Preparing A Candy Buffet For Your Event

Preparing A Candy Buffet For Your Event

Candy Buffets add sweetness to any event

Of course, everyone likes sweet things and everyone loves candy! Events like birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, corporate events and lots more can be made more colourful by adding a Candy Buffet.

Preparing a Candy Buffet for your Event-Bulk Candy

Having a candy buffet is not as complicated as you think. All you need do is to purchase the bulk candy, put them in containers and place them on a table. However, there are instances where you want your candy buffet to look more organized, and presentable in a standard way.

In making this come to reality, you should consider these points; getting containers of different sizes, the method, and arrangement of the containers on the table, using attractive and beautiful colors, and make sure the candy buffet matches the theme of the event. With all these put in place, your professional and exceptional candy buffet for your event are in place. The factors to consider regarding having a unique candy buffet for your event is further explained below.

Consider The Theme

Consider the theme for your Candy Buffet-Bulk-Candy

In organizing your candy buffet, put into consideration the subject of the occasion. Not all events have a theme anyway, but for those that have gotten an idea, the candies should be arranged in a way that matches or compliment the theme. There are instances where candies cannot be used accurately to match the theme of the party, decorations, tray, plates, and banners should be utilized instead.

Consider The Colour

Consider the Colour for your Candy Buffet-Bulk Candy

The right colours utilized in a candy buffet will make it look attractive and easily noticeable. There are events or occasions that already have their colours, in this situation you are to organize the candy buffet with the colours chosen. But if there is no particular colour selected, you are to use any colour, sometimes combine about 3 to 4 colours, whatever colours used should be attractive.

Consider the Quantity of Candy to Purchase

Before organizing a candy buffet put into consideration first the number of guests expected for the party or occasion. The proportion of bulk candy should be based on the percentage of the guests present.

Events with more than 100 guests need at least 8 and at most ten different candies while events with less than 100 guests need at least 6 and at most eight different candies. It is always advisable to buy various types of candies ranging from lollipops to chocolates to chewing gum and others like gummy candy and jelly beans. Candy buffets will look more presentable with different kinds of candies.

Consider Setting Your Candy Buffet with Items that are not Candy-like

It doesn't necessarily have to be candy all through. Other things that are not made with sugar or which is not candy like can also make your candy buffet a success. Consider using items like popcorn, cupcakes, nuts and many others.

Consider Using Different Sizes of Trays and Containers

Using different sizes of containers and trays will help add more colour to the buffet. There are different sizes of candies. Which is why using different sizes of containers that will fit in well will make your candy buffet look more professional.

Placing a bright-colored candy is a glass jar or vase will make the color shine brighter and magnificent. This doesn't necessarily mean that only containers and trays that should be of different sizes and can be used. Items like glass jars, glass vases, cupcake stands, bowls and many others can be used to.

Consider the Utensils to be Used in Serving

Utensils for Candy Buffets-Bulk Candy

Not all forms of candy need an appliance, candies like lollipops do not require the use of utensils in taking them rather it can be taken with your hands. A scoop is required for the other types of candies. To make your candy buffet look more attractive, colourful scoops should be used.

Consider the Right Table to Use

The number of guests should not determine the size of the table be used. Get the right size of the table that should contain all your candy containers. Use tables that will make the guests reach out for the candies without stress.

Consider the Right Tablecloth to Use

After getting the right sized table, the colour of the tablecloth to use in covering the table should match the colour of the occasion. It is advisable that the tablecloth should be plain and no pattern on it. Using a pure and simple tablecloth will help compliment the different colours of your candies. The tablecloth doesn't have to be an expensive one.

Consider Adding Decorations to Make the Candy Buffet More Beautiful

This isn't compulsory. However, you do want your candy buffet to look more beautiful. Banners, centerpieces, and labels can be used to add extra beauty to your buffet. It is advisable not to add too many decorations; this is to give space on the table to enable your guests to get the candies without much stress.

Consider Putting Bags for Guests to Take Their Candy Home

It should be noted that some of your guests will love to retake the candies. While getting your packaging or favor boxes, consider the quantity of candy available. If bigger favor boxes and bags are available, the guests will stuff mare candies in them. The colour of the bags or boxes should also match the colour of the occasion. This will make your candy buffet look more professional.

With the above points considered and put into action, you can successfully prepare a perfect candy buffet for your event. It will turn out to be exactly how you want it to be. Professional, well-organized and a unique candy buffet.

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