The Top 10 Easter Candies

The Top 10 Easter Candies

It's an egg-ceptional time of year! Easter is only a hop, skip and jump away! 

The Easter Bunny might be hard at work, gathering supplies and candy for his baskets and probably, fluffing up his tail. But we've been working even harder, eating all the Easter Candy we can!

Here are our Top 10 Easter Candies...

#1.Cadbury Mini Eggs UK

mini eggs cadbury uk

It just wouldn't be Easter without Cadbury Mini Eggs. These pastel-coloured milk chocolate-filled eggs are one of the ultimate candy choices!

Starting with that sweet and delicious crunch of the candy coating before you are met with a smooth and delectable rich-tasting milk chocolate. Cadbury Mini Eggs offer that crunchy and creamy texture and that irresistible indulgent taste. 

Mini, but oh so mighty! We've loved these chocolate goodies since 1967! 

Craved for all year long and, let's face it, coveted at Easter. An egg-cellent choice to fill up those Easter baskets or to keep on hand for your own personal candy stash! 

Make Easter deliciously Eggs-extravagant with the one and only Cadbury Mini Eggs! 

#2. Peeps Marshmallow Chicks Cotton Candy

#2. Peeps Marshmallow Chicks Cotton Candy

Get cracking, and give your "Peeps" the ultimate Easter candy treat with Peeps Marshmallow Chicks Cotton Candy!

These pink, chick-shaped treats come finished with blue candy sprinkles and are flavoured like cotton candy. Each bite is light and fluffy with that tender marshmallow candy texture and sweetly satisfying!

Make room for these Peeps on your Easter table, or fill up those unfinished Easter baskets! Use a chick beside each place setting for that egg-stra finishing touch.

These chicks are down! Get your Easter party started with the deliciousness of the Peeps Marshmallow Chicks Cotton Candy!

#3. Cocoa Pebbles Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny

cocoa pebbles chocolate bunny easter

Hop into Bedrock with the Cocoa Pebbles Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny! This solid milk chocolate bunny is full of great taste and a sweet and crunchy surprise!

 Every bite has that creamy milk chocolate texture and the delicious crunch of the Cocoa Pebbles Cereal. It's a double-whammy Easter candy! This bunny is filled with textures, and the taste is incredible!

Now we know why this is Fred Flintstones' favourite Easter candy! We're here for it, and so is all of Bedrock!

You just might find yourself shouting "Yabba Dabba Doo," just like Fred! Make some "bunny" very happy this Easter with the Cocoa Pebbles Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny!

#4. Starburst Original Jelly Beans 

starburst original jelly beans

It just wouldn't be Easter without the iconic Jelly Bean! Our favourite is the Starburst Original Jelly Beans. Echoing that famous taste of Starburst Candy, these Jelly Beans are more than delicious!

 Bright and colourful, filled in the middle with that mouth watering chewy texture. You'll happily experience the fruity flavours of Strawberry, Cherry, Orange, Green Apple, Grape and Lemon.

These jelly Beans are the perfect addition to your Easter table. Fill up glass vases and use them to disperse around your table for an extra festive touch! Great for gifting and perfect for filling up those half-done Easter baskets!

Don't wait for the Easter Bunny; taste that rainbow now with the Starburst Original Jelly Beans!

#5. Cadbury White Creme Egg

cadbury white creme egg easter chocolate

This one is for those often-missed White Chocolate lovers. Cadbury sees you and invites you to delve into Easter with these egg-ceptional eggs!

The Cadbury White Creme Eggs are composed of a thick and creamy white chocolate outer shell and filled inside with that oozing deliciousness of a creamy white and yellow fondant filling.

It would not feel like Easter without Cadbury Chocolate! Even if you don't typically reach for white chocolate, these Creme Eggs are a must-try. They make a classic choice for Easter baskets or the perfect prize to use in Easter egg hunts. Use them on your Easter dessert table among your other goodies, or keep a few on hand for an indulgent treat.

Get cracking! With some irresistible white chocolate with the Cadbury White Creme Egg!

#6. Peeps Marshmallow Flavoured Gummies

peeps easter gummies

These are the ideal gummy Candy to choose from for an Easter celebration. The Peeps Marshmallow Flavoured Gummies will surely put a spring in your step! They are made with the famous Peeps Marshmallow flavour and come in the most adorable shapes of bunny and chicks.

Tender and chewy, these gummies are fully flavoured and offer a delicious alternative to the original Peeps Candy. The marshmallow taste is egg-cellent, and these little Peeps make an excellent filling for any Easter Basket. Not only are they great for gifting this Easter, but these gummies also make the perfect edible embellishment to top off cakes and cupcakes. 

Make Easter even sweeter for your peeps with the Peeps Marshmallow Flavoured Gummies!

#7. Dubble Bubble Eggs Gumball Carton

dubble bubble gumball carton shaped like easter eggs

In between all the Easter chocolate and candy, cleanse your palate with this incredible-tasting bubblegum. The Dubble Bubble Eggs Gumball Carton is ready to hatch open with some very fruity deliciousness!

It comes in a cool-looking milk carton container, so you can open it wide and pour in this retro bubble gum. The egg-shaped gumballs are pastel-coloured, complete with tiny speckles on the finish.

Crack open the carton and pour it into some glass candy dishes or containers. They make for some egg-cellent looking Easter decor. Fill up those baskets, and then have a bubble-blowing contest after Easter dinner!

Blow up Easter! With the classic taste of the Dubble Bubble Eggs Gumball Carton!

#8. Nerds Easter Rope

nerds easter rope

Rope in all your hungry peeps this Easter with the Nerds Easter Rope! This Wonka-esque candy will turn up your tastebuds and remind you why Wonka Candy always takes the cake!

Bite into a soft gummy candy middle that is completely encrusted with the tangy taste of Nerds Candy. You get both that chewy and crunchy texture all in one perfect bite. 

The Nerds Easter Rope is made with the fruity flavours of grape and strawberry, and we can attest that this candy will deliciously egg-splode in your mouth!

Add this candy to any Easter basket that needs finishing. Hand them out to your nearest and dearest, or keep some in your candy stash to secretly celebrate the sweet coming of Eastertime!

Happily hop to the Wonka Candy fun with the Nerds Easter Rope!

#9. Hershey's Extra Creamy Solid Milk Chocolate Foiled Eggs

hershey's chocolate foiled eggs easter

Easter wouldn't be the same without unwrapping some foiled chocolate eggs and then finding the wrappers months later in surprising places! The Hershey's Extra Creamy Solid Milk Chocolate Foiled Eggs offer an extra texture of creaminess along with that irresistible taste of Hershey's Chocolate!

These eggs are perfect for any Easter Celebration. Typically used in Easter baskets, but why not decorate your Easter dinner table with these yummy chocolate eggs dispersed across the table? Get everyone egg-cited, add that Easter touch at the office or home, and fill some candy dishes with these sweet treats!

Make Easter truly eggstraordinary! With the delicious and melt-in-your-mouth taste of Hershey's Extra Creamy Solid Milk Chocolate Foiled Eggs!

#10. Candy Funhouse Easter Fun Boxes

Take all the guesswork out of Easter with the convenience of the Candy Funhouse Easter Fun Boxes! There's sure to be a Fun Box that all your peeps would love to experience!

Make it super easy for those eager kids with our Kids Hoppy Easter fun Box. Including all the candy food groups! Gummy Candy, creamy chocolate, crunchy treats also, some festive stickers and a cute notepad. Not only is this box filled with the most delicious Easter Candy and fun, but with those sweet memories that you'll always be able to cherish!

We just could never forget the big kids! We look forward to all that Easter candy just as much as the littles! We also have the Happy Easter Family Fun Box! You'll be egg-cited to open this fun box. Including some delectable chocolate treats, colourful jelly beans, some sour gummies and some festive-looking chick-shaped marshmallow candy! Perfect for sharing with the entire family or opening it up during your Easter celebration!

Don't wait for the Easter Bunny; hop to the Easter festivities! Let the fun begin and the good times roll with our Candy Funhouse Easter Fun Boxes!

We must confess that there isn't much Easter Candy that we don't like, but we think you should include some of our non-negotiable Easter Candies in your Easter celebrations! We thought we should "egg" you on and make sure you're ready for the big day!

Did we include any of your favourite candies? Let us know which ones would make your list!

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