Why You Need a Sugar Daddy Now!

Why You Need A Sugar Daddy, Now!

The Roaring 20's gave us Sugar Daddy Candy

Picture this, Summer, 1925, the roaring twenties. You can almost hear the jazz music blaring through the radio. While the newly invented fans are blowing with their ribbons, dancing through the warm and sultry air. The world was changing. People were becoming braver and bolder. They defied prohibition, wore new and daring styles of clothing that their parents didn't approve of and there was a cool new candy in town called the Sugar Daddy.

Now, let me introduce you to Robert Welch. Robert was a chocolate salesman and his younger brother James Welch had just founded the James O Welch Company in 1927. Robert must have had a leg up and a sweet tooth when he invented this cool new caramel lollipop.

Sugar Daddy Milk Caramel Pop Retro Candy

The Sugar Daddy Candy is America’s oldest milk caramel lollipop. With it’s rich and smooth caramel, it’s sweet seduction. This golden caramel is not only delectable, but undeniable!

The Sugar Daddy lollipop wasn't always called the "Sugar Daddy". Robert first decided to call it the "Papa Sucker". It was referred to by this name up until 1932 until his brother thought it needed a hipper name. During this time, using slang language was considered to be hip. The name Sugar Daddy just altogether sounded cooler and stronger than the previous ”Papa Sucker”.

The timing of the Sugar Daddy Candy arrival was very well received indeed. The candy business was booming and the cost of sugar was very low. Many people believe the 20’s began our fascination with candy, along with the start of many new candy companies. Because this was during the time of prohibition many folks traded in their alcohol for sweet candy. Also, with soldiers just returning home after WW1 and candy wasa  part of their daily rations, their homecomings brought on an even bigger sweet tooth,as eating candy had become part of their daily enjoyment.

The James O Welch company was eventually purchased by the National Biscuit Company in 1963. The Welch brands were then sold to Warner- Lambert in 1988, and then acquired by Tootsie Roll Industries in 1993. Tootsie Roll Industries continues to produce the Sugar Daddy Pops. Thank you very much Tootsie!

Sugar Daddy become a proud Papa of Sugar Babies

Three years after the caramel lollipop had it's name changed to Sugar Daddy, there was a new candy on the scene. It was 1935 and this Daddy was the proud papa of “Sugar Babies“.

Sugar Babies Old Fashioned Candy

Sugar Babies Candy are a sweet, little, bite sized old fashioned candy that is a pan coated caramel treat. It does make perfect sense that these would follow. Actually Sugar Babies were named after a song called, "Let Me Be Your Sugar Baby".A song that was written by Artie Malvin. His song inspired not only the name of the Sugar Babies candy, but a broadway musical! Artie Malvin even received a Tony award nomination.  Artie was a lyricist and composer who worked with Frank Sinatra and Carol Burnett. Malvin went on to receive two Emmy awards for his work.

There's a Sugar Mama?

After all of the success of the Sugar Daddy and the Sugar Babies, there then came along the Sugar Mama. Shouldn't have the Sugar Mama been before the Sugar Babies? Just sayin! Sugar Mamas came out in 1965 and were chocolate covered caramel suckers. Sadly they were discontinued in 1980.  They were like the Sugar Daddy but coated in milk chocolate. Sugar Mamas were a retro candy favourite. They should bring them back! 

Yes Sweeties. There is a Giant Sugar Daddy Pop!

Giant Sugar Daddy Milk Caramel Pop Old Fashioned Candy

The Sugar Daddy milk caramel pop also comes in some different sizes: the junior pop, the regular pop and the very giant sized pop.(they really do mean giant) The giant sized Sugar Daddy's usually are only available on certain occasions, such as Christmas time and Valentines Day. 

The Giant Sugar Daddy lollipop would be such a wonderful gift for a lover of Sugar Daddy's . It would probably last a week, or at least a few days. It doesn't matter how big and intense your sweet tooth is because the Giant Sugar Daddy will hold up. It measures an impressive, 4.5" wide and 17" long and weighs 1 pound! Don't worry, because of it's gigantic size it has an extra sturdy stick inserted in order to hold the weight of the yummy caramel. I think Robert Welch would be proud that they supersized his Sugar Daddy lollipop.

Sugar Daddy is a delectable Old Fashioned Candy!

If you're a caramel lover, or want to taste some nostalgic candy, you'll need to indulge in the pleasure of a Sugar Daddy. You won't be disappointed and you'll thank me for reminding you that you need a Sugar Daddy, now! The Sugar Daddy is a part of our sweet history and a part of so many fond memories. With all of it's luscious and smooth caramel it really is a delectable old fashion candy. Let the Sugar Daddy take you back in time to the roaring twenties. As a matter of fact, this old fashioned candy is a poem inducing treat:

Sugar Daddy,
my sweet milk caramel pop.
Keep giving me your sugar,
my cravings never stop.
Sugar Daddy dandy,
you are my perfect sweet.
My golden caramel,
I forever want to eat!


Sugar Daddy Milk Caramel Pops are one of The Top 30 Candies of All Time!

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