The Sweet Celebration Of National Candy Month 2023

The Sweet Celebration Of National Candy Month 2023

June is National Candy Month

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As certifiable candy lovers, we can't ever resist the happiness of candy! Sure to bring a smile to young and old alike. From the sting of sour candy, the juiciness of bubblegum, to the velvety rich taste of chocolate, candy in any form is always a pleasure!

That's why every year during the month of June we honour its sublime sweetness with National Candy Month! It's a delicious opportunity to celebrate candy culture and showcase various decadent candies. The exact origins of this event are not entirely known, it is believed to have originated in the United States.

Candy since ancient times

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Our love of candy dates back to ancient times when the the early civilization of Aztecs and Egyptians made their very own renditions of candy (Laffy Taffy or Jawbreakers excluded). This candy was made with honey, fruits and nuts over open fires to satisfy their sweet tooth. 

Modern candy industry began in the 1900s

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The 19th century was when the candy industry, as we know it, began to really flourish. There was more technology, ingredients and more people who craved the sweet stuff.

Iconic candy brands were born

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We saw the emergence of some of the greats, like the iconic Tootsie Roll, The Hershey Bar, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and various boiled sweets. This began the boom of the candy we know and love today!

Let's celebrate candy!

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Let the celebrations begin! National Candy Month is the perfect time to indulge in your favourite candy or to discover a new one!

Here are some ways that you could celebrate this sweet occasion...

#1. Learn about candy

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Learn all about your favourite candy. Read about it online or in books and then sweetly indulge! You'll develop a whole new level of appreciation and you'll certainly be amazed by all of its fascinating facts and history. There are a variety of popular candies that are made with age-old recipes and are hand made to this day.

For example, do you know the time it takes to make an Atomic Fireball Candy? It starts with a single grain of sugar and can have as many as 200 layers on the exterior. Its completion can take up to two whole weeks!

#2. Have a candy party

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Let the sweet times roll! Host a candy-tasting party for your friends and family, try to include some new or interesting candies -- possibly from other countries. Encourage all of your guests to rate the treats and discuss all of the new and interesting flavours you tried. Then, of course, send them home with a yummy loot bag!

#3. Create a new candy!

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Get creative and try to make some candy of your very own! There are plenty of DIY Candy recipes to try like caramels, chocolates and even your own gummy candy. Find some recipes online or in recipe books and prepare to dazzle your tastebuds! 
Experiment with different shapes, colours and sizes. Who knows you might discover a secret hidden talent and you could become the next Willy Wonka! 

#4. Decorate your home with candy

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Add some fun and colourful candy-themed decorations to your home. You could easily create a sweet-looking candy wreath for your front door. Incorporate some colourful candy & candy wrappers to make your very own welcoming wreath for your front door. Get the kids involved and make some sweet memories!
These cute decorations will add a welcoming & whimsical touch to your home! 




#5. Share the candy loveNational Candy, Candy, Share Candy, Sharing Candy, Sharable Candy

National Candy Month is a chance to spread some delicious candy joy! Why not bring some into the office and treat your co-workers or customers to some candy?
Make some candy donations to local charities, shelters and even hospitals. Spoil your family and friends by surprising them with their favourite candies. Candy has the ability to truly brighten anyones day and turn any frown upside down!

Treat yourself during National Candy Month

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National Candy Month is an exciting time for every candy lover around! It's a month to indulge and explore some new flavours and of course, new candies! The Candy industry always has something sweet to offer us all. 
Make it a month to remember, unwrap a candy and let the celebrations begin!


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