Why Candy Loot Bags Make Great Corporate Gifts

Why Candy Loot Bags Make Great Corporate Gifts

Everyone would love a loot bag!

Are you trying to come up with the perfect corporate gift for your clients, customers, or staff?

Candy loot bags are the perfect gift option for any corporate event—and we’ll give you lots of reasons why too!

So, what are loot bags? Quite simply, loot bags are grab bags filled with candy goodies that can be easily distributed amongst your event’s guests. And through Candy Funhouse, they can uniquely be customized for your event too! Whether you’re throwing an annual corporate party or gifting your business sponsors something special, candy loot bags are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face, and you can order them right here from Candy Funhouse!

Many times people think of candy loot bags as favours for weddings or birthday parties, but we’ll let you in on a little secret: Loot bags could be the secret to winning over that potential client or showing your staff how much you appreciate them too!

Check out all the ways candy loot bags are the perfect choice for your corporate gifts:

Candy colours can be matched to any company’s branding.

Candy loot bags make a great corporate gift because they are completely customizable to match any company’s colour scheme. For instance, if your company colours are the royal combo of purple and yellow, your loot bags can be just as regal as your colour scheme—at Candy Funhouse, we have a wide selection of purple and yellow candies for your loot bags. And it doesn’t end at purple and yellow; we make it simple and easy for our customers to match their candy selections to any colour scheme with a simple click of a button. Browse hundreds of colour-specific candies in red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, green, and many more!

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But that’s not where the fun ends…

Picture this: You’re wooing a potential client and you want to show them how attentive and creative you are in hopes that they’ll partner up with you. You show up at their office with a huge gift basket of candy loot bags filled with their most favourite sweets in their company colours. Just imagine the positive vibes you’ll be getting from them after gifting them such a sweet surprise!

Or try this one: Imagine you’re celebrating your company’s ten year anniversary and want to surprise your staff with something sweet and delicious—customized candy loot bags. They’ll be so excited when they realize your loot bags contain all of their favourite retro candies from the80s and90s that you just can’t find in stores anymore! You’ll have your hard-working staff members reminiscing on the past ten years of hard work as a company, but also munching on some delicious treats at the same time.

Candy loot bags are the ultimate gift.

Did you know that consumable gifts like candy loot bags are in style right now? Consumables are some of the most popular gifts to receive, and for good reason: Many people have too much clutter in their homes, at their office, on their desks—everywhere! Years and years of party favours and mementos can start to pile up and become overwhelming. Honestly, how many coffee mugs emblazoned with a company logo does anyone really need?

Instead, get creative and gift something that everyone can enjoy thoroughly, and not have to worry about storing in their already packed spaces: Candy! Loot bags can be a sweet end to your company party or event and you’ll have your guests leaving on a high note. Candy is something so universally loved that you’ll be sure to please everyone!

Loot bags take the mystery out of the gift-guessing game.

Have you ever caught yourself sitting at your desk and staring at your computer screen as you rack your brain to come up with the perfect party favour for your next big business event? Sometimes it’s just plain difficult to find a gift that will equally please your coworkers, staff, or clients. Fret no more, friends!

Stop playing the guessing game when it comes to party favours and choose candy loot bags instead. There’s always something for everyone in a loot bag, and Candy Funhouse can help you put it all together!

The possibilities are endless!

When it comes to candy loot bags, the possibilities are literally endless! We create custom candy loot bags just for you that will fit perfectly into your corporate event. Whether you’re hosting a company BBQ or throwing your annual holiday party, we can help you select the perfect candies to put in your loot bags.

If thank yous are in order for your office staff for a job well done, say “Thank you” with candy loot bags. You’ll have your guests saying “thank you, thank you very much” in their best Elvis voice in no time!

Elvis presley

Want to turn up the heat and tell your coworkers how much you appreciate their passion? Our Hot & Spicy candy loot bags might be the perfect option for you. The contents of these loot bags will have your coworkers testing the limits of their taste buds... but often in business, the risk is worth the reward.

Are you going to be celebrating a work retirement anytime soon? Our old fashioned candy loot bags are a snazzy way of reminiscing with your long-tenured employees. The “back in my day” comments will start flying once your guests open up their loot bags filled with retro candy such as 100 Grand Bars, Razzles, Caramel Crunch, Sugar Babies, Regal Crown Sour Cherry Candy Rolls, and even Hotlix Cinnamon Toothpix!

From sour candy to nostalgic, old-fashioned candy (and everything in between!), there are endless options for your loot bags!

No matter the occasion, candy loot bags are one of the sweetest gifts you can give at your next corporate party. Go down in the books as one of the best gift-givers this year and start customizing your own loot bags with the help of our expert team of candy connoisseurs and fun-gineers! You’ll love your loot bags and your staff will love you—what more could you ask for?! Get clicking and order your custom loot bags from Candy Funhouse today!!

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