Top 10 Summer Drinks

Top 10 Summer Drinks

The heat is on and we're starting to sizzle as the temperature continues to rise! We love the warmth of the sun, but of course, we're a wee bit thirsty!

During the summer months we're always on the hunt for the most refreshing and delicious drinks.

We think we might have found a few (10 to be exact) that we know you'll be eager to try!

Here are our top 10 drinks for the summer...

#1. Chubby Soda

Chubby Soda, Purple Soda, Grape Soda, Cubby Grape Soda

You'll taste the powerful punch of purple with the Chubby Soda Purple Power Grape Soda.

It comes in a bright and vivid shade of purple, that of course, is shaped like the cute little chubby bottle! This sweet and fruity drink is absolutely bursting with the most incredible taste of grapes. If you love the flavour of all things grape, this soda's for you! Besides the remarkable grape flavour, we also carry a wide selection of other refreshing and delicious Chubby soda flavours.

Fun Fact: Chubby Soda made its thirst-quenching debut in 1993 and at one time it was only available in Trinidad and Tobago and other Caribbean countries. But luckily for us, it's now loved worldwide and is a popular choice of soda in Canada and the USA.

Bottoms up to the bright and revitalizing taste of Chubby Soda!

#2. Prime

Prime, Prime Drink, Prime Blue Raspberry

It's the "prime" opportunity to put an end to your thirst with the astounding taste of the Prime Drink.

Prime is the optimal drink for refueling your body and staying hydrated all day long. Made without artificial colours, this popular drink offers an authentically delicious taste with every sip!

Besides the energy boost and hydration, Prime includes natural minerals and ten percent coconut water in some of the drinks. When we tried Prime Hydration in Blue Raspberry, it was intensely flavourful and had a little tanginess in the flavour. We tried it after our cardio session and it left us feeling rejuvenated!

As far as Energy Drinks go the Prime Drink is definitely flavourful and ideal for refueling!

#3. Chupa Chups

Chupa Chups, Chupa Chups Watermelon

Being that the Chupa Chups Lollipops are one of our favourite lollipops, we just had to try the Chupa Chups Soda.

We chose the Sparkling Watermelon flavour, and to no one's surprise, the taste is truly phenomenal! The watermelon flavour is truly spot on!

The Chupa Chups drink is brimming with fresh fruity flavours and every sip has the ideal amount of fizz and thirst-quenching power! This drink is so good that it could potentially be our official soda for the Summer! The brightly colourful can pulls you into the whimsical world of Chupa Chups. Indulge in your favourite Chupa Chups lollipop and then wash that sweetness down with even more Chupa Chups!

To enjoy sweet and replenishing sodas with remarkable flavours, check out the entire Chupa Chups collection!

#4. Fanta

Fanta, Fanta Soda, Fanta Drink, Peach Fanta, Fanta Peach

Cheers to that warm sunshine! To match the brightness of the sunny day, we opted to try Fanta.

We chose the Peach Fanta because nothing says summer like a fresh and juicy-tasting peach drink! This drink is undoubtedly delicious, but we wouldn't expect anything less from Fanta! It's overflowing with fresh real-life peach flavours that make for a truly delicious summer must-have soda!

Fanta made its entrance in the drink market in 1940 and by the 1950's, it was one of the most popular soft drinks on the market. Made by Coca-Cola, Fanta is famous for its vibrant colours and is known all across the globe for its flavourful tastes.

Fun fact: The fan favourite Fanta flavour is orange with grape being a close second. The Fanta drink will make sure your summer is sizzling with all the right fruity flavours!

Browse our collection of Fanta to cool off with its delicious and refreshing taste!

#5. Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew Summer Freeze

When we heard Mountain Dew came out with a new flavour, we just had to try the latest that Mountain Dew had to offer. Like all the other new drinks in the Funhouse, the Mountain Dew Summer Freeze is about to be put under the ultimate taste test!

First impression: the can of Mountain Dew is exciting and somehow puts you in a happy frame of mind instantly. We’ve been told this soda is meant to resemble those popular red white and blue popsicles, so you can imagine the anticipation is building up – we can't wait to take our first sip! Wow!

This Mountain Dew is sparkling in blue! The taste is amazing and it does taste like the popsicles it's modeled after. With a refreshing blend of cherry, lemon and raspberry how could it be anything but delicious? We noticed a tangy taste that just adds to its bold and fruity flavours. Mountain Dew has been letting us enjoy its tasty "dew" since the 1940s, so much so that it's become one of the most popular soft drinks on the market with die-hard fans all across North America!

We've never met a Mountain Dew that we haven't liked, and this one was no exception! Make your Summer marvelous with the magnificent taste of Mountain Dew!

#6. Dr Pepper

Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper Drink ,Dr Pepper Soda, Dr Pepper Zero Sugar, Dr Pepper Strawberries & Cream

The refreshing taste of Dr Pepper never gets old, with a blend of delicious and tangy flavours, Dr Pepper never disappoints.

We tried the Dr Pepper Strawberries & Cream and were immediately hit with the inviting scent of fresh strawberries – we want more!

This fizzy drink has definitely exceeded our thirsty expectations with its bright, bubbly and overflowing succulent strawberry flavour! Made with a top-secret blend of 23 flavours that many speculate about, Dr Pepper has been leaving us feeling revitalized since 1885. The mystery makes every sip of Dr Pepper even more satisfying!

We'll never know what sweet secrets we're drinking, but we do know that Dr Pepper in any flavour is a must-have for the dog days of summer!

#7. Pepsi

Pepsi, Pepsi Cola, Pepsi Soda, Pepsi Drink, Pepsi Nitro, Pepsi Nitro Draft Cola

Our choice for the essential drink of the summer has to be the raved-about Pepsi Nitro Draft Cola. There is so much buzz about this Pepsi, it only made sense that this would be our choice of Pepsi drinks to try.

In our books, a hot day combined with a cold Pepsi sounds just about perfect!

We eagerly grab the can, turn it upside down as the instructions state, and slowly pour it into a tall glass. The bubbles are countless and it does indeed have a thick foamy top. We take our first sip and are now sporting a big foam mustache as a result.

It's absolutely delicious!!!

It's more crisp and somehow smoother than the original Pepsi taste. With the smooth taste of nitrogen, this Pepsi Draft is the first of its kind to ever hit the market!

This Pepsi is definitely a winner! We know that we'll be sipping on this all summer long. Providing us with its satisfying and refreshing taste as early as 1898, Pepsi has become one of the most popular soft drinks all across the world enjoyed by more than 200 countries!

Pepsi offers an endless array of different and refreshing flavours, check out our selection of the most revitalizing drink on the planet, Pepsi! We know we'll be donning a foamy mustache all summer, thanks to the invigorating taste of Pepsi!

#8. Crush

Crush, Crush Soda, Crush Pineapple, Crush Pineapple Soda

A fan favourite that is ready to burst in your thirsty mouth with an array of deliciousness!

We tried the Crush Pineapple and this soda was everything we hoped it would be. It was just like taking a bite out of a fresh and juicy pineapple. It was a super sweet and tangy bite that left us feeling energized! Crush made its refreshing debut to the public in 1911 and has been adored for generations.

Fortunately, most Crush flavours contain no caffeine so you can rest assured you won't get the jitters. Crush is famous for being the very first orange soda on the market and we have to say they really do "crush" it with every sip!

Available in a variety of refreshing and revitalizing flavours, we know you'll be crushing it all summer!

#9. Fanta Poland

Fanta, Fanta Poland, Poland Fanta, Fanta Strawberry and Kiwi

Coming out of Poland, Fanta offers us an array of exciting and unique flavours. We tried the Fanta Strawberry and Kiwi flavour and were blown away by this incredible Fanta drink.

Right from the start the sweet notes of strawberry were very apparent.

The taste of kiwi lingers in the background, offering a subtle and tangy taste – together these two fruity flavours are simply amazing! Besides the Strawberry and Kiwi Fanta, there is quite a selection of flavours that are just waiting to quench your thirst.

Browse our selection and we're sure you'll find a new favourite Fanta! This Fanta soda is ideal for that fresh and cool taste we all yearn for in the heat of the summer months.

#10. Tahitian Treat Fruit Punch

Tahitian Treat Fruit Punch

Get ready to punch out your thirst with the quenching taste of the Tahitian Fruit Punch. This had disappeared from the market for some time but it's officially back!

But is it better than ever? Let's find out!

This soda is filled with delicious flavours of fruit punch, and overflows with copious amounts of fruity flavoured bubbles!

The Tahitian Treat Fruit Punch contains no caffeine, making it a refreshing and flavourful treat ideal summertime events.

The taste of Fanta just goes hand in hand with summer!

As Canadians, we wait for the summer months all year long, and then complain about the heat. The silver lining in this whole debacle is the refreshing and bold flavours of summer that can always be found at the bottom of a fizzy soda can!

Which drink will you try next? If you have tried any, which one was your favourite?

Cheers to the warm rays of the sun, sizzling hot afternoons and sultry summer nights!

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