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Lay's Barley and Yam Wheat Chips China - 80g
Lay's Cucumber Potato Chips China - 60g
Lay's Lime Chips China - 70g
Lay's Mexican Tomato Chicken Flavour Chips China - 70g
Lay's Numb & Spicy Hot Pot Chips China - 80g
Lay's Pure Tomato Flavor Chips China - 80g
Lay's Salted Egg Thailand - 46g
Lay's Spicy Braised Duck Chips China - 65g
Lay's Taiwan Chicken Chips - 97g
Lay's Taro Chips Sea Salt & Black Pepper China - 60g
Lay's Yam Crisps Cucumber Chips China - 80g
Lay's Yam Crisps Tomato Flavored China - 80g

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