Yorkie...A Taste Of Britain

Yorkie...A Taste Of Britain

Yorkie...A Taste Of Britain

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The Yorkie Bar, not a household name to Canadian chocolate bar fans...that is until you taste one.  Currently owned by Nestle and packaged in a striking blue foil with yellow lettering it will catch your eye on the shelf. 


This British Chocolate Bar is relatively new. Beginning in 1976, Eric Nicoli the former CEO of the EMI Music Group who had connections with the Rowntree confectionery brand in York, England saw an opening in the British chocolate bar market.  The Cadbury brand had the Dairy Milk bar which was a perennial favourite in the UK. Nicoli decided that Rowntree could create a chunkier alternative to the Cadbury option.

Yorkie-A Taste of Britain-British Candy
The idea initially was to create the chunkier bar but with a controversial edge. The packaging started with a 'It's Not For Girls' script on the bottom half of the package. The 'O' in Yorkie had a picture of a woman with a slash through it.  I have previously had this version.  It was used roughly for the first 35 years of production and has become a symbol of pop culture in the UK.

Since being bought by Nestle in 1988 the taste has stayed the same. Current packaging is similar but the 'It's Not For Girls' tagline on the front has been removed. On the back it does say, 'Man Fuel For Man Stuff.' Opening the blue & yellow foil packaging it reveals 5 chunky shaped pieces of milk chocolate each stamped Yorkie. Having a first bite it tastes similar to the Dairy Milk and is very creamy. You can tell why it's such a big seller in the UK. It sure doesn't take long to finish. Not one of those bars where one might have a little bit and save the rest for later. After devouring the Yorkie bar you'll definitely want another.  

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M. John
M. John

I first knew about Yorkie when I was reading Robert Galbraith’s (J.K. Rowling’s)new book. Her heroine was working undercover in a sinister commune. And she would devour the British chocolate,Yorkie along with other chocs. -secretly, at night, when she set out to retrieve messages from her associates.
It was so thrilling! Living in USA, I was consumed with a desire to taste an Yorkie for my myself! There are no Yorkies on my U.S. market shelves so I ordered it online! I am waiting for it.
I wish we had them in the U.S. !!!

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