Perfect Candy Pairings: Giannis Antetokounmpo Edition

Perfect Candy Pairings: Giannis Antetokounmpo Edition

If you’ve been following along so far, you’d know that Giannis Antetokounmpo has joined the Candy Funhouse team as a stakeholder with his family! Giannis is also very vocal about his love for candy which is why we had our Candyologist sit down with the NBA All-Star and ask him which one of his fav candies he’d be grabbing out of his pantry when it's time to turn on the TV. 

Twizzlers/ Ted Lasso

We know how much Giannis loves his Twizzlers so we had to ask him what show he’d watch while chewing on some Twizzlers licorice. It was almost as if he was waiting for someone to ask him this because he had that answer locked & loaded — he excitedly answered Ted Lasso! As fans of Ted Lasso ourselves, we can totally see how that would be the perfect pairing with the sweet/tangy flavour of licorice, in contrast with the lighthearted themes of the show. You don’t really need anything more to sweeten your day when you’re watching the AFC Richmond bromances unfold right in front of you! 

Skittles/ Game of Thrones 

The next candy on the docket was Skittles since we knew how much he loves those little colourful sweet treats! When we asked him what show he’d watch while enjoying Skittles, he responded with Game of Thrones. It’s not surprising when you consider the popularity of the show with the popularity of this iconic candy! This is definitely an appropriate snack to have by your side when you’re watching a show with such dark themes, so you can turn to your pack of bright Skittles and enjoy the sweetness of the candy to help balance the heavy aspects of the show.

M&Ms/ Training Day

Once we asked him about M&Ms, Giannis pivoted his answers from TV shows to movies giving us a more accurate depiction of what his fav candy pairings are. When it came to M&Ms, Giannis went with the classic Denzel Washington movie, Training Day. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the film, Denzel plays a cop that is training a new detective — basically showing him the ropes of the job. Snacking on some M&Ms while watching Training Day seems like a pretty elite combo when you consider all the twists & turns in the film.

Milk Duds/ Coming to America 

According to Giannis, Milk Duds are his go-to candy while watching Coming to America. When we try to break down the reasoning behind this pairing, we consider that it could be because of the impact both the film and candy have had on their respective industries, as notable classics!! Or Milk Duds could simply remind Giannis of when he first arrived to America, giving him a fond sense of nostalgia. Regardless of why he chose to pair the two, we can all agree the iconic chocolate covered caramel rounds are a staple for any movie night!

Nerds Gummy Clusters/ Bridgerton 

When we initially heard Giannis paired Nerds Gummy Clusters with Bridgerton, we were a bit surprised. But after a little thought, we think that's a pretty accurate comparison! The mega colourful Nerds pieces give the same vibrancy as the Bridgerton set! With their beautifully intricate dresses and set pieces, we can totally see how the Nerds Gummy Clusters would be Giannis' Bridgerton go-to snack. The hard outer Nerds candy layer paired with the gooey soft gummy center also reflects the show's overall theme of drama, love and sweetness! Great choice Giannis! 

Oreos/ Bill Russell: Legend Documentary

When it came to a classic like Oreos, Giannis said he would enjoy it while watching the Bill Russell: Legend Documentary. We can totally get behind this pairing since Oreos are the ultimate classic cookie, and of course, Bill Russel is a legend in his field. What could be more satisfying than opening a fresh box of Oreos, taking a crunchy bite of the cookie, and watching the story of prolific basketball legend, Bill Russell. 

Fortunately for our Oreo lovers, Candy Funhouse has so many variations of Oreos, so you can get your hands on virtually any version of the cookie and perfectly pair them with your desired show or movie — whatta match made in heaven!!! 

Do you guys agree with Giannis' answers? Would you pair some of these candies with other TV shows/movies?

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