Top 10 Candy Brands | National Candy Month!

Top 10 Candy Brands | National Candy Month!

We've happily tasted countless Candy Brands, from chewy and soft, to crunchy and sour. As Candyologists, we truly enjoy the variety of treats Candyland has to offer. However, some candy brands have a long-lasting appeal that make them veterans in the candy industry.

Dole out the goods in your crystal candy dishes and share them with your family and friends. Carry it in your pockets so it's within reach anytime those cravings come calling. These Candy Brands are an essential addition to every candy fanatic!

Our Top 10 Candy Brands...

#1. Skittles

skittles, skittles candy, sweet candy, colorful candy

You might yearn for that pot of gold that is said to be found at the end of the rainbow. We want the rainbow itself; in fact, we want to taste the rainbow! That's where Skittles come in!

Skittles candy has been enticing us since 1979. Offering us the most vibrant and delicious gems of intense and fruity flavours. Made with a beautiful and colourful candy shell on the outer layer and serves up a chewy middle. Skittles are filled with utter satisfaction!

If you've yet to taste the original Skittles Candy, we must sadly inform you that you are missing out! Skittles have an endless variety of different flavours, sizes and textures. Including the stingingly delicious taste of the Skittles Sour Candies. The warm and sunny flavours of the Tropics with the Skittles Tropical Candies.

Looking for gummy candy? If you enjoy chewy candy, Skittles has the original Skittles Gummies you can snack on. But if those aren't chewy enough, the Skittles Squishy Cloudz will have just what you're looking for with their deluxe airy and soft texture. Don't go chasing waterfalls; find the rainbow with the iconic Skittles Candy!

#2. Sour Patch Kids

sour patch kids, sour candy, sour patch candy, sour gummies, sour gummy

These kids are always up to something mischievous but always delicious! This candy is more than ready to feed your inner child and offer up some flavourful adventures!

Sour Patch Kids Candy is famous for starting off sour and then subsiding into a well-earned sweetness. Made in an ultra-chewy and soft texture, this sour-then-sweet candy always hits the spot. They've been treating us to a variety of yumminess since 1985.

Baby your tastebuds with the incredible variety of Sour Patch Kids Candy. From sour to sweet, every candy will knock you off your feet!

From the original Sour Patch Kids Candy to the phenomenal taste of the Cherry Blasters. This candy ranges from mild to intense on the sour candy scale, but we promise every morsel is incredible. Stay young at heart, always with the amazing Sour Patch Kids!

#3. Starburst

Starburst, Starburst Candy, Colorful Candy

For an out-of-this-world experience, nothing compares to Starburst Candy's juicy and luscious taste! Bursting with incredible and true-to-life fruity flavours.

We've been savouring this candy since 1979. Always ready to take your tastebuds to the realm of deliciousness! Taste a world of unbelievable flavours along with a tender and supple texture. Each bite is ideally chewy and offers a long-lasting fruity bliss!

From the original Starburst Candies to the Starburst Gummies, you can now experience the freeze-dried version of this candy and even taste it in cotton candy form! Our love for the famous Starburst never dims but continuously shines like the brightest star!

#4. Nerds

Nerds, Nerds Candy, Sweet Candy, Sweet and Sour Candy

A true classic that any candy lover could never pass up. Nerds Candy made its way to our taste buds in 1983. Originally brought to us by the king of candy himself, Willy Wonka. With every crunchy and tangy taste of Nerds Candy, we can taste the eccentric taste of Wonka.

This retro candy comes in a two-chambered box with two flavours on each side. Pour them into your hands or directly in your mouth for optimal enjoyment! Mix and match the flavours or eat them one at a time; the choice is yours!

Nerds Candy now comes in a variety of textures, sizes and shapes. From the classic box of Nerds to the immense flavour and texture of Nerds Ropes, the possibilities are endless and so is our love for the legendary Nerds Candy!

#5. Sweetarts

Sweetarts, Sweetarts Candy

Find the way to anyone's heart with the famous taste of Sweetarts Candy. This Wonka-esque Candy has been making its way to hearts since 1962! Made with both tangy and sweet flavours, this pressed tablet candy crumbles as it releases a whirlwind of flavour!

The original candy was available in limited flavours, but over the years, the evolution of Sweetarts Candy has grown to include countless flavours, forms and sizes. For a chewy and crunchy experience, the Sweetarts Giant Chewy are made with a hard exterior and a delicious and chewy middle.

There is also the exclusively chewy version available in the Sweetarts Ropes Bites. Providing an abundantly chewy texture along with incredible taste. Never have a hungry heart with the magical taste of Sweetarts!

#6. Toxic Waste

Toxic Waste, Sour Candy, Toxic Waste Sour Candy

An essential sour candy for the ultimate sting! Considered one of the sourest candies, Toxic Waste Candy is made for the brave sour lovers of the world.

A hard candy that comes in a Toxic Waste looking drum with a heads up of being hazardously sour! Starting off with a hint of sweetness before its claws come out. This intense sourness will last approximately 30 seconds, and during that time, you will cringe and pucker and might even shed a tear.

This sour candy is not made for the faint of heart. It's especially for the daring, the bold and the adventurous taste buds that want to take a lashing of sourness.

One of the most popular sour candies on the market, Toxic Waste, has been making us squirm since 2007. Adding to its array of sourness are the viral sensation Slime Lickers, Toxic Waste Sour Smog Balls and the Toxic Waste Atomz. If you do want to delve into the sour side of Toxic Waste, don't say we didn't warn you!

#7. Haribo

Haribo, Haribo Gummies, Haribo Gummy

The "happy world of Haribo" has been satisfying our sweet tooth since its introduction in 1922. Haribo Candy was the famous maker of the world's first-ever gummy bear and is a leading manufacturer of gummy candy.

Haribo is imported from Germany and continuously treats our taste buds to some of the very best in gummy candy. Available in countless flavours, shapes and sizes, there is something about Haribo that really does make a candy lover feel happy.

Besides the famous Haribo Gold Bears, upon opening up any package of this old-fashioned candy, your mouth will water in sweet anticipation of its scent alone. From the adorable-looking gummy bears to the dangerously delicious Twin Snakes, you'll find every creature and fruit in between with the legendary taste of Haribo!

#8. Hi-Chew

Hi Chew Candy, Hi Chew, Hi Chew Green Apple

This mesmerizing candy is abundantly chewy and offers an intense and alluring taste of fruity flavours. Hi-Chew Candy is over 100 years old.

Hailing from Japan, the maker Taichiro Morinaga loved the idea of chewing gum. However, it's considered taboo in Japan, so he created the next best thing. A candy that's as chewy and juicy as gum but can be swallowed quickly!

The Hi-Chew Candy is always a delicious indulgence, giving life to a multitude of succulent fruits and berries. Some of our most loved Hi-Chew Candies include the Hi-Chew Original Mix in the flavours of grape, green apple and strawberry. As well as the Hi-Chew Fantasy, which is a dreamy blend of rainbow sherbet, blue Hawaii and blue raspberry. Embrace your fruit-filled cravings with the remarkable Hi-Chew Candy!

#9. Airheads

Airheads, Airheads Candy, Sour Candy

You just might be an actual airhead if you pass by the Airheads candy! This famous taffy candy found its way to our hungry taste buds in 1985. A thin bar of taffy that is unbelievably filled with off-the-chart taste and texture.

If you get excited about the cheese pull on pizza, this taffy pull is extraordinary! Airheads Candy has somehow managed to pack all the deliciousness you could dream of in just a mere bite! It's made with an ultra-chewy texture and flavours that are genuinely mind-bending!

Initially only available in taffy bars, the world of Airheads Candy has greatly expanded with many textures, tastes and forms. Including the juicy taste of the essential Airheads gum! Take yourself on a delicious journey with the sensational Airheads Candy!

#10. Cow Tales

Cow Tales, Cow Tales Caramel, Cow Tales Candy

If you believe in fairytales, the taste of Cow Tales is your happily ever after. The Cow Tales Candy is a soft and chewy caramel candy with a filling of luscious cream in the middle. One bite of this creamy candy, and you'll be enjoying this caramel treat till the cows come home!

Introduced in the sweet land of candy in 1984 and made famous by Goetze. Who just happens to be the makers of the famous Caramel Creams Candy.

Made with an unbelievably delectable and supple texture, you'll love to sink your teeth into the flavours of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate Cow Tales. Most recently, they've added the Oreo Cow Tales to the mix! Grab the bull by the horns and indulge in the classic taste of Cow Tales!

Our top 10 Candy Brands never get old! They just seem to get better and even more delicious with every single satisfying bite! Did we mention any of your favourites? Which one will you try next?

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