Seinfeld's Best Candy Themed Moments

The show may have ended years ago, but Seinfeld holds its ground as a major pop culture reference. Candy can pick us up when we are sad and bring a joy only felt when the sour, sweet or chocolatey taste hits our tongues. In the parallel universe known as Seinfeldland, candy wreaks havoc. These are three moments where candy ruined lives. 

Have you ever heard of a Pez dispenser ruining someone's relationship? Well on Seinfeld, it sure did. Jerry simply shows Elaine his Pez dispenser and she nearly fell out of her chair laughing and ruined the piano recital for George's girlfriend. She ends up figuring out who laughed at her performance and quickly ends things with George. Watch it unfold below. 


In this hilarious scene below, Jerry and Kramer are watching Elaine's former flame while he undergoes surgery. Kramer, treating this like a viewing of the latest new film release insists on enjoying his Junior Mints while he watches. As he offers one to Jerry, Jerry refuses and pushes Kramer's hand out of the way. The Junior Mint in Kramer's hand quickly goes flying through the air only to land in the patients opened up body. This went unnoticed by the doctors and eventually saved the patient according to Kramer who credits the Junior Mint with bringing about the miracle that saved his life. Little known fact, the Junior Mint was too small to see flying through the air and producers actually used a York Peppermint Patty while filming. 


In this scene, Elaine discovers her boyfriend has been hit by a car before she is about to meet him at the movie theatre. An usher informs her of his accident as she waits for him in the lobby and while horrified at his accident, she decides to buy some Jujyfruits while near the concession stand. When her boyfriend discovers she purchased them after finding out about his fender bender, he quickly dumps her leaving her in tears. Another Seinfeld relationship candy has claimed.


Seinfeld's candy references have ruined relationships and surgeries and according to Kramer, saved a life. Good thing it's fiction and we all know candy only brings joy and happiness in the real world. Got these candies on the brain? Click the candy you crave and purchase it online!

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