and hasn't been seen since.
  •  The Real Ghostbusters Slimer Bubble Gum - The tube bubblegum craze was fairly big in the 80's.  I remember this gum as a kid.  It was green and disgusting and I absolutely loved it.
  •  Max Headroom Candy - Another craze during the 80's.  Max Headroom was on everything.  This was another candy released by tops.  Just like the Garbage pale candy, this candy came in a head container.
  • Tidal Wave Bubblegum - This candy came in a variety of flavours.  It had a chewy gum outside and was filled with a fruit flavoured juice center.
  • Punkys - This sour tart candy was delicious and made me feel rebellious, haha.  
  • Dina Sour Eggs -  These little jawbreakers were fantastic!  A whole pack would last a full day.
  • Jello Pudding Pops - This after school snack that was endorsed by Bill Cosby was a huge hit in the 80's, but disappeared in the early 90's.
  • Tearjerkers gum - Not to be commonly mistaken with cry babies.  Tear jerkers were a school yard staple.  I remember kids bringing in bags of this gum.  We'd try and cram as many in our mouths as possible to see how long we could stand it.  
  • Cinn A Burst chewing gum - This gum boasted it's flavour crystals and it's long lasting flavour.  
  • Shark bites fruit snacks - Every kid growing up in the 80's had some kind of candy fruit treat like Fruit Roll Ups.  My personal fave were these.  Shark bites came in different flavours and shapes and were always a hot trading commodity on the school yard.
  • Pepsi AM Breakfest Soda - Haha sorry, I've never heard of Pepsi AM but it has to go on the list.
  • Melody Pops - These little guys were great even though half the time they never worked.  They were, however, delicious!


More discontinued Candy

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