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Top 10 Candies of The Month - April

We come across countless candies and other snacks at Candy Funhouse, and one thing about us is we never gatekeep! We're always eagerly ready to taste test anything and everything, and we love to spill the tea!

As certifiable candy lovers, we relish giving you the real scoop on all of our goodies. Get ready for some serious drooling and the tingling of your tastebuds!

Here are our favourite picks of the month...

#10. Dr Pepper (made with cane sugar)

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We were more than happy to try the original classic Dr. Pepper made with cane sugar! We've had our fair share of this American soda, considering it's been a classic since 1885. It comes in countless flavours and is said to have a blend of 23 flavours along with some closely guarded secret ingredients.

We gather around the table and pop open the cans. They look really vintage and have that relaxed retro vibe to them. 

Ahhhh! The first sip is extra delicious, we can taste a smooth and sweet fruity flavour and that zippy peppery tang at the end. It's a sweet drink, but not over-the-top sweet.

The flavour of vanilla really comes through, and it reminds of sort of a rootbeer-like flavour. We also taste cherry and caramel flavours. But that's the beautiful thing about Dr. Pepper, it has this indescribable and completely original flavour. That tanginess behind the sweetness really comes through and makes it all together enticing!

This Dr Pepper with cane sugar goes down, smooth and sweet, but that extra kick at the end makes it unforgettable! No other soda has such an array of flavours or is as exciting as Dr. Pepper!

We're already fans and can't wait to be thirsty again! Hands down, this is a quintessential soda that you must try!

#9. Froot Loops Cereal Straws

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We could barely contain our excitement! Who doesn't love the taste of Froot Loops Cereal? The Froot Loops Cereal Straws had us reeling in delicious exhilaration!

We eagerly opened the box of straws, and that Froot Loop scent was divine. The straws are a light wafer-like texture. They're crunchy and crispy and taste just like our beloved childhood cereal. 

The Fruit Loops candy comes in a variety of colours which add to the appeal. These straws would make an excellent snack for any time but could be used to drink up that extra milk in your cereal bowl. 

We also thought these would be great in a bowl of ice cream or could be used to decorate vanilla cupcakes or cakes.

If we're fans, you can bet your bottom dollar that kids would absolutely love these! 

The Froot Loops Cereal Straws pass with flying colours! That classic taste is a winner!

#8.Choward’s Guava Tropical Candy

Types of Candy, Canadian Candy, Candies, Best Chocolate Bars, Canadian Sweets, Mint Candy

We've had the Chowards Gum and Mint candy, and yes, we were big fans. Today we're set to try the Chowards Guava Tropical Candy. 

The packing is cool, retro-looking and comes in a roll shape. Before we even get to this candy, the aroma is heavenly. It fills the room with a very sweet and fruity aroma. 

Now we're drooling with anticipation!

We each get a roll and then begin to taste. These come in a square shape with a melt-in-your-mouth sort of texture but you could chew them if you wanted to without breaking a tooth. The likeness to a real guava fruit is unbelievable! We've eaten the entire package and give it a huge thumbs up.

If you've never tried guava before, it tastes like a sweet and tangy strawberry with the texture of a pear. The Chowards Guava Tropical Candy does a fantastic job at recreating its taste. This candy's sweetness level is perfect. It's not overly sweet, and we all loved the texture!

Suitable for warmer weather, it fits nicely in pockets and is undeniably delicious. 

We rate this candy eleven out of ten! Seriously, you need to try this one!!

#7. La Pipette Licorice Pipes

Types of Candy, Canadian Candy, Candies, Best Chocolate Bars, Canadian Sweets, Black Licorice, Licorice Candy

A classic good old-fashioned candy, that comes in the shape of a pipe. La Pipette Licorice Pipes are made with black licorice.

The box that these come in, is really retro looking and would make an excellent gift for anyone who likes retro candy. 

Luckily we are all fans of black licorice candy and can't wait to try it out. They come individually wrapped, which means we know they'll be fresh.

Opening up these little pipes and the scent is strong and alluring. The first bites are intensely flavourful with a texture that is tender and soft. These are ideally chewy, bold and smooth tasting. Superbly capturing the authentic taste of black licorice.

A few pipes in, we conclude this taste test. These are absolutely delicious and are a must-try for any black licorice fan! 

La Pipette Licorice Pipes are a great big yes!

#6. Twizzlers Sweet And Sour Filled Twists Cherry Kick And Citrus Punch

Types of Candy, Canadian Candy, Candies, Best Chocolate Bars, Canadian Sweets, Red Licorice, Twizzlers, Twizzlers Licorice

The excitement is real! We love Twizzlers Licorice and couldn't wait to try the Twizzlers Sweet And Sour Filled Twists Cherry Kick And Citrus Punch. These come in yellow and red licorice twists in the flavours of cherry and citrus.

As we unwrapped the bag — truth be told, ripping open the bag — that fruity scent was absolutely delicious. our mouths are already watering, and we haven't even had our first bite of the licorice yet!

We all agree to try the yellow ones first, Oh my! These echo that sour candy, citrusy taste we love so much. The texture, as always, is a perfect ten, and that tangy taste is excellent. The red licorice is just as amazingly chewy. It's fresh and fragrant, giving us those over-the-top cherry-scented notes. It totally surpasses our expectations, it's incredible!

Then, like any qualified taste testers, we take one of each and proceed to taste them both at once. Wowza! We're awestruck, the flavours are more than incredible together and eating two pieces is where it's at! The sweet and sour flavours are really giving us the tingles!

The cherry and citrus are a delicious pairing, and this Twizzlers licorice just screams summer! 

#5. Push Pop Gummy Pop- Its

Types of Candy, Canadian Candy, Candies, Best Chocolate Bars, Canadian Sweets, Sour Candy, Fruity Candy

As Candyologists, we never refuse a Push Pop. Let's face it, they always deliver big on flavour, and the fact that you can keep them in your pocket is pure genius.

When we heard about the Push Pops Gummy Pop-Its, we were enticed. These are delicious gummy candy renditions of our beloved Push Pops. They come in a container that makes them super easy to eat and also keeps them really fresh.

We start doling out the candy, and the fruity scent is more than inviting. These are colourful and come finished with a sugary coating on them. The texture is unlike other gummies. They have a squishy texture and are incredibly light and airy. These are definitely winning with the flavours as well. 

There are four flavours in total, strawberry, blue raspberry, watermelon and berry blast. Every single fruit-filled flavour had its own original taste. The container was fun and unique, and the flavours delicious, but the stand out of these candies was most notably the texture. The Push Pop Gummy Pop-Its have now unanimously become one of our favourites! 

#4. Heidi White Chocolate With Pineapple And Coconut

Types of Candy, Canadian Candy, Candies, Best Chocolate Bars, Canadian Sweets, Canadian Chocolate

This chocolate bar just sounds like the perfect Summer day. We highly anticipated trying the Heidi White Chocolate With Pineapple And Coconut. 

This is a limited-edition chocolate bar, so we knew it would be extra delicious! The packaging is high quality and has a sophisticated, classic design topped with gold lettering that forms the brand's name. The packaging also includes an image of a suitcase filled with pineapple and coconut. 

As we eagerly unwrap this chocolate bar, the fragrant scent of pineapple and coconut is deliciously apparent. The first bite tastes sensational and is filled with a sweet coconut flavour with the tangy taste of pineapple. The white chocolate is amazingly creamy and smooth, and the additional flavours make this bar truly decadent!

It's refreshing and abundantly flavoured, and we certainly enjoyed every last morsel of it. Some of us are not big white chocolate fans, but this was a turning point. Even for the die-hard milk chocolate lover, this Heidi Chocolate Bar will definitely change your mind!

The texture was remarkable, rich and creamy, with intense hits of coconut and pineapple in every bite. 

We're hungrily anticipating the next one!

#3. Boyer Butterscotch Smoothie Peanut Butter Cups

Types of Candy, Canadian Candy, Candies, Best Chocolate Bars, Canadian Sweets, Peanut Butter Cups

This one made our mouths water before we even unwrapped it! The Boyer Butter Scotch Smoothie Peanut Butter Cups are oozing with intense butterscotch and peanut butter flavours. If these two had a love child, these Boyer cups would be it!

The aroma alone was delectable. As we opened these peanut butter cups up, the first thing we marvelled at was that smooth layer of butterscotch. The first bite was filled with hungry anticipation. The first thing we tasted was the sweetness. The coating of butterscotch was flawlessly creamy, and the peanut butter filling had a slight crunchiness to it. 

We expected the sweetness of the butterscotch to reach our tastebuds first, but it actually didn’t. We tasted hints of subtle salty flavours, which seamlessly blended the flavours together. The texture is excellent, and the taste is absolutely incredible!

We really had nothing negative at all to say about these cups. The only downside? We wish there were more. The Boyers Butterscotch Smoothie Peanut Butter Cups left us yearning, and in our books, that's always a good thing. 

#2. Sour Patch Kids Lemonade Fest

Types of Candy, Canadian Candy, Candies, Best Chocolate Bars, Canadian Sweets, Sour Candy, Sour Patch Kids

Let's be honest, there's really not a Sour Patch Kids Candy that we don't like! The Sour Patch Kids Lemonade Fest candies were no exception. As we opened the package, the scent of lemonade filled the air. It tastes like Summer, and we couldn't wait to try this sour candy.

The first bite, wow! We were floored.

Not only could you taste that citrusy lemonade flavour but also other fruity flavours. The lemonade is the base of these candies, but the additional sweet hits of raspberry and the strawberry really stuck out to us.

These candies are so immensely chewy and that sour candy rush hits you right away before the sweetness ensues. They also come with a sour finish on the outside which really adds to the texture and overall taste. If you're a fan of sour candy & lemonade, these kids definitely fit the bill! 

The Sour Patch Kids Lemonade Fest is now one of our very favourites. We know they'll be making it into our personal candy stashes for sure!

#1. Taco Bell Diablo Sauce 

Types of Candy, Canadian Candy, Candies, Best Chocolate Bars, Canadian Sweets, Hot Sauce, Taco Bell Hot Sauce

If you crave that firey-tasting hit of heat, the Taco Bell Diablo Sauce is a must-have. We just couldn't wait to test this one out. The bottle's subtle warning reads, "The hype is real." We got straight to work, eager to douce our plain and boring lunches with this Taco Bell Diablo Sauce.

We wanted the heat, and let's just say this was delivered! The first thing we tried was leftover pizza, and just a little shake brought this baby from zero to hero in a matter of seconds. We also tried it on some leftover pasta and decided to dip a sandwich wrap in it. The results were unanimous; the taste of Taco Bell was alive and well in our lunch room!

It was just the perfect amount of spiciness, and there were other flavours too. We could taste the tomato and garlic, which rounded out the heat. This sauce is heavy on spiciness, so if that's what you're after, then it's a must-try!

All in all, the Taco Bell Diablo Sauce added that exciting zing of hot and spicy we were looking for. We suggest definitely trying it on leftover pizza, but it’d also be great on tacos, fajitas, burritos, wings, and nachos... the possibilities are endless with this Taco Bell hot sauce!

We love giving you the lowdown on our favourite candies! We can't wait to see what May has in store for us!

Let us know if you've had any on our list, do you agree with our sugar-crazed, deliciously amazed, tastebuds?

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