Payday....Who Needs Chocolate?

Payday....Who Needs Chocolate?

Payday....Who Needs Chocolate?

Payday-Who Needs Candy Blog

"Our Nuts Don't Need Chocolate"

The Payday is breaking the rules set by everyone else and they really have no need for chocolate to satisfy our sweet tooth. Okay okay I get it. Isn't it called a chocolate bar??? Nope it's a candy bar and damn proud of it! The tagline of 'Our Nuts Don't Need Chocolate' tells you right away where this CANDY BAR stands!

Packaging is mainly white with orange and blue lettering. Naming itself a Peanut Caramel Bar, you might not even know that the bar doesn't contain chocolate. Could be an interesting surprise to some. Don't worry though you will not be disappointed!

Payday-Who Needs Chocolate Candy Blog

Ok first off this bar totally rocks. Kinda chewy nougat type center, wrapped in sticky caramel goodness. The outside is half cut salted peanuts covering the whole bar and the peanuts do not fall off which is super handy as its not a mess to eat. The total amount of nuts is way more then any other peanut based chocolate bar. The Payday is totally unique in texture and flavour. It is a sweet and salty, and highly enjoyable for all to enjoy. Thinking about having another one right now!

Some info on the Payday, starting in 1932, Frank Martoccio from the Hollywood Candy Company wanted a candy bar different then everyone else. So ok he thought, "how about a chocolate bar without the chocolate!" The Payday was born! Now the brand has changed hands numerous times over the years, but since The Hershey Company acquired the bar in 1996, it's safe to say the Payday and its unique taste is here to stay. Now 83 years later, it's still different from everyone else on the shelf. Not too many chocolate bars can say that! Briefly around 2006 a limited edition bar called the Payday Avalanche was created. Same bar with a chocolate coating?!?! Blasphemy to the almighty Payday. We don't need to discuss it further as it was compared at the time to a low rank Baby Ruth.

How can us Canadians be shut out from this sugary sweet taste of Americana? I'm not really sure why the bar hasn't been imported. The market could definitely support it as being unique is what sets it apart. People may ask, "what does it taste like?" Quick answer it tastes like a Payday! Thanks to the Candy Funhouse, we hungry Canadians can order and enjoy sugary sweet greatness in all its glory. When I get this bar, I usually get a full box, slightly extreme you might think. Like do I really need 24 Payday bars? Yes, well of course I do! Thanks Funhouse! I'm thinking I need another case. Oh yeah a Payday bar will not melt on a hot day. Thanks Hershey!

Now down to the infamous candy bar rating. See cause the Payday is there, breaking the rules we can't call it a chocolate bar rating! So tough to rate but I'm looking at 8.5 bars out of 10! The combo of uniqueness and those salty yummy peanuts and chewy caramel warrant this high score.

Take a quick look at how far reaching the Payday bar is:

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