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12 Discontinued Nostalgic Candies We Would Bring Back

Some candies that are discontinued

Who doesn’t love to reminisce about the things that once brought them immense joy? This National Candy Month we’ve been taking you through the most exciting candies Candyland has to offer and taken trips down memory lane to appreciate the candies from our past. Today we will be going through the top 12 discontinued candies we would bring back if we had the chance. 

Disclaimer: there are endless discontinued candies to choose from but the ones we’re listing are the most memorable for our Candyologists. If one of your fav discontinued candies doesn't make the list, make sure to let us know which one it is!

So without further ado, here is our top 12 list of discontinued candies we’d love to bring back! 

1. Altoids - Mango Sours

Altoids Mango Sours - Altoids - Altoids Candy - Mango Candy - Retro Candy - Discontinued Candy - Nostalgic Candy

We’re starting this list off strong with the Altoids Mango Sours. Known for their refreshing minty flavor and iconic tin packaging, Altoids Candy was a go-to choice for freshening breath on the go.

These little sour hard candies were everywhere at the time, even if you don’t recognize the name, the second you look at the iconic tin can, you instantly get hit with a wave of memories associated with the brand.

Released in 2004, Altoids Sour candies came in five flavours, raspberry, lime, apple, tangerine and mango. Mango candy lovers still talk about how these hard candies were not only magnificent in flavour, but also uber sour!!! Some say the regular Altoids don’t even hold a candle to the original formula from back in the day.

The sour Altoids were discontinued in 2010 due to low overall sales (which is shocking since they’re still so beloved to this day). Whether it's for a limited time, we hope Altoids can bring back this sour candy so we can experience the pucker-inducing sour mango one last time!

2. Maynards - Juicy Squirtz

Maynards Juicy Squirtz - Maynards Candy - Maynards Gummies - Maynards - Retro Candy - Discontinued Candy - Nostalgic Candy


As the latest addition in the discontinued candy market, the Maynards Juicy Squirtz are no longer in production.

This juicy gummy candy was taken off the shelves in 2021 for unknown reasons (that really play with our trust issues). Maynards Juicy Squirtz were extra chewy and juicy with the sweet gooey center.

One thing we know for sure is that we're going to miss this Maynards candy but will keep our spirits up for its swift return! 

3. Starburst - Hard Candy 

Starburst - Starburst Hard Candy - Retro Candy - Discontinued Candy - Nostalgic Candy

Bursting with fruity flavours and a satisfying crunch, Starburst Hard Candy was a staple in candy dishes and pockets alike. Unfortunately, this beloved treat is now a relic of the past, leaving candy lovers craving its tangy sweetness.

Known for their chewy gum-like consistency, you wouldn’t think of Starburst as a brand that would sell hard candies. Well, apparently neither did the public.

When Starburst came out with their hard candy line, it was met with mixed reviews — mainly negative. Produced in five flavours, starberry, apple, orange and cherry, these sweet treats didn’t pick up the way they were predicted to.

Fans of Starburst were confused by the variation since it didn’t align with what they were known for (but how are we supposed to grow otherwise, folks?). The lukewarm reception to the hard candy is what eventually led to the discontinuation of the product.

Despite the mixed review, you can be certain there are fans of Starburst Hard Candy out there… some of us are right here at the Funhouse! 

4. Life Savers Holes 

Lifesavers - Lifesavers Candy - Hard Candy - Life Savers - Life Savers Candy - Life Savers Holes - Retro Candy - Discontinued Candy - Nostalgic Candy

With its signature ring shape and assortment of fruity flavours, Lifesavers Candy was a childhood favourite for many. Whether you savoured the classic Five Flavours or opted for the tropical sensations, Lifesavers brought joy with every chew.

You don’t need to be a candy connoisseur to know what Life Savers Holes are -- the name says it all. Regardless of this fact, here’s some context: Life Savers are a donut shaped hard candy and the Life Savers Holes were the bi-product of the original candy when removing the center hole (think Timbit). 

This product was released in 1991 and was quickly labeled as a choking hazard due to the plastic candy dispenser. After the product was recalled, the Life Savers Holes tried to make a comeback with an updated package but at that point the damage was done and the reputation of the Life Savers Holes was tainted.

It's a pretty unfortunate fate when you consider how delicious these tiny treats were – I mean who wouldn’t want more Life Savers candy in their stash? Their short lifespan does not take away from our desire to bring the sweet fruity candy back; we’ll be patiently anticipating the return of the Life Savers Holes!

5. BB Bats 

BB Bats - Taffy - Taffy Candy - BB Bats Taffy - Retro Candy - Discontinued Candy - Nostalgic Candy

Who remembers BB Bats?

These classic confectionery delights were cherished for their chewy texture and irresistible flavours. Whether you preferred the original taffy or ventured into the realm of banana or chocolate, this taffy candy were a timeless treat.

These old fashioned taffy snacks were rectangular shaped chewy treats that were highly popular upon its release in 1924.

The BB Bats came in 4 different flavours, banana, strawberry, chocolate & vanilla. At Candy Funhouse we are suckers for retro candy, so we HAD to add this delicious taffy treat to the list!

BB Bats were around for nearly a century and garnered a super loyal fanbase, so when they were discontinued in 2021, it was a bit of a shocker to all of us. BB Bats were briefly discontinued because they were acquired by a different manufacturer, but were hopeful that their return to the market will be epic! 

6. Ouch! Bubble Gum 

Ouch Bubble Gum - Ouch Candy - Bubble Gum - Chewing Gum - Ouch Gum - Retro Candy - Discontinued Candy - Nostalgic Candy

Coming up with this list has been hectic given all the opinions getting thrown around. However, one thing the Candyologists have unanimously agreed on has been the return of the iconic Ouch! Bubble Gum.

Released in the late 90s/early 2000s, this fun bubble gum came in tin cans that resembled band aid boxes. The gum came in three different colours, strawberry, watermelon & grape, but was sadly removed from the shelves in 2009.

Although we may not know the exact reason why the nostalgic candy was discontinued, it still holds a near and dear place in our hearts. We will be counting down the days until it makes its return to the market. 

7. Tic Tac Cinnamon

Tic Tac - Mints - Tic Tac Cinnamon - Tic Tacs - Tic Tac Mints - Retro Candy - Discontinued Candy - Nostalgic Candy

Who could forget the spicy kick of Tic Tac Cinnamon? These tiny breath mints packed a punch of flavour that left taste buds tingling.

Since the 1970s, Tic Tac Cinnamon has been enjoyed by generations! The iconic Tic Tac mint used the power of Cinnamon to give candy lovers an extra minty refreshment. Although this candy was enjoyed by many, it was abruptly discontinued in 2009.

Fans were shocked and upset by this sudden removal of the cinnamon candy, resulting in petitions and efforts to bring this Tic Tac flavour back.

According to Tic Tac, the reason for pulling the flavour from their line was to encourage innovation. However, Tic Tac was made aware of the outcry and decided to bring the flavour back in 2021 as a part of their holiday collection – listen that's better than nothing!

As Candyologists we looove candy (obvi) but it's great when you can snack on something that's sweet and refreshing at the same time. We hope Tic Tac can add this to their permanent collection but we won't be picky!

8. Clorets Gum

Clorets - Clorets Gum - Mint Gum - Retro Candy - Discontinued Candy - Nostalgic Candy

We love a refreshing chewing gum that actually tackles bad breath! That is why we added Clorets Gum to our list of candies we’d bring back. Not only was Clorets Gum tasty, but it also used ingredients that actively freshen people's breath.

Released in 1951, this popular chewing gum left a mark on generations, which is why we had to feature it on our comeback list! The product started phasing out in 2015, leaving fans confused because they didn’t see this coming. Some were shocked to learn it was discontinued in the first place.

We can't be certain if this gum will officially come back, but here’s hoping! 

9. Bubble Beepers

Bubble Gum - Chewing Gum - Bubble Beeper - Retro Gum - Retro Candy - Discontinued Candy - Nostalgic Candy

This retro candy definitely has the most unfortunate fate when it comes to its short-lived history. Before texting became a thing, people would use pagers as a form of quick or urgent communication in the 90s. 

When the Bubble Beepers were released in 1992, they were meant to be a fun way to make chewing gum more exciting and engaging with kids. However, at this point of the 90s, beepers did not have the best reputation because they were associated with drug dealers.

After the Bubble Beepers picked up steam with their popularity, they started to receive backlash from the public because of the negative influence it could have on kids. Regardless of its ill fated history, we still included this bubble gum on our list because of its unique packaging and memorable flavour. It may have been short lived IRL but lives on in our hearts forever. 

10. Ice Breakers Liquid Ice 

Ice Breakers - Liquid Ice Breakers - Ice Breakers Liquid Ice - Mints - Retro Candy - Discontinued Candy - Nostalgic Candy - Mint Candy

Believe it or not, these little unsuspecting mints were discontinued because of how intense they were! You would think that a product that delivers on its promise would be successful, but apparently there is such a thing as “too much”.

As another short-lived candy, the Ice Breakers Liquid Ice was released in 2003 and immediately discontinued the following year in 2004 due to intensity and bitterness. These little suckers were so impactful that there are reddit groups dedicated to discussing how intense just one single mint was.

The reception of this Ice Breaker mint was so extreme that the brand was forced to recall the product and discontinue it all together. At Candy Funhouse we love a challenge, so we would love to have these extreme mints comeback to see how much we could handle.

Ice Breakers, do you think we can make this happen? Could turn into a viral challenge, you never know! 

11. Skittles Bubble Gum 

Skittles - Skittles Candy - Skittles Bubble Gum - Bubble Gum - Chewing Gum - Retro Candy - Discontinued Candy - Nostalgic Candy

The Skittles Bubble Gum was an entry I had to fight extremely hard to get on the list — just kidding it was pretty easy to convince the other Candyologists since it's so dearly missed by all of us! Introduced as a new addition to the Skittles family in 2004, the Skittles Bubble Gum consisted of the same Skittles flavours we all love but in gum form, and let me just say, it was majestic!

Combining the fruity goodness of Skittles with the chewy satisfaction of bubble gum, Skittles Bubble Gum was a match made in candy heaven. Sadly, this unique hybrid has been discontinued, leaving candy lovers longing for its colourful bursts of flavour.

The pack of 30 Skittles gum came in a rectangular package and close-top. It’s not entirely clear why this delicious gum was discontinued, some speculate it was because of low sales resulting in only two years on the market. However, within those two years they released an x-treme version of the original Skittles Gum.

During those two short years, Skittles Gum was able to gain such a loyal following that they still hope for its return to this day! We obviously include ourselves in that loyal following since we made a whole list dedicated to which candies we would eagerly bring back in a heartbeat! Come on Skittles, give the people what they want!!!!

12. Chewy gobstoppers 

Gobstoppers - Chewy Gobstoppers - Gobstopper - Chewy Candy - Gobstopper Candy

A softer take on the classic hard candy, Chewy Gobstopper offered the same long-lasting flavour experience in a more chewable form. Unfortunately, these chewy delights are now a thing of the past. Gobstopper are a Candy Funhouse fav, so when we found out they halted production on their regular Gobstopper, we were gobsmacked!

But the good news is that the original Gobstopper will definitely be returning in 2024! However, the Chewy Gobstopper are discontinued indefinitely.

Apparently during the pandemic there were production issues that affected the Chewy Gobstopper and led to their unfortunate demise. But as Candyologists, we have faith that the Chewy Gobstopper will also make a grand return with the original Gobstopper!!

Let us know if you agree with our list. Are there any discontinued candies you think we missed? 
Take a walk down memory lane with this retro candy!



Runts and Tart n’ Tinies


The RUNTS chewy they were the BEST !


mint julip candy

daniel heys
daniel heys

anyone remember the jolly rancher bites? they were my favourite but are also discontinued too :(


Disappointed to hear that clorets gum was discontinued – any chances they’d bring it back ?


I am SO glad to know Gobstoppers are coming back, thank you!
I only rediscovered my love for them recently and can’t find them ANYWHERE 😂


Soda-Licious were the absolute best candy of my childhood! I’d give anything to see them back!


The two nostalgia posts struck a cord because it felt like carbon dating for me but using candy instead.

I hadn’t realized how long ago it’s been since I had so many of them. And between the two list only 5 of the candies I never tried before. All the rest was like yeah I remember that. Kudos for listing the bar that immediately came to my mind. The Hershey Smores I ate so many of them.

Two other candies that came to mind were The Butterfinger and Crunch Crisps. I was hooked. The other was Tongue Splashers as far as gum goes I loved the taste of Crybabies( because sour) but the Tongue Splashers were so fun.

I had the pleasure of having a mom run a mini snack store in our local bank so I got to try plenty of candy. But the funniest thing was my mom coming home saying that grown bankers and lawyers were getting in trouble for buying a handful Tongue Splashers and pranking each other during major meetings. Mouths and teeth just covered in random an deep color. Loved it!

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