Top 5 Best Halloween Tricks & Pranks

Our Favourite Halloween Tricks!

Usually, we would say treats all the way, but you clicked tricks!!

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Given its spooky season, we want you to channel your inner prankster this Halloween for some spooktacular fun and pull some scary tricks! October is filled with magic and fun and, of course, candy, but what would it be without some tricks?

We've done our due diligence and pulled some entertaining pranks in our time, but now it's your turn! Do you dare try any?

Here are some eerie-sistable suggestions...


#1. Halloween Ice Cube Prank

This is one of our fav's. We refer to it as the creepy, bug-infused ice cube trick. 

For this scary prank, you'll need some Halloween-themed gummy candies like eyeballs, worms or spiders (anything creepy and crawly!). After you've eaten some spooky gummies, make sure to save some to place in an empty ice cube tray. Once the gummy candies are placed in the tray, add some water as usual and place them in the freezer. Once these creepy ice cubes are fully frozen, put them in an unsuspecting person's drink!

Once they get over the initial scare, they'll thank you for the yummy candy!


Halloween Ice Cube Prank

#2. Halloween Bloody Handprint Prank 

This trick is a little more daring and is sure to scare the bejeezus out of someone! The bloody handprint trick, the only thing you need for this prank is some red food colouring and some courage! If you don't have red food colouring you could use red candy spray (it's less messy). 

We recommend wearing gloves for the food colouring. Mix the food colouring as directed, dip your gloved hand inside and proceed to make some bloody-looking handprints on perhaps the bathroom mirror, outside of the shower or a hallway. You can even drip some on the floor for that extra terrifying effect! 

This one will require some cleanup but is guaranteed to scare the witts out of someone!


Halloween Bloody Hand Prank

#3. Halloween Face in a Jar

The face in a jar trick. Now this one is totally surprising for the unsuspecting victim. You could really mess with them and use their face!

This requires a printed photograph of your face (or the victims'), a glass jar or a see-through container and some eerie green food colouring.

Print the beautiful picture of yourself and place it in the jar, so the image is turned outwards. The bigger the picture, the more effective this trick is! 

After the picture is placed, fill the jar with the green food colouring. Place the jar in a cupboard, fridge, or even inside a closet—and wait for the magic to happen!

Be aware this trick is super scary and may induce yelling, screaming and some cursing. You might owe them some candy afterwards!


Face in Jar Halloween

#4. Halloween Creepy Crawly Prank

A very budget-friendly prank involving creepy crawly things! Go to a dollar store or a party store and find a rubber or plastic snake or cockroach.

If you choose the snake, place that slimy, slithering thing in the toilet and listen for pure panic to ensue!

If you choose the cockroaches, simply scatter them around on the floor in either a bathroom or outside of cupboards or closet doors. They'll think there is an infestation! This prank is sure to produce some scares, swearing and screams!

We suggest it may be best to leave a sweet apology note with a gummy snake on the side!

Snake Halloween

#5. Halloween Scary Mask Trick

Last but certainly not least, one of the oldest tricks in the book! Go to a Halloween store and purchase the very scariest, creepiest daunting-looking mask you can find. Some are made to look very realistic. These are the best for this prank!

Best if you have a bedfellow, strategically place the mask next to them on the pillow beside them. Make sure to very quietly move the pillow closer than normal. Place the creepy-looking mask on the pillow, and as soon as they open their eyes, blood-curdling screams will be heard! The neighbours might even hear this one!

You could also hide in a sibling's or roommate's closet or bedroom door and jump out at them while wearing the mask. This one is such a classic, but it always works and will surely scare the witts out of someone!


Halloween Mask


As with any of these Halloween tricks and pranks, remember you might have to smooth things over. We suggest instead of waiting for payback, just buy them some candy!!!

Did we miss any good ones? Let us know if you tried any of our tricks, and tell us what happened.

Good Luck, and may the magic of Halloween be with you!

Always remember that the best tricks always include treats 😋







Anyone else think that red food coloring will just stain everything 🤔



Ooh! Love these spooky prank ideas! The creepy gummy candy in the ice cube is genius – definitely going to try that one :)

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