Whatchamacalit....What Did You Say??

Whatchamacalit....What Did You Say??


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Ok ok let's just say I'm going to be sooooo biased towards one of the personal faves of mine! I can't tell you how much I enjoy this bar and a definite guilty pleasure for me. Now on to the review and some personal tales of the bar that doesn't really have a name.

This Whatchamacalit started off in 1978. The name of this American Chocolate Candy Bar was created by Patricia Volk, who was involved as a creative director for new brands at Hershey's. After many attempted brainstorming sessions they really couldn't come up with the perfect name for the bar so Whatchamacalit stayed. 

So to start back in the mid to late 80's (I get it, I'm old!) I found a chocolate bar with red packaging called the Special Crisp! Even hearing the name brings a smile to my face, but finding one was another story. Hershey seemed to always give the Canadian bar no respect. Similar to Rodney Dangerfield (ok another way dated reference) the Special Crisp was always super elusive to find. Once the mid nineties hit, it seemed even more tricky to locate, I would be happy with just the mini bars included in Halloween boxes. Now in the states the identical Whatchamacalit had availability everywhere.. Does the U.S. get everything?? Thank you Candy Funhouse for bringing a favourite north of the border!

First off as stated the Whatchamacalit and the long forgotten Special Crisp are identical chocolate bars. Just the name and packaging are the difference. The Whatchamacalit has a beige package with red, gold and brown lettering made by our friends in Hershey, Pennsylvania! By the way I think I need another trip back to Hershey's Chocolate World. Opening the wrapper the Whatchamacalit is a chocolate covered bar which is topped with a layer of caramel and underneath is peanut butter flavoured rice crisps. While it doesn't sound that super creative, just try it and you will be hooked.

The peanut butter flavour is not overpowering and together with the rice crisps create a powerful combination. It should be noted the bar has a crunchy texture once you bite into one but not too filling that you might save the rest for later. You can (if you like) easily eat another one right away. These bars for me personally are highly addictive and will continue to be that way!!

Now down to the infamous candy bar rating. Whatchamacalit is so tough to rate as its been a personal favourite forever and I'm extremely biased towards it, but I'm saying 9.5 bars out of 10! I'm not sure if we will see a perfect 10, but the Whatchamacalit is as close as it gets. Definitely this bar is highly recommended if you haven't tried one already or 10 of them :)
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I loved Special Crisp! I used to re-enact the commercial with the stuck up customer and the even stuck upper waiter!
Customer: Special Crisp??
Waiter: A candy baaar!!

Thanks for this great article on a great forgotten “ candy baaar!!”

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