Top 10 British Candies We Love Royally

Top 10 British Candies We Love Royally

British Candy is easy to love!

When you think of the United Kingdom you may think of royalty like the Queen, some hardcore soccer fans, and enjoying high tea with a spot of crumpets with your one of your mates on the countryside. When we think of the UK, we think about all the delicious high-quality chocolate and candies that we have learned to love over the years from our friends across the pond. Seriously, some of the stuff on this list you would think was made for the queen herself, but you don’t have to be born into royalty to treat yourself royally! Take a look at the list and see if your favorites made it, or maybe find yourself a new favorite!

Fun Fact:

When it comes to British Candy, purple candies are usually black current flavored, unlike here in North America where purple is associated with grape flavoring.

10. Barratt NougatBarratt Nougat Bar British Candy

Starting off our list is this chewy, nougat, British Candy. A favorite of many and has been for quite some time. It features creamy pink and white nougat with tiny pieces of peanut for great texture in our opinion.

9. Dolly Mix

Dolly Mix British Candy-Candyland

This mix includes soft candy, sugar-coated jellies, and fondant pieces in assorted flavors. The name is believed to have originated from the British Raj in India. The word dahl (pronounced doll) refers to mixed beans in India and is speculated to have been the reason behind the mixed British candies name.

8. Haribo Pontefract Cakes

Haribo Pontefract Cakes British Candy

Typically with these candies you either hate them or you love them. Over here at Candy Funhouse, we love them! These soft licorice cakes are perfect for any licorice lover in your life!

7.Maynards Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts 

Maynards Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts British Candy

First introduced in Britain in 1899, these licorice allsorts continue to be popular in the UK and are gaining popularity all over the world! Some of the main ingredients are licorice, sugar, coconut, and aniseed jelly.

6. Rowntree Jelly Tots

Rowntrees Jelly Tots British Candy

A favorite of many since 1967! Jelly Tots are a small, soft, chewy treat that is sugar-coated with a jelly texture and a deliciously juicy, fruity flavor! They contain no artificial colors or flavors, which make them taste great!

5. Lee's Scottish Tablet

Lee's Scotish Tablet British Candy

This special recipe is coveted and originates from Scotland, with the recipe dating back to the 18th century! This candy bar is a crumbly and slightly grainy fudge we all know and love.

4. Maynards Bassetts Wine Gums

 Maynards Bassetts Wine Gums British Candy

These originated in the United Kingdom and have been popular ever since! They come in assorted flavors and contrary to popular belief, much like butterscotch, they contain no wine.

Check out this "cheeky" TV ad promoting Maynards Bassetts Wine Gums

3. Sherbert Fountain

Sherbert Fountain British Candy

Sherbet Fountain is a fun treat where you control the flavor! This British Candy is very popular in the UK and features a licorice dipstick used to dip into the sherbet powder.

Did you know?

Sherbet across the pond doesn’t mean sorbet as it does here in North America! Rather it’s used to describe a flavored fizzy powder usually dipped into.

2. Wham Bar

Wham Bar British Candy

Wham bars are similar to airheads, with the added fizzy twist of sherbet (the UK kind) mixed in. They have been around since the 1980s and gained popularity due to their low cost.

1. Walker’s Original Toffee

Walker's Non-Such Original Toffee British Candy

Just like it says on the wrapper, whack, unwrap, and enjoy! This toffee is one of our favorite British Candies and that’s why it’s ranked number 1! With its British heritage starting in the 19th century this toffee is a staple in British Candy. This Toffee goes from rock hard to silky smooth in your mouth.

Did you know?

Caramel is typically made with granulated sugar, milk and/or cream, butter, and sometimes vanilla. The primary flavors of caramel are the sugar and milk/cream.

Butterscotch, on the other hand, is made with brown sugar. Its primary flavors are brown sugar and butter. It typically also contains milk/cream but they are not as prominent as caramel.

Toffee is butterscotch that has been cooked to the hard crack stage. And contrary to popular belief butterscotch contains no scotch or any other kind of alcohol

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