Sweet News of the Week

Some of the sweet news this week includes real life superhero's, rare animals being born, and an unlikely millionaire. 

3D printed hand helps teenager rock out on Guitar

A small group of volunteers out of the United States called e-NABLE have developed design files for 3D printers that allow for printed prostheses. Anyone can now have a prosthetic hand in a few hours for the price of $50 U.S.

It took another company based out of Columbia 3Dglück to come up with software and mechanics to perfect a prosthetic hand that can play the guitar. Diego Corredor wanted to learn how to play guitar, he wasn’t interested in finding a prosthetic that just looked like a hand, he wanted a practical part that helped him learn guitar. With both companies coming together and helping out, Corredor now plays guitar better than most children his age. Read more here.

play the guitar


2. Superhero’s make Superbowl bet
Superhero’s make Superbowl bet


Chris Pratt a.k.a StarLord from Guardians of the Galaxy and Chris Evans a.k.a Captain America, made a friendly bet before the Superbowl last Sunday. If Evans won (Patriots) Pratt would have to visit the local Sick Kids Hospital in Boston dressed as Starlord, whereas if Pratt won (Seahawks) Evans would visit Seattle Sick Kids dressed as Captain America. In true superhero fashion, even though Evans won the bet, he is still going to visit the hospital in Seattle dressed as Captain America. 


3. Ex-Janitor, leaves millions to Hospital after his death

You would never expect an old janitor and gas station attendent to be a millionaire. Ronald Read enjoyed the simple things in life, flannel shirts, wood burning stoves and creating his own fire wood. He only splurged on breakfast from his local dinner a few days a week. But Read also had a talent for shifting through the stock market maze and become a millionaire with smart investments and shares in the NYSE.After bis passing Read left $1.2 million to his local library, and $4.8 million to the local hospital. Read all about it.

4. Midterm stress relief


Thanks to the epic snow fall on Monday, University of Toronto students had the chance to organize a massive snow ball fight in order to get rid of the stress of exams and 60 page essays. Watch the video here

5. Rare black Rhino born in UK Zoo


The world welcomed Fara, a baby black rhino born last week in Chester Zoo, located in the UK. It is estimated that only 650 black rhinos remain in the wild, and are at serious risk of going extinct. In the black market, rhino horns are worth more per gram than gold or cocaine, making them a very valuable target for poachers and collectors around the world. With Fara being born, it lets zoologists study different breeding techniques and collect data to use on other rhinos at zoos in order to hopefully increase numbers. With the ultimate goal of taking them off the endangered species list for good.

Rhino born in UK Zoo

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