The Top 10 Australian Candies

The Top 10 Australian Candies

The land down under is well known for their crazy animals, natural wonders and amazing accents. Did you know in addition to their beautiful, undeniably rich culture, they also have a huge selection of candy! While we are accustomed to American and Canadian candy, Australia has a whole selection of treats, snacks, chips and cookies many of us couldn’t even imagine. 

After much anticipation we finally have access to these delicious treasures. Check out our Australian Collection for all the specialty candies we now carry. We took our time sampling and reviewing these delicacies and now we're here to talk about our top 10 Australian candies.

The Top 10 Australian Candies

1. M&Ms Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum

Did we ever think these two worlds would collide?! One of our favourite bubble gums from our childhood and the ever popular candy coated chocolate have come together to make this extraordinary snack. While we have both candies individually here, combining this dynamic duo is something we definitely couldn’t conjure up. The geniuses in Australia did though! For the first time ever, bubblegum flavoured chocolate! It definitely sounds like an unusual mix but the flavours compliment each other very well and bring all the nostalgia. While this may not tickle everyone’s fancy we had to start our list with this delicious duo as we have yet to create as unique a flavour as this one. 

2. Chupa Chups 3d Fizzy Drinks

Chupa chups we’re a huge success in the 80s and 90s and every kid has tried one. In fact they even had a collaboration with the Spice Girls that helped rocket them to stardome (and we’re still asking for the company to bring them back). Now Australia has taken it a step further with a fizzy drink version we never imagined. Three-dimensional drink shaped suckers with the real fizziness of a pop. Available in 3 delicious flavours of Classic Cola, Orange and Tropical Fizz! These cute lollipops are exactly what you’re looking for when you need a refreshment. Can you imagine eating one on Bondi beach?

3. Mars Raspberry Smash Bar

We had to include this delicious chocolate bar on our top 10 list. We thought Mars bars couldn’t get better, they're a true and tried chocolate bar that doesn't need any improvements. We were so wrong! In a delicious Aussie twist, a light and fluffy raspberry flavoured nougat sits gingerly under the caramel and thick milk chocolate. This chocolatey berry smash provides a sweet and tart experience that has us craving more.What more are you waiting for?! Try it today!

4. Maltesers Marshmallow

Marshmallow Maltesers? They managed to fit marshmallow flavour into those little morsels?! We think we’ve seen it all and yet Australia keeps amazing as with new combinations we wouldn't have even considered. The twist on the original classic is just as delightful as you imagined it would be. The crisp malt centres are coated with smooth marshmallow flavoured milk chocolate! Perfect for movie night. One for you and two for me please!

5. Sour Patch Kids Cola

Do you remember Sodalicious? They were bottle-shaped gummies in rootbeer, orange and cherry-soda flavours with a unique sugar coating. Long discontinued, we dream of sodalicious coming back. While Betty Crocker has no plans to put them back on our shelves, Australia Sour Patch Kids have created the next best thing! Introducing Sour Patch Kids Cola, the tantalizing flavour of cola in each individual confectionary. They've managed to fit real cola taste and fizz into their little bodies. Kudos to Australia for their ingenuity! These candies are perfect for quenching your thirst. First is the sour zing that gives a tingling sensation similar to the carbonation of a soda pop then its satisfyingly sweet and refreshing. Try them now!

6. Lifesaver Fruit Tingles

Lifesavers are a classic. Since their introduction in 1912, they have been an iconic brand across fruit-flavored confections and mints due to their great-tasting flavors and unique candy-with-the-hole shape. So of course we had to add Lifesaver Fruit Tingles to our list! Exclusively from Australia these LifeSavers don’t have the classic hole! Fruit flavoured, multi-coloured and disc shaped they have a unique fizz that will tingle your taste buds. These Lifesavers are definitely not what we remember.

7. Cadbury Dairy Milk Neapolitan

The Australians have everything figured out, so it’s no surprise that ice cream is no exception. In a country filled with beaches, desserts and the outback they have all the cool treats to beat the heat. In fact, they’ve managed to turn Neapolitan ice cream into a chocolate bar! Enjoy Cadbury’s very own Dairy Milk Neapolitan bar! Made with 3 different layers of chocolate—milk chocolate, creamy white chocolate, and strawberry flavoured chocolate! This is what dreams are made of. You need to get your hands on this one-of-a-kind chocolate bar asap!

8. Violet Crumble Dark

This is a classic Australian chocolate bar that we had to include in our top 10 list. Similar to the Crunchie chocolate bar by Cadbury UK, Violet Crumble Candy Bars are a honeycomb candy bar covered in delicious dark chocolate made with UTZ certified sustainable cocoa beans. Just remember "It's The Way It Shatters That Matters”. Half the fun is how this delightful bar shatters into enjoyable bitesize pieces when you snap it in half. Of course biting into it is also an option. No matter which way you choose to indulge this chocolate snack is a must!

9. Kit Kat Cookie Collision

No list is complete without a KitKat. KitKat has been introducing new flavours every year, but we love their Australian flavours! The land down under actually has a few new delicious flavours everyone needs to try but we have to talk about their Cookie Collision! KitKat Cookie Collision is the best combination of chocolate and cookies! Featuring crispy baked wafers with cookie flavoured fudge and cocoa crisps, smothered in their famous smooth milk chocolate! A cookie lover's dream. Make sure to check out their Mint Cookie Fudge and Dark Southern Orange Flavours.

10. Sour Patch Kids Mega Duos

Sour Patch Kids are a must so we had to include them on our list twice! Australias Mega Duos have two delicious flavours in one and are 2x bigger than the originals! You can’t tell me that they’re not TWICE the fun. Coming in combinations of flavours of Blue Raspberry + Orange, Raspberry Lemonade + Pineapple and Watermelon + Lime. Every Sour Patch Kids Fan needs a package.

These candies may not be everyone’s favourites but after much deliberation we chose to discuss some of the most unique candies or most popular candies Australia has to offer. Unfortunately we couldn’t include every Australian treat in our list, but you can check out the whole selection here!

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