Top 5 Must-Try Candies from The Sweets & Snacks Expo

Top 5 Must-Try Candies from The Sweets & Snacks Expo

We searched high and low for the most tasty and obsess-worthy candies at the 2023 Sweets & Snacks Expo. We were met with a huge selection of fantastic options, but we narrowed down those choices to the top 5 must-try snacks we suggest you taste test for yourself!! 

5. Hi-Chew Bites

 Hi-Chew Candy, Hi-Chew bites, hi chew

A classic like Hi-Chew is pretty tough to dislike, but the Hi-Chew Bites gave us what we were hoping for and then some! These scrumptious little itty bitty bites pack all the flavour and chewy consistency of the regular Hi-Chews just in smaller bite sized pieces for your enjoyment. This pack comes in the original flavour mix, including Mango, Green Apple & Strawberry. Nabbing the 5th spot on our must-try list, this sweet little candy is always a fan-fav and never disappoints! 

4. Crunchy Strawberry Pocky

 Pocky, Strawberry Pocky, Crunchy Strawberry Pocky

New to the world of Pocky, this delicious twist on the classic strawberry Pocky comes with a cocoa stick dipped in a strawberry chocolate with chunks of crunchy strawberry. The first bite of these had us hooked!! We kept going back for more! This version of the Strawberry Pocky takes the classic snack to a whole new level with sweeter and more intense flavours that will have your taste buds doing backflips! If you love your Pocky’s, then this is definitely a must-try for you! They also have a variety of new flavours you should check out too! 

3. Mentos Vitamins 

Mentos Vitamins, Mentos

Have your daily dose of vitamins with the new Mentos Vitamins! The fun & colourful vitamins give you a boost of vitamin B6, C & B12. Each vitamin also has a nice berry, strawberry or orange fruity flavour! This made our top 5 must-try list because of the delicious little tablets filled with intense fruity flavours, along with the innovative addition of vitamins in the product. Who wouldn’t want to take their vitamins while enjoying a satisfying treat? We know we would! 

 2. Fiesta Twists

 Fiesta Twists, Old El Paso Fiesta Twists, Old El Paso

Old El Paso’s Fiesta Twists were a finalist for Most Innovative Product this year and makes our list of must-try products! The crispy twists are generously coated in a queso powder that make you feel like you’re hosting your own taco night. Similar to having a nice salted nacho chip dipped in queso, these airy twists have all the powerful flavours in one bite. The outstanding crunch and powerful savory flavour really grabbed our attention at the show — which is why it lands at #2 on our list. 

1. Trü Frü

Tru Fru, Tru Fru Candy, Tru Fru Chocolate

It’s no wonder Trü Frü has won awards for its innovative products two years in a row! This remarkable frozen fruit candy has fresh fruit at the center of every treat, and uses specific candy coating technology to keep the air bubbles out and keep the fruit fresh! The first bite of this layered chocolate candy will refresh your senses. The frozen element of the chocolate balls gives the fruit a sweet and refreshing balance for your palate! We loved every bite of this delectable sweet treat, which is why it makes it to the #1 spot on our must-try list.    

What do you think about this list? Would you want to try any of these new products?

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