The Best of the 90s Commercials

The Best of the 90s Commercials

The 90s were crazy, colourful and loud and the advertisements of that era were no different. Anyone who grew up in the 1990s and early 2000s can tell you that commercials used to be a lot more entertaining. In fact, most of us can still quote and sing catchy 90s commercials off the top of our head! With every fun and exciting product came a just as lively and exciting commercial.

Candy, snacks, and cookie commercials were no different. Especially since they were created with kids in mind, they tended to be even wilder and livelier. Filled with children and teenagers, catchy songs and bright colours these advertisements were a huge part of our childhood. Who doesn't remember the commercial breaks during our Saturday cartoons or during our favourite TV shows like Saved by the Bell and The Fresh Prince of BelAir? While we may not miss commercials breaks most days with streaming services like Netflix and Crave, it's okay to miss the crazy funny advertisements we used to have. Commercials were a nice breather between the drama of our shows and a way to take a break and grab a snack, usually one that was being advertised during the break. So sit back and reminisce and enjoy some of the best snack commercials of the 90s. 

Baby Bottle Pop

We have to start the list with Baby Bottle Pop. No matter your age, when this commercial came out you found yourself singing the song. It was effortless, lively and catchy and 20+ years later we can still sing the commercial. Just like the song this fun candy has stood the test of time. Thanks to its popular commercial everyone is familiar with Baby Bottle Pops, the Baby Bottle shaped lollipop with its own dipping powder. While it was invented in the 90s, it is still available today and in a wide variety of delicious flavours. Remember, “lick it, dip it and shake it, then lick it again.” 


Gushers were and still are, a great lunch box snack! Mouth-watering fruit snacks gushing with juicy fruit punch in the middle, every kid wanted them. Out of the original Gusher commercials, the 1995 commercial was the wildest! Featuring some of the newest CGI techniques, kids' heads were turned into animated fruit of the gusher they were eating! With the unforgettable slogan, “They’ll turn your head” kids were both intrigued and a little scared to eat them. Despite some funny and questionable commercials, gushers are still added to lunch bags today. 

Push Pop

“You either know what to do with it, or you don’t”. The product is simple yet genius! A lollipop you push up to eat and then clip to your clothes to save for later, at the same time keeping your hands clean. The 1994 commercial was a prime example of fashion, music and the attitude of 90’s children. With its own hip hop song and vivid outfits, “You gotta be hip to the pop” was ingrained in every kid's mind. Fun, colourful and made with children in mind, this commercial was the epitome of 90’s advertisements. Just thinking about it makes us want a push pop. Fun fact! Did you know young Ryan Reynolds was one of the children in the commercial?!

Klondike Bar

While not the first Klondike Bar commercial to come out, the 90s versions still played on the famous question, “What would you do for a Klondike Bar?” Vanilla ice cream bars, covered in a delectable chocolate coating. The 1993 version depicted a gentleman pretending to be a little teapot while at work for a Klondike Bar. Building from this commercial we saw adults act like dogs and bodybuilders play patty cake! Simple yet effective, it had everyone questioning what they would do for these fancy ice cream treats. To this day you can’t purchase a Klondike Bar without wondering how far you’d go.

Kool Aid

Truly one of the wildest 90s Commercials was the “Wacky Wild Kool-Aid Style”. Filled with children, cartoon graphics and of course the Kool-Aid man, this one truly haunts us. Featuring kids running into the kitchen looking for some refreshing Kool-AId they find the juice jug empty. Not to fret, of course the Kool-Aid man crashed through the wall to show cupboards full of delicious “Wacky Wild Kool-Aid Style”. As the kids begin to drink weird animations and graphics occur to them, whether it is crazy eyes and fluid out of their ears or being shot out of the chimney on a wave of juice. While most Kool-Aid commercials were bright and colourful and interesting, this one was weird enough that we still remember it. Despite this, it hasn’t stopped us from drinking Kool-Aid


Who can forget about these Potato Crisps in a tube?! While first introduced in the late 1960s, they gained popularity in the 1980s and 90s thanks to their creative commercials and catchy jingles. In the 90s they introduced several commercials filled with attractive teenagers popping open the tube and crunching into stacks of chips. They combined a winning combination of the fun song and slogan “Once you pop, you can’t stop” mixed with ASMR. Thanks to the catchy music and eye-catching shots these commercials can still be sung today. Making the best use of their clever slogan, everyone today still struggles to stop munching on these delicious chips. 


“The juice is loose!” We have to include Starburst in our list. Targeted specifically at children and the chores we had to do, whether its family reunions or cleaning the garage, Starburst made it better! As you ate a piece of these delectable fruit candies, the juice would be loose and a wave of fruity water would wash over you changing your perspective and bringing joy to the activity. Starburst are made with real fruit juice and are still just as popular today. While the commercials aren’t as crazy, they still like to be odd and funny (like their ever popular 2007 Berries and Cream commercial)! 

Like everything to come out of the 90s, these commercials bring a wave of nostalgia of a less complicated time. Commercials and advertisements were targeted towards children and adults alike making for some pretty interesting and captivating creations. Unfortunately, most of these products don’t have crazy commercials anymore, despite how entertaining and exciting they were. While we’ve only looked at 6 funny snack and treat commercials, there’s many more we remember and can still quote. It may not be the 90s anymore, but it’s fun to watch and reminisce about the original commercials of our childhood.

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