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PEZ Candy - Dispensing Pop Culture

PEZ Candy Dispensers 

PEZ Candy Dispensers

PEZ Candy has truly become a delicious pop culture craze. 

But it wasn't always so sweet. PEZ Candy was first invented in 1927, in Austria by Eduard Haas III. It was only made in a very strong peppermint flavor. The original name of this novelty candy was "Pfefferminz" which is the German name for peppermint. By taking the first, middle and last letter of the word, we get PEZ, which is much easier to pronounce!

Believe it or not Eduard Haas developed this peppermint candy in the hopes that it would help people to stop smoking cigarettes. Eduard, coming from a long line of wealthy doctors and retailers was convinced that his roll of mints would be of help in smoking cessation. His idea was instead of reaching in your pocket for for a cigarette, why not reach for a peppermint? Well, I'm not sure how many people quit smoking but they probably had fresh and minty breath! Because PEZ was originally made to help smokers kick the habit it was once only marketed to adults.

Pez candy - dispensing pop culture - Candy Funhouse


The very first advertisements were usually images of racy pinup girls in hopes that this would captivate an adult audience.


Candy Shooting PEZ Gun

This all changed direction when PEZ made it's way to the United States in 1953.The racy ads were dropped and replaced with a whole new child friendly ad campaign. This would prove to change the future of PEZ forever!

PEZ Peppermint Vintage

Upon its arrival in the United States there was not much interest in it's strong peppermint flavour.

PEZ Candy Rolls

However when the new fruity tasting flavours hit the market, PEZ Candy seemed to have much more appeal. With the addition of it's child friendly shapes and the dispenser being some what of a toy, Pez became a must have novelty candy.

PEZ Space Gun 1962

The first shapes came in three shapes, Santa Claus, a Robot and a Space Gun. In 1962 PEZ entered into it's most lucrative partnership, when it paired up with Walt Disney Studios. This partnership brought PEZ to a whole new level. PEZ Candy Dispensers are considered to be the very first interactive candy. The first ever that combined a toy and candy. Of course Disney type characters would only enhance it's popularity.

PEZ Candy and PEZ Candy Dispensers are sold in over 60 countries today and is a top choice worldwide for children and Retro Candy lovers everywhere.

PEZ Candy Rolls Refills Assorted Flavours

Some of the most interesting flavours have included cola, licorice, coffee and pineapple.
Peach is one of the most sought after flavours but unfortunately is not available in the North America.

PEZ Heads Collectors

In the mid 1990's PEZ mania became a big business and a pop culture phenomenon! Who knew that a little peppermint candy mint candy would become such a famous candy. "PEZ Heads" are the self proclaimed name of PEZ collectors. These PEZ collectors created a craze that boomed, and in 1994 this created a frenzy when the prices of sought
after PEZ Candy Dispensers skyrocketed!

PEZ Donkey Candy Dispenser

The most expensive PEZ Candy Dispenser sold for $13,000. It was made in 1961 and is a political donkey of all things. Only two of these donkeys were ever made and it's said that they were once owned by John F. Kennedy.

PEZ Factory and Visitor Center

PEZ Candy are manufactured in Orange, Connecticut where it makes just over a
whopping twelve million tablets a day! The factory goes through 50.000 pounds of sugar every four days! To this day over three billion PEZ Candies are consumed across North America alone!

PEZ Candy Lovers

PEZ is a childhood favourite among many Retro Candy lovers and develops new fans every single day. It's a Novelty Candy that never loses it's playful sweetness!

At we carry a large and impressive selection of PEZ Candy and Dispensers, even the most trendy and hard to find PEZ Candy is available for you to eat and play with!

You never know, one day your PEZ could be indispensable!

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